Sunday, February 18, 2018

Hospital Visits

Avery had delivered Cristian in the wee hours of the morning.  Craig stayed with her until late morning and then went home to get a little rest in the bed and a shower before returning to spend more time with her and their newborn.  Of course he sent out a group text to his brother-in-law, father-in-law, Ember, Cyann, Grayson, his family members, and some of his co-workers.  He sent out a separate message to Cora, just so Parker wouldn't be upset about his mother having his number.

But first, earlier, after leaving Avery and Craig to welcome their new child, Parker took Ember home, where she kept Aviana for the evening.  Ember called Cyann in the middle of the night to let her know about Avery being in labor and that she would bring Aviana over the next day.

Avery's cell phone rings.  It startles her out of her sleep.  She picks it up to see who's calling.

Grayson (mumbling):  Who is it?
Cyann:  Mmmm...It's Ember.  It has to be important. 
Grayson: Uh huh.

Cyann:  Hello?  What's wrong?
Ember:  Hi.  Everything is fine.  Avery is in labor.  She's in the hospital.
Cyann (in her groggy state, she hears hospital, not much else):  You're in the hospital?
Ember:  No.  Avery is in the hospital.  She's having the baby.
Cyann:  Wait.  The baby is coming?
Ember:  Yes.

Grayson:  They're having the baby?
Cyann (to Grayson):  Yes.  (to Ember) I need to get Aviana.  They didn't call me.  Where is she?
Ember:  She's with me.  Parker and I were together when Avery called.  So we took her to the hospital together.
Cyann:  Okay.  I'm on my way to get her.
Ember:  Girl, don't be silly.  It's late and she's already sleep.  She can stay with us until a decent time in the morning.
Cyann:  Oh.  Okay.  That's good.  I can get her later then.  

Ember:  Well, I'm tired, so I'm going to bed.  I'll have to get back up in no time to get Erwyn off to school.  We can talk later.
Cyann:  Are you going to the hospital?
Ember: Yes, after the baby arrives and we can visit. I want to see the baby.  

Later the afternoon after Avery delivered, she started having visitors.  The first two to arrive are Parker and Ian.

Ian (with a big smile):  He's the most handsome grandson ever.  You did well.  How'd you decide to name him Cristian?  
Avery:  Well, Avi's name starts with A V like my name does, so Cristian starts with C R like Craig's name.  We had a girl's name picked out starting with C R too. 
Ian: That's nice.  So what happens when you have a third child?
Avery:  Ummm...I think we're okay with two right now.  I'm not sure a third is in the picture.
Ian (laughing):  I'm trying to get all the grandchildren I can.  You can't fault me for trying.
Avery:  Parker can contribute too.

Ian holds Cristian for a while as they all chat.

Parker:  Okay.  It's time to share.  I'd like to hold him too.
Ian:  I guess you're right.  I'll share for a few minutes.  You'll get to see him more often than I do.  You live here.
Avery:  There's plenty of time for both of you to see him.  
Ian:  Well, I guess I'll have to increase my travel.

Parker gets to hold his nephew.

Parker:  He's so tiny.  It's amazing to have such tiny people around.  Hi, Cristian.  I'm you're Uncle Parker.  I love you.
Avery:  He's going to love you too, just like Avi.  
Ian:  When is Avi going to see her new brother?
Avery:  Ember and Cyann are coming to visit me.  When Ember called, she told me that they will come at the same time and Ember will bring Avi so Cyann can take her home with her.  I'm so excited for her to see him.  We've been preparing her for, well, I can definitely say 'his' now, so his arrival.

Parker and Ian visit for a while longer, then decide they will leave and get something to eat.  Avery rests for a while until Cristian is hungry and then she starts feeding him.  While she's feeding him, there's a knock at the door and Avery yells out to come in.

Cyann:  Hey!  Congratulations!  
Avery:  Hi.  Thank you for coming.
Cyann:  You know wild horses couldn't keep me away.
Avery:  You're by yourself? I know Brenna's at school, but where's Brooklyn?
Avery:  I thought I'd have to bring her, but I called Eliana and since babysitting is her only job, she was available.  So she's at the house sitting for a little while.  Thank heavens too, but I want to hold the baby and I don't know how she would have acted.
Avery:  Oh!  Well, I can understand that.

Cyann:  Hello there, Little Guy.  What did you name him?
Avery:  We named him Cristian.
Cyann:  Well, Cristian, you certainly are cute, aren't you?  I'll bet Craig is beside himself with having a boy, isn't he?
Avery:  I think he would be just as happy with a girl, but you know how it is for men to have their sons.  He's probably out right now buying a baby football to start him early.
Cyann:  I believe that.  Well, let me cool my heels while he eats.

Cyann sits down and talks to Avery while she nurses.  A few minutes go by and then there is a knock at the door.

Cyann:  More visitors have arrived.
Avery:  I knew it would be a busy day.  (yelling to the door) Come in!

Ember walks in with Aviana.

Ember:  Hi!
Aviana (as she runs toward Avery):  Mommy!  
Avery (happy to see her daughter):  Hi, Sweetheart!  I missed you.  Come give me a kiss.

Seeing that Avery is nursing and will not be able to bend down to kiss Aviana, Ember walks over to pick Aviana up and give her mother a kiss.

Aviana:  Is dat da baby?
Avery:  Yes, this is the baby I've had in my stomach.  He's your little brother, Cristian.  Say hi to him.
Aviana:  My bwotha, Cwistian?
Avery: Yes.  He's going to be so happy he has you as his big sister.  We have to take good care of him and be very gentle with him, right?
Avian:  Wight!  He doesn' wook wike a skewaton anymore dough.
Avery (laughing):  No, he looks like a little person now, just like you once did.

Ember holds Avery up a little longer so she can look at her brother a little longer, then she sits down.  Aviana, however, wants to examine the hospital room, so she starts walking around.

Avery:  Thank you for bringing her and both of you for being so helpful in taking care of her.  We truly appreciate having such good friends.  I don't know what we'd do without you.
Ember:  It's not a problem.  I'm happy to help.
Cyann:  Anytime.  So who has been here so far?  I'm assuming Craig had to go home for a little while?
Avery:  Yes, Craig went home to shower and change and Parker and my father were here.  I'm sure my father will be back.  He'll be disappointed he didn't stay long enough to see Aviana, but I know he'll be back soon to visit again.
Ember:  So it has to be said, the elephant in the room.
Avery:  An elephant in the room?
Ember:  Yes.  You are brave enough to actually wear that gown my aunt gave you at the shower.  Of all the things she can give someone at a baby shower, she gives you an animal print gown.
Avery (laughing):  Well, she gave very strict instruction that I was to wear it in the hospital instead of some boring and not sexy gown.  I am not interested in getting fussed at should she find out I did otherwise.  You are my witnesses.
Cyann (laughing hard): Oh, yes.  We certainly are.  You also have our sympathy for your compliance.

The ladies continue to chat as Aviana wanders around and asks questions occasionally about how long her mother will stay in the hospital, why the room looks like it does and where her father is.

Avery:  Well, that took a while.  I guess he has to get used to eating.  But it's time to burp.
Cyann:  Ooo, ooo, ooo!  Can I do it?  I need to get my hands on him.  Sorry Ember, but I was next in line.
Avery:  Sure.  I can get my hands on Aviana then.  Thanks.
Ember:  I'll pick her up for you.  You know you shouldn't be lifting anything heavier than the baby.
Avery:  Yes, Nurse Ember.

Ember puts Aviana on Avery's lap and then sits down so they can talk some more.  Then the phone rings.  Ember picks it up.

Ember:  Hello?...Yes, it is her room...Oh!  Hi, how are you?  This is Ember...I'm fine.  Thank you. I'll give her the phone...Really?..Well, I think that could be okay...I, uh, yes, that's kind of you...Sure...okay.  I'll give Avery the phone now.

Ember seems taken off guard and puzzled as she hands the phone to Avery.

Avery:  Is everything okay?
Ember:  Yes, it's your mother.

Ember gives the phone to Avery and sits back down in the chair.

Cyann: What was that about?
Ember:  Cora wanted to know if I could meet for her dinner the next time she visits.  She said she could see that Parker and I are seeing each other and she wants to talk.  
Cyann:  When did she...?  At the shower.
Ember:  I really hadn't thought anything of it, but you're right.  I'm sure she saw me and Parker together.  Not that we're hiding anything, but with them not speaking, I guess she didn't know.
Cyann: But why does she want to have dinner with you, when he's clearly not sharing his personal life with her?
Ember:  I'm not really sure, but if I have to guess.
Cyann:  You do have to guess.
Ember:  I think it's to figure out how she can get Parker to speak to her.  I don't want to be in the middle of this.  I'm team Parker, so I'm not going to do something to upset him.  He's in my life, not her.

They can hear Avery saying goodbye, so they stop talking.

Avery:  My mother just tried to quiz me about your relationship with Parker.  I had to re-direct her to other things, like Cristian's arrival.
Ember:  I'm sorry about that.
Avery: You haven't done anything wrong. Why are you apologizing?  I'm just done with her trying to put me in the middle of their rift.  I tried to smooth things over, but right now is not the time for her to put me on the spot.
Cyann:  Well, you just tell her that and keep your focus where it should be, on your family.
Avery:  I know.  So, what has happened since I've been in here.
Cyann:  You sound like you've been locked up in prison for a year.  It's the hospital and it's only been a day.

They continue to talk a little longer until, they are ready to leave.  Just as they are saying goodbye, Craig comes into the room.

Craig:  Hello, Ladies.  (to Aviana) Hey, Sweetheart! 
Aviana:  Hi, Daddy!

Craig takes Aviana into his arms and kisses and hugs her.

Cyann:  Congratulations, Craig.  You have a son now.
Ember:  Congratulations!  I'm so happy for you.
Craig:  Thank you both.  He's handsome, isn't he?
Cyann:  Yes, and don't think that I didn't pick up on the Craig, Cristian thing.  I honestly thought if you had a boy, he would be a junior.
Craig (laughing):  Girl or boy, the name would have started the same.  Glad you figured that out.
Cyann:  When you're home all day with a young child, you have plenty of time to pick up on details.   Mind training or you go stir crazy.

Ember:  We're heading out now.  We'll let you three enjoy your time together.
Craig:  Okay.  Well, Sweetheart.  It's time to go with Auntie Cyann to play with Brooklyn and Brenna.  Be good, okay?
Aviana:  Okay, Daddy.

Craig and Avery kiss Aviana goodbye and Ember and Cyann leave.  Craig and Avery settle down and talk and watch television as Cristian sleeps.

We have to give a shout out to Crafts by Mandee who once again has supplied us with lovely new items - Avery's slippers (I bought pairs in several colors, so the other ladies will get to wear them too) and Ember's poncho.

Thank you for stopping by.  ~ The Proud Parents, Avery and Craig

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The New Arrival

Avery, Parker, Ember and Aviana have arrived at the hospital.  After checking in a registration, Avery was escorted to her labor and delivery room.  They are in the room now and Avery is finishing some more registration paperwork.  Her attending nurse is Mackenzie  (Keni) Tanner.  Mackenzie's sister just so happens to be Idania (Dani)  Nichols, owner of Dani's Bridal.  

Keni has introduced herself and asked to be called Keni to make it easier to remember her.

Avery:  Where else am I supposed to sign?
Keni:  That's the last place.  Any other documentation we need will be provided.  Do you have any other questions?  
Avery:  Okay.  I'll also need my husband to come up when he arrives, which should be soon.  Do we need to let someone know?
Keni:  That's fine. They will let him come up when he arrives. I will tell you that there is a limit of three people in the room for delivery.  Someone will have to leave when he arrives.
Ember:  The three of us will leave once her husband arrives.  We should be okay.
Keni:  Good.  It's just our policy.  
Avery:  Thank you.

Keni (pointing to the gown on the bed):  So, you can take off everything, down to your birthday suit, and put on this gown, which opens in the back.  I'll hang your coat up for you.
Avery:  Okay.
Keni:  Your support team and I can wait outside while you change.  Then I'll be back in to be sure you are comfortable.  I'll need to put a monitor on for you and the little one too when I come back.
Avery:  Okay.  Thank you.

Avery takes off her coat and Keni hangs it up.  Parker, Ember, and Aviana wait outside while Avery changes to the hospital gown provided.

Avery goes through a contraction while getting dressed.

Avery:  Oooooo....I'm anxious to meet you too, Sweetheart.  But please wait for your father to arrive.  We want to meet you together..(in pain).mmmmmmm....

Avery gets the gown on after the contraction is over and the nurse knocks on the door.

Keni:  Mrs. Hamilton, can I come in now?  Just me, your nurse.
Avery:  Okay.  I'm dressed.

Keni:  Before I let your family in, I'm going to check on your dilation and then see how the little one is faring.  Is that okay?
Avery:  Yes, of course.
Keni:  Please lie on the bed, I'll scrub, grab some gloves, and we'll check things out.

Keni grabs a glove after she washes her hands.

She checks dilation and listens to Avery's heart and the baby.  While she's doing so, Avery has another contraction, so the nurse starts timing so she'll know how far apart they are.

Keni:  You were at 5 minutes when you headed over, correct?
Avery: Yes.  I feel like their faster now.
Keni:  We'll see in a few minutes.

Right on time, the next contraction comes and the nurse is able to time it at 4 minutes.

Keni:  You're right about the timing.  You're at 4 minutes.  I'm going to work on getting an IV started soon.  Until I come back you are welcome to walk around since you have elected to go without assistance with the pain.  Walking around could speed things up a little.  I'm also going to place a monitor on for the baby, just to keep an eye on things.  Okay?
Avery:  Yes, thank you.  I left a message with my doctor's answering service on the way here.  Do you know when she'll arrive?
Keni:  Well, we may have some time.  We'll send reports to her.  When we get close, she'll be here.  Don't worry, we'll take care of communicating with her until she arrives.  You just focus on getting through those contractions.  Is that okay?
Avery:  Okay.  Thank you.
Keni:  I'll get what I need and be right back.  I'll also let your family back in.
Avery:  Thank you.

The nurse leaves the room and Parker, Ember and Aviana come back in.

Ember:  This is a nice hospital.  I've never been inside.  
Avery:  You've never been here?
Ember (laughing):  Fortunately I haven't had a reason to be here.  Erwyn and I have been pretty well and not broken anything.
Avery:  Well, maybe you will have the same reason as me one day in the not too far future.  

Parker turns bright red because he knows Avery is implying that it would be Ember with his child.  Ember feels her face get hot because she knows that's exactly what Avery meant.

Ember:  Maybe.  Let's just focus on keeping you comfortable right now.

They sit and talk about other things for a while and Parker sets Aviana on his lap.  She's getting very tired since it's now past her bedtime.  After a while, Craig arrives.

Craig:  Hi, Everyone.  Hey, Honey.  How are the contractions?
Avery:  We're at 4 minutes now and 5 centimeters.  Hopefully it won't be long. I'm trying to hold out from... (pauses to go through a contraction)
Craig:  It's okay.  Take your time. 

Craig:  This is it, Ave.  I'm so excited.  You look beautiful
Avery (still going through the contraction): Mmmmm....

Craig (letting Avery deal with her pain, turns to Ember and Parker):  Thank you so much for bringing her here.
Parker:  That's my little sister, I'll always be there for her.
Ember:  Glad we can help.  Well, we should probably get going before we get kicked out, plus I can see Aviana is very tired.  We need to get her in a bed.
Craig:  Are you dropping her at Cyann's?
Ember:  In the morning.  She can stay with me and Erwyn tonight.  
Craig:  Good, good. Thank you.  I appreciate your help.
Parker:  You can do this, Ave.  I'll be back as soon as I get word my new niece or nephew is here.  I'm excited.  I'll call Dad and let him know so he can start heading this way in the morning.  
Avery (feeling relief after her contraction):  Thank you.  He'd fuss at me if he didn't know it was time.
Parker:  Don't worry.  I have you covered.  Just call or text the moment my niece or nephew arrives.
Craig:  We will.  

Parker, Ember and Aviana leave.  Craig turns on the TV and settles next to Avery to soothe her as much as he can during the contractions.  After a while, the contractions get closer and more intense and the nurse announces it won't be long and she will let Dr. Graham know.

A while longer goes by and Dr. Graham arrives.

Dr. Graham:  Hello.  It looks like it's almost time for delivery.  How is the pain right now, Avery?
Avery:  Bad. Painful. (a contraction hits)...mmmm (Avery starts her breathing)
Dr.  Graham:  I'm sure it is very painful.  But you have done well making it this far with out any pain assistance.  It won't be much longer and it's all over.  I just need to check on progress and see where we stand.  I'll wait for this one to pass and we'll see.
Craig:  She's pretty tired.
Dr. Graham:  Yes, it is tiring, so we'll need to help her find the strength to literally push through this.  It could take an hour for the baby to be pushed out or minutes.  Whatever it is, we will help her work through it.  Are you with me?
Craig:  Yes, I'm with you.

Dr. Graham checks on progress and states that Avery is fully dilated and pushing will begin shortly.  Dr. Graham alerts the medical support team and they start coming in to prepare for the baby to arrive.

They get Avery into delivery position and wait for her signal that she is ready to push.  Keni turns on the light over the bed.

Avery:  I need to push.
Dr. Graham:  Good.  Go ahead and push with the contractions until I tell you to stop.
Craig:  Okay, Sweetheart. Push, push, push.

Avery pushes until the contraction is over and continues to push with Craig and the nurse coaching her until Dr. Graham announces the baby is crowning.

Dr. Graham:  Keni, the light is in my eyes when I look up, please turn it off.
Keni:  Certainly.

Dr. Graham:  We have some hair peeking at us.  Keep pushing when you feel a contraction.  Just go with it.  
Avery (painfully):  Okay.  
Craig:  You're doing great, Sweetheart.  It's almost over.  We're almost there.
Keni (with the next contraction):  Push, push, push.

The baby's head comes through and Dr. Graham tells Avery to stop pushing.  She needs to turn the baby so the shoulders can come through easily. Avery braves through the urge to push until she is told she can push again.

Dr. Graham:  Okay, Avery. The hard pushing is over with the head.  The body should slide out now with one good push.  When you feel it, give it all you have.  Just go for it.
Craig:  One good push, Sweetheart and it should be over.
Keni:  You're in the home stretch.  (noticing Avery is bearing down again) Push, push, push.

Just as Dr. Graham predicted the baby is completely out now.  She gives the baby a quick pat for crying as the nurse places the clamp for the cord.  Craig is beside himself as he hears the baby let out a loud wail.  Avery is anxious to know if it's a girl or a boy making all that noise. What is only taking seconds seems to take minutes for Craig and Avery.

Dr. Graham:  Congratulations! You have a beautiful baby boy!
Craig:  Yes!  It's a boy!  I have a son!
Avery:  Oh!  I can't wait to see him.

Just as soon as Avery finishes her sentence, the nurse encourages her to pull down the top of her gown to expose skin and places the baby on her chest loosely covered by a blanket.  The cord is still attached and needs to be cut.

Avery: He is beautiful!
Craig:  Just like his mother.  I'm so proud of you, Sweetheart.  I love you.
Dr. Graham:  It will take a little while to wrap up things on this end.  Dad, would you like to cut the cord?  Then we'll get baby cleaned up and back in your arms.  You can go watch, Dad.
Craig:  Sure.

Craig kisses Avery on her forehead and proudly cuts the cord then he follows the nurse who will clean the baby up, check on weight and other vitals and then wraps him up to hand to his father. 

Craig can't stop grinning as he looks at his new son.  Avery is tired, but very excited, to hold her baby again.  It's been nine long months, but worth every minute to her.

Keni:  We're going to move you in a few minutes.  Someone from transportation will be here.  I'll place the baby in his small crib and roll him to the room.  You'll have the baby in your room 24/7 unless you need to shower.  Then you'll need to call a nurse.  Your attending nurse will explain each day what's going to happen.  If you are going to have him circumcised, Dr. Graham will schedule a time.  It won't take long.  Do you have any questions so far?
Avery:  No, not yet.
Keni:  Okay.  Let me know if you think of anything. 

After the baby is cleaned up, Craig is able to walk with him back to Avery's side.  Dr. Graham and the team work on cleaning up.  They will be ready to move Avery to her maternity room shortly.

Keni: We also like to put the baby's name on the crib instead of just 'Baby Hamilton.' Do you have a name for this handsome fellow yet so I can put it on his crib card?
Craig:  Yes, we have a name picked out.  His name is Cristian Lee Hamilton.

Welcome, Cristian Lee Hamilton - 6 lbs. 13 oz., 20 inches

Isn't he a cutie?

We'll let Avery and Craig get some rest and spend some time with Cristian.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Monday, January 22, 2018

The Night Gets Busier

At Reds' earlier, Henna and Syren ran into Maurice. They spoke and then Maurice went on to mingle with other people.  Now Syren, who has been talking to Henna most of the evening, has caught the attention of a gentleman who has come over to speak with her.

Syren:  What did you say your name is?
Jaguar:  It's Jaguar.
Syren:  I like that.  So tell me more about yourself.  I like meeting new people and learning about them. 
Jaguar:  Would you mind if we go have a seat over there and talk so we're both comfortable?
Syren:  Sounds good.  Henna, I'll be back a little later.  Mingle, Girl.
Henna:  I'm fine go ahead.

At the Hamiltons', Parker and Ember have arrived.

Ember:  What can I grab for you?
Avery:  I just need our bags and we need our coats. They're in the hall closet.  
Ember:  Okay, I'll go get them for you.
Aviana:  I can show you the cwoset.
Ember (laughing):  Okay.  Thank you so much for your help.
Avery:  Mine is the blue and white one and Aviana loves her cape, so please grab that for her.
Parker:  I'll grab the bags.  Are you sure you don't need anything else?

Avery:  No, I am all packed and I just spent the last ten minutes double checking my bag.  I have everything I need.  I just need my husband.
Parker:  Do you think he's having phone issues?
Avery:  Sometimes he's dealing with an emer...(Avery's phone rings) Finally. (she answers it)

Hi, Craig...I'm in, can you meet me at the hospital?  Parker and Ember and here picking me up, they'll take me...yes, it's Parker, of course it it's not a problem...yes, I'm fine, just a little anxious and in pain...okay, well get going so you can get there...I love you too.

Ember:  Avery, did you have plans for who will take care of Aviana already?  If not, she can come stay with us.  
Avery:  Thank you.  I was so busy getting ready, I forgot to call Cyann.  She said she'd keep her.  
Ember:  Don't worry about contacting Cyann.  If you're okay with it, I'll take Aviana with me tonight and see that she gets to Cyann's in the morning.  I'll call her.
Avery:  Okay.  That's great.  Thank you so much.  I really appreciate your helping me.
Ember:  No problem.  I'm happy to be helpful.

At Reds', Henna is enjoying her drink when she hears a familiar voice.

Maurice:  Do you mind if I join you?
Henna (surprised): No, I don't mind.  Are you sure you want to talk to me?
Maurice (laughing):  Well, maybe for a while there I wasn't keen on the idea, but I'm better now.  I was just hurt, you know?  
Henna (frowning):  I know.  I...I just...well, it's not that I didn't want to be with you.
Maurice:  I was hoping we could just talk.  I mean, I can't ignore that I know you.  You were a big part of my life for a while.  But are I wasn't really coming over to talk about what happened.
Henna:  We can talk.

Maurice:  So, how's the family?  I can see Syren is still herself, loving and attracting men.
Henna:  Yep, that's my little sister alright.  Everyone is fine.  Ember and Parker are still a couple.
Maurice:  So I've heard.  He's really into her.
Henna:  You knew that?
Maurice:  Sure.  Parker and I stay in touch.
Henna:  I don't think I knew that.  We do still work together.
Maurice:  He's probably being considerate of your feelings.  He knew you were trying to get over things.  He didn't talk about you during our conversations either.

Henna:  Chi sounds like a lovely lady.  I hope she knows how lucky she is.
Maurice:  She is lovely. I enjoy spending time with her.
Henna:  Better her than me, I guess.  You probably upgraded.
Maurice:  I really like her, but she'll never be you.  I wish things had worked out between us.
Henna (feeling tears well up in her eyes):  I do too.  I... (swallowing)... I still love you, Maurice.  I miss spending time with you and lying in your arms talking about my design ideas while you laugh about my imagination.
Maurice:  I'd be lying if I said I don't think about you every so often.  But we are where we are.

Syren:  Hey, I'm sorry to interrupt.  I need to head out.  Are you ready, Hen?
Henna:  We were just talking, but I guess so.
Maurice:  I can take you home.
Syren:  Oooh!!!  Are you sure?  Don't you have a woman?
Maurice (smiling and shaking his head):  Syren, you will never change.  Everything is fine.  I think I can drive Henna home and things will be okay.
Syren:  Well, okay then.  Finish your "where did we go wrong" conversation and I'm out.  Good night.
Henna:  Thanks, Syren.  Good night.

At the Hamilton's, Aviana and Avery have their coats on and the group is heading out to the hospital.

Here's a peek at the baby's side of the room, all ready for him or her to arrive.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye