Monday, June 11, 2018

The B. A. Three Re-dressed

I wanted to re-dress the Trio, and I was too lazy to make then outfits.  So I ordered some Summer outfits from DollysDoll on Etsy.  There were so many options at a reasonable price, I could barely choose what to get.  But I did actually pick three outfits and today they arrived.  I am loving them.

It took a minute to figure out how to best get them on as everything is made with elastic and there are no snaps, buttons or Velcro.  They fit snug as they should.  Very nice.  I only took one pose, but that's good enough for now.  Maybe when it stops raining, we'll go outside and get some more poses.  We'll see.

For now, here's the trio in their new rags:

Since they have new clothes, I think they are a little less mad about the new girl.  Especially since she's still in the box.  So maybe they can stop pouting now.

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Monday, May 28, 2018

New Business Opportunities

Today Ember has a meeting scheduled with Leera Medina of LeeMa Fashions.  Leera is bringing her sister, Bexley Medina, with her to discuss opportunities with Ember.  Ember's business, Journey Talent Agency, is already the sole agency for Leera's company.  As LeeMa grows, Journey Talent Agency will need to grow.  Ember is keeping up with the clients she has managed to add to her client base, but she does see the opportunity in meeting the needs of her exclusive client.

While she waits, Ember is making and fielding phone calls from and to various people.

Ember:  Zenia, just please be sure you note the time and date in your phone.  Be sure to set the reminder...I know and the check is going to be good from the booking, you can pick it up in two days...Of course...Okay. I know you'll do great.  Call me right after...Okay.  Goodbye.

Ember:  Yes, I think we can meet your needs.  Are you certain you need just the two?...Yes, Jye and Seiko, the models I'm sending are very professional...Yes, I will invoice you.  There is a 50% deposit, with the remainder due after the shoot...Yes, I would be able to help you for that date also.  I have a new model, Sani.  She'll be great for a fresh face in your ad...Yes. I'll send that over later today...Yes, enjoy your day too.  Goodbye.


Ember met Sani at Avery's baby shower a few months ago.  Sani is the daughter of an employee in the legal office where Avery works.  Although she was focused on the shower going well, Ember couldn't pass up the chance to ask Sani if she was interested in modeling once she saw her beauty and height.


Ember's taken another call.  It's Parker.

Ember:  Hi, Sweetheart.  How are you?...This weekend?...Yes, I'll just have to check with Elaina to be sure she's available, but I'd love to come over.  I do think we're at the point where we don't always have to go to your place.  I'll just need to explain to Erwyn that there will be times when you stay over with us...I know...Okay...I'll call you a little later...I will.  Bye.

After a while, Leera and Bexley arrive and, after introductions and small talk, they discuss business.

Leera:  So, I'm introducing a new line for curvier women and I will need models for the shows and print. I'm hoping you can help me.
Ember:  That sounds great.  I would love to help you.  I don't currently have any curvier models with the agency, so I will need to start a search.  But I love the idea and it will be a great way to expand my business.
Leera:  I'm glad you are interested.  this is definitely going to be a great new addition to my business.

Ember:  Is this your first time designing for the curvier ladies?
Leera:  No, it is not.  Well, selling, yes, but not designing.  
Bexley:  She designs many of my clothes, especially for special occasions.  I'm always well dressed by my sister.  She's so talented.
Leera:  Thank you!
Ember:  So in some way, you've actually had a model for your clothes for a while.  That's very nice.

Leera:  Funny you should say that.  I would like for her to continue to model my clothes.  Yes, I'll need other models, but I think Bexley could be a major face for my curvy line.
Ember: That's a good idea.  It keeps your family involved.  I like that.
Leera:  I was hoping you could represent her.  
Ember:  She'll be working directly for you.  Would that make sense?

Bexley:  While I'm happy to model solely for my sister, if there is a chance that other designers should want to use me, I don't think I should be limited.  I would need someone to represent me.  So I think, based on what my sister has told me about you, I'd like it to be you.  That will make things smoother.
Leera:  Yes, it would.  Please, Ember.
Ember (smiling):  Of course.  You don't have to twist my arm.  I would be very happy to have you join Journey Talent Agency.  We'll just need to review details, the contract, guidelines and other business items.  Let's set an appointment for us to meet.

Bexley:  Great!  This is exciting.  I know I have a lot to learn, so I'm ready.
Ember (laughing):  Yes, there are things you'll need to learn, but you already have a guaranteed client.  That half the battle right there.  
Leera:  Thank you, Ember.  Now, let's talk briefly about my upcoming line.  I have some ideas.

They finish talking business and Ember and Bexley set up some time to meet on another day.  It looks like Leera and Ember are both going to expand their businesses.  

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Trio Are Not Happy

I nonchalantly put my name in the lottery for the new darker skinned Agnes doll from Integrity Toys.  Unlike my other purchases from that line/company, I wasn't in love with her.  I just did it for fun.  I wouldn't take a loss because I could always sell after buying.  I never expected to actually win the right to buy, but I did.

I honor my purchase commitments, so I paid for her and she arrived yesterday.  I figured a close up may change my mind.  She's pretty, but for some reason, I really want to straighten her side glancing eyes out to look forward. 

Anyway, I finally took her out the box today.  True to form, Ms. Slay, whose name is actually Zain Nadja Bello, couldn't resist being nosey and putting in her two cents. 

Side note: Ms. Slay was the first in my "Bad Ass Trio" and was joined by (as they are labeled) Glamour and Vanity Nadja and Seduisante Elyse.  These three have the top shelf of a cabinet, in which I need to create a diorama for them.  I'm getting there.

Back to what happened.  Whether I take her out or not, I still need to examine the arrival for defects, so I just open the box.  Ms. Slay cannot contain her displeasure and, as you know, she has no filter when it comes to letting me know.

Zain:  No.  Absolutely not, Sweetheart.  She is not staying here.  I know there are other IT ladies here and I'm fine with them.  But I know a side-glancer is an automatic display girl.  No, she's not joining our cabinet and definitely not our shelf.  The Trio you put together works just fine as is.  We are top shelf ladies and we are staying there.
Me:  You are still 'The Bad Ass Trio." I love you guys.  I was just looking at her until I see if she's staying or not.
Zain:  That would be NOT.  Good choice, Babe.  Make sure she checks out, wrap her back up, and send her a traveling.
Me:  Wait, I said until I decide.  
Zain:  Okay, Sweetheart.  I get it.  You need a no guilt way out. Cool.  I got you.  We'll take a vote.  Hey, Glamour, what do you think?

Oh, Lort! (Yes, I said 'Lort.')  Here comes another one. 😒

Ms. Glamour:  I'm sorry, but I have to second this motion.  We're still waiting for our re-dress and our comfortable area, like you promised, and this girl is here now?  She'll be very happy somewhere else.  I'm sure you can find plenty of fans to love her.  
Me:  She's not here to take your place.  No one will take your place, but we have shelf room for her.  You don't care about the other I.T. ladies on the shelf.
Ms. Glamour:  That's because Tasha, Adele and Natalia are cool.  They are your, shall we say, luxury and dressed up trio.  They are, shall we say, traditionally styled and not in the, shall we say, edgy category.  They are pretty cool gals.  But this one, I'm sorry, but I just don't see her here. 
Ms. Slay:  See what I mean?
Me: Listen, I'll mull it over and consider all of your points.  I really will, but I'll make the decision.
Ms. Slay:  Okay.  I see how it is.  Well, we'll be doing our own thing until the right decision is made.  We're out!

And they left.  Apparently they roped in the third of the group, because this is what I'm now having to look at when I walk by.

Pout much, Ladies?

What these chicks fail to realize is that even pouting and trying not to pose, they still look good, so I don't care if they don't cooperate.  I let them be bad ass and have their attitudes, it's what I love about them.

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Dinner and the Introduction

We're catching up on dinner with Marlin and Brett.  They are at the restaurant and waiting for Brett's mother to arrive.  Marlin is very excited.  Of course this feels like a huge step in their relationship.  In her eyes, Brett considers her important enough to introduce to his mother and she can't wait to meet her.

Brett:  You look so tense.  You can relax.  I know she'll love you because I love you.
Marlin (blushing):  I hope you're right.  I shouldn't feel so, well, nervous.  I just can't help it.  I do want her to like me.  
Brett:  She will.
Marlin:  But what if she doesn't.  I mean there's always that possibility. I'm just asking.
Brett:  Honey, I want her to like you, but if she doesn't, too bad.  She'll have to deal with it.  I'm not going anywhere, at least not because my mother doesn't like you.  But she will, I know it.
Marlin:  Okay.  Okay.  I need to calm down.  My therapist told me not to get too crazy over it.  Well, not in those exact words, but you know what I mean.
Brett (chuckling):  I think so.  I don't even know why you still see a therapist.  I know you told me why you started seeing her, but do you really need to keep seeing her?
Marlin:  Yes, at least for a while longer.  I do think she's been very helpful.  It's not just about dating anymore.  She's helping me to work through issues with my relationship with my parents.  I do need her, at least for a little while longer.
Brett:  Okay.  I see.

After a few more minutes, Brett's mother arrives.  Brett sees her approaching and stands up to greet her.

Brett:  Hi, Mama!
Donatella:  Hi, Baby!  How are you?
Brett:  I'm great!  I'm glad you made it. 
Donatella:  Of course, Baby.  So, this is your lady?
Brett:  Yes.  Allow me to introduce you to Marlin.

Marlin stands up.  Her legs feel like jelly and she is hoping she speaks pleasantly enough.  She has been rehearsing the simplest words to say upon meeting Brett's mother and she is hoping she doesn't fumble.

Marlin:  Hello.  It's such a pleasure to meet you.  (to herself she thinks) Whew!  I got that out okay.
Donatella:  It's a pleasure to meet you as well.  Brett speaks highly of you.  I can tell you've stolen his heart.  
Brett:  She sure has.  I love this woman.
Marlin (her cheeks feel so hot, she thinks she may pass out):  I...I don't even know what to say.  Thank you!

Brett assists both ladies in sitting down, then he sits down.

Brett:  Dinner with my two favorite ladies, can it get any better?
Donatella:  It can't, but you can try.  So, Marlin, tell me about yourself.  Has Brett met your parents?  What are your intentions with my son?
Brett:  Mom...
Marlin (laughing):  It's okay.  I knew there would be questions.  You know I work with Brett.  I love serving people and the money is good. Select Spaces brings in high tipping customers, so things are great.

Donatella:  Mmmm...Well, now that you two are dating, it may be an issue.  I mean the other servers could get jealous.
Marlin:  I don't think they would be jealous about two servers dating.  Everyone is very nice.
Donatella:  Yes, they wouldn't get jealous about two servers dating, but when they find out...
Brett (purposely cutting her off):  Mom, there aren't going to be any issues.  You asked about meeting Marlin's parents, right?  Maybe we could have them come meet us for dinner.

The server stops by the table to drop off the menus and see if anyone needs anything.  They tell her they need a few minutes to review the menu, but they just go back to talking.

Donatella (slightly muffed she was cut off by Brett before the server arrived):  Okay.  I guess you're leading this conversation.  Yes, then, we can make plans to meet her parents.  But shouldn't you meet them first?
Brett:  I've love to meet them first. I'm working on setting that up. 
Marlin:  Yes, that would be nice.  They are just so busy all the time.  But, yes, I have to arrange that.
Brett:  Good.
Donatella:  That's goodSo if my son remains smitten with you and decides to make you his wife, please tell me you plan to give me grandchildren.  Please notice that grandchildren means more than one.
Marlin (feeling the blood rush to her face):  Uh, um, yes, I would like to have children.  I love them.
Donatella:  I didn't mean to make you blush, Dear.  I'm just honest about what I'd like to see.  No need to beat around the bush, right?
Marlin (hesitating):  Yes.  

Brett:  Why don't we figure out what we're going to eat.  Would you like something to drink, Mom?  Something to relax you?
Donatella:  Yes, that would be nice.  I passed on drinking when I stopped to see your uncle earlier.  He wanted to show me this lovely place called Reds'.  You know that place where he had...
Brett:  Yes, its a nice place, Mom.  I think I see the server headed this way again.  Maybe we should look at the menu so we're prepared.  
Donatella:  Oh!  Okay.

Marlin:  I would just like lemonade, please.  Brett, would you mind ordering that for me if the server comes before I get back?  I need visit the ladies' room.
Brett:  Sure.  
Marlin:  Please excuse me.

Marlin heads to the restroom.

Brett:  Mom, I'm sorry I keep interrupting you, but I think you keep forgetting that I haven't told Marlin yet that Uncle Dom is my uncle.  I haven't told her about the promotion yet either.  We're keeping the training quiet until I'm ready.
Donatella:  You said you were going to tell her soon.  I would think you would have done that by now.  Why all of the secrecy?  Don't you love her?  Why keep it secret?
Brett:  Because I want to ease her into it.  I don't want her to be upset that she hasn't known all this time.  Everyone accepted me at work because they thought I was just like them.  Just a guy working as a server.  This could go wrong, I don't want to cause any issues.


Donatella:  Well, it will get even worse if you don't tell soon. You'll lose her with this type of behavior.  So you need to get it done and over with and let the chips fall where they may.  If she really wants to be with you, she'll get over it and understand why you did it.  But you need to fix this because I can't spend every moment around herebeing so careful about what I say.  I'm not built that way.
Brett:  Okay.  I know I need to tell her.  I will.
Donatella:  It needs to be done before I see her next.  Since I plan to have a nice get together at Reds' soon and invite her so I can get to know her.  Your time is limited.
Brett:  Okay.  I promise I will.
Donatella:  Good.  Now, let me see what I should drink.

After Marlin returns from the ladies' room, they are able to order food and drinks.  Marlin enjoys her evening meeting Donatella, despite Donatella's well meaning interrogation.  She is happy Brett's mother seems to like her so far and she is hopeful a meeting with her parents won't sour her relationship with Brett.  She has been stalling, but she cannot stall forever.

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

She's Growing Up

It's Saturday and the Matthews family is out shopping.  They are at In Style Baby looking for new clothes for Brooklyn.

Cyann:  I know we're here for clothes, but she's going to need a bigger stroller too.  She's barely fitting in this one.
Grayson:  She'll be up walking around soon too.  Then we won't need it.  Spending the money is a waste.

Cyann:  You're joking, right?  We'll still need to get her around when we're out.  How far and fast do you think those little legs will take her?  She won't keep up and she'll get tired and want to be picked up.  Unless you plan to be around to carry her all the time, she needs a new stroller.
Grayson (frowning):  Fine.

They discuss the strollers for a few minutes and then move on to the baby clothes rack.  They have decided to buy one the following week since their focus at the store is supposed to be new clothes.

Cyann:  These are cute, but where are the cute girl summer fashions?  
Grayson:  I thought they carry gender neutral stuff.  There's barely any pink or blue here.
Cyann: You're right, but they do carry gender specific items sometimes too.  Let me ask.

Cyann (to Waverly):  Excuse me, Miss!  

Waverly (walking over):  Yes, how may I help you?
Cyann:  We're looking for fashions our daughter (pointing to Brooklyn).  I was wondering if you have any girly items for summer in yet.
Waverly:  Yes, we are getting shipments in, but we have not yet updated the racks.  I think we have a few cute little knitted dresses so far.  We will start to get more items and you can also order from our catalog at no additional cost.  If you order in the next few weeks, you'll have the items in plenty of time for summer.
Cyann:  Great.  I'd like to see what you have in stock, please.
Waverly:  Certainly.  I'll be right back.

Brenna:  Mommy, am I getting clothes today too?  I'm getting bigger.
Cyann:  You're getting clothes for summer, but not right now, Honey.  This store doesn't sell anything for you, just babies.
Grayson:  Don't worry, you're mother loves to shop so she'll use any excuse to buy something, even if it clothes for someone besides her.
Cyann:  Whatever.

Grayson:  While you're looking at cute baby clothes, I'm going to run over to the game store.  I want a couple of new games that came out recently and need to pre-order one.
Cyann (frowning):  You're just going to leave me here with the kids while you go shopping for yourself.
Brenna:  I'll go with Daddy.
Grayson:  See, I'm not going by myself.  Don't get your wig all twisted in a bunch. (He starts laughing.)  Did you get that, Brenna, Mommy's wig in a bunch, cause she's wearing a wig?
Brenna (laughing):  Yeah, her wig in a bunch.  That's funny.
Cyann:  Ha, ha, ha.  Okay, Mister Funny Man.  Enough with the wig jokes, you try to fit one in every day now.  Go on! Take your twin and go to the game store.

Grayson and Brenna head to the game store.

Waverly returns to show Cyann the dresses she found in the back.

Waverly:  These are adorable, aren't they?  They would be perfect for her. 
Cyann (taking the dresses):  Hmmm...yes, these are pretty nice.  

Waverly:  Hey, cutie.  What's your name?
Cyann:  It's Brooklyn.
Brooklyn:  Bwoo da ben.
Waverly:  Aww.  So cute.  I'm Waverly.
Brooklyn:  Wa de.  Ca da ya.  Da da ke ba da.

(Sorry, I would interpret Brooklyn, but I have no idea what she's saying either.)

Cyann: I'll take these dresses, but I would like to check out what's in the catalog too, please.  She needs an entirely new wardrobe.  I didn't save anything from my oldest.
Waverly:  We keep the catalog online.  I'll give you a card with the site.
Cyann:  I forgot about that. Okay.  Stollers are on there too, right?
Waverly:  Yes, they are.  You can special order one if you'd like in any color.  But they are non-returnable.  
Cyann:  Okay.

Brooklyn becomes restless and starts whining and reaching to be picked up.  Cyann obliges.

Cyann (kissing Brooklyn):  Girl, you're alright.  Next time you are going to the store with your father too.  I love you, Baby.

Well, Brooklyn is getting bigger and should be walking soon.  Cyann will be getting more exercise chasing her.  She should be rocking the cute fashions Cyann plans to buy for her.  Brenna will also sport some cute summer items.  And Grayson.  Well, he may not see summer if he keeps making those wig jokes.  Before we go, here's a close up of Brooklyn.

Thanks for stopping by.  ~ Jaye

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Red and Limber

When we last saw Cyann, she had just gotten her hair cut and a new wig.  Before going home, she has dropped in to visit with Ember for a few minutes.

Ember:  I like the red hair on you.  Grayson should love being with a redhead for a while.
Cyann:  I don't know if I like it enough to keep it long-term, but it works for now.  That terrible haircut had to go.  But you're probably right, Fifty Shades of Gray will love it.
Ember (laughing):  If you say so.  So what have you been up to lately?  
Cyann:  Well before we talk about me, it looks like you've been up to a lot of working out.  That yoga class has you looking good, Girl.  I may have to join a class.  Are you feeling the burn?
Ember:  Yes and I'm loving being more limber too.

Cyann:  I'll bet Parker is loving that you're more limber too.  
Ember (feeling her cheeks get hot):  He's not complaining, that's for sure.  I have been able to execute a few new moves.  But enough of that.  
Cyann:  How's business?  Any new models lately?
Ember:  As a matter of fact, I am looking at expanding beyond the tall thin ladies.  I hear plus size models are in need and of course some handsome men can garner some attractive male modeling contracts.  So, while I am continuing to look at expanding my roster, I'm going to mix it up a bit and incorporate some variety.  
Cyann:  Sounds good. 
Ember:  Speaking of variety, do you think you'll start shopping for more wigs? In different styles?

Cyann:  I think so. I'm going to rock this for a minute, but as long as I have to wear these for a while, I'm going to get a couple more.  We'll see.  I'm so glad they come off though.  This will take some getting used to.
Ember:  Uhuh.  Especially with summer coming.  
Cyann:  I don't have to wear it when I'm home and I doubt I will.  I can't wait for my hair to grow back.  Yes, it could be hot with it some day, but at least I could just run cold water through it.  

Ember:  Give it a chance.  How are the girls?
Cyann:  Brooklyn is getting big.  I can't take it.  She'll be walking soon.  Brenna is looking forward to summer.  She is looking forward to the break.  She is missing Erwyn.  She talks about her a lot.
Ember:  I know.  I really need to balance things a little more.  Since Parker's been in our lives and trying to build a relationship with Erwyn, I know they haven't been able to hang out together as often.  I'll bring Erwyn over next weekend to visit.  
Cyanna:  I know you have Eliana to watch her, but you know you can bring her by to visit and spend the night sometimes.  

Ember:  I know, but you and Grayson need alone time too.  We'll figure it out.  I know I'm about to jump to something else, but when Avery feels he's old enough, I'd love to steal the baby from her for a while so she and Craig can have some time to rest.  Of course Aviana too, but I want to get my hands on that baby.
Cyann:  Yes!  That sounds like fun.  Especially now that my baby is getting older. I wish she was that tiny again.  Oh, well.  I'll have to use other babies to quench my need. 

Ember and Cyann chat a little longer and then Cyann heads home to show her family her need look.

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Saturday, March 31, 2018


Today Cyann has decided to get her hair done.  She has decided to try Janeer, the hair stylist Henna highly recommends because she keeps Henna's naturally curly hair looking luscious.

Janeer:  So this is your first time here, Miss Matthews?  
Cyann:  Yes, it is.  A good friend recommended you and her hair always looks beautiful.  
Janeer:  Who is your friend?
Cyann:  Henna Richards.  I think you also did the hair of my second mother, Fatima Richards.
Janeer:  Oh, yes!  Henna is a regular with her big bouncy curls.  So, please have a seat and we'll start talking about what you'd like to do with your hair.

Cyann sits in the chair and removes the hat and sunglasses.  Janeer can instantly see that she does need help.

Janeer:  So give me a little history on your hair.  Is this your natural color?  Do you normally keep it short?  
Cyann:  Well, I used to have long hair.  I noticed it was getting drier, so I decided to cut it.  The cut wasn't great.  It probably wasn't good.  I was looking in the mirror yesterday and decided to try just cutting it myself, but as you can see, I made it even worse.  I feel like I should shave it off and just wait for it to grow back.
Janeer:  Would you like it to grow back to it's prior length?
Cyann:  No, actually.  But I would like it around my shoulders or a little longer than that again.  But not as long as it once was.  

Janeer:  Who cut your hair the first time?
Cyann:  I was out and just decided to run inside one of those quick hair cut places.  
Janeer:  Hmmm...Those are for cuts for sure, but not hair health and styling.  So you came to the right place.  We can correct mistakes.  It takes time sometimes, but it can be done.  No more chop shops though if you want to see improvement.
Cyann:  I've learned my lesson, no more.

Janeer:  So we have some options available.  The first thing is that we need to ensure it's going to come back healthy and not dry.  We'll talk about some practices, conditioners and shampoos which can facilitate that.  
Cyann:  Okay. 
Janeer:  In the interim, while we take care of your hair, I suggest we cut it even first and treat that hair.  While it grows back you can either wear it out short or we can add extensions, weave or use a wig.  If you add extensions, it could add too much weight to you hair at first because of it's length.  I suggest wigs until there is enough hair to use extensions, if at some point you'd like them.  What are your thoughts?
Cyann:  My husband misses my long hair, although he deals with the short hair.  But I think some wigs and weaves will allow me to change things up a bit.  So let's consider those options.
Janeer:  Good.  Daiyu, would you mind coming over here please?

Daiyu walks over.

Daiyu:  Yes.  (to Cyann) Hello.
Janeer:  Dee, Miss Matthews is going to need an even cut and then we'll need to show her some wig and weave options.  Can you assist us, please? 
Daiyu:  I sure can.
Janeer (to Cyann):  Dee, is even better at weaves than I am.  She has a gift I can't even touch and I hear I'm talented.  So we're going to work together to get you set up today and during your future visits.  I don't even recommend going to a store for a new wig.  Come here and we'll help you. We will be fair with pricing and we guarantee there will be nothing living in your wig and that it will be fresh and clean for your head.

Cyann:  That's good to hear.  
Daiyu:  So, I'll start with the wash, condition and cut. Then we'll pull out options, okay?
Cyann:  Yes, thank you.
Janeer:  I'll be here every step of the way to assist.

Cyann gets her hair treated and picks her first new style.  As long as she was doing something different, she figured she'd go big with a new color.

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