Monday, November 24, 2014

Getting started with holiday photos

I already did the Naughty and Nice photo shoot in honor of Christmas.  I also have some clothes and photo ideas and plenty of days to shoot the other dolls in scenes.  I'm working on that along with working on a diorama/living room for the dolls to sit in and be comfortable while they wait for me to interact with them.

I took some photos of the family I used in my first diorama.  A few are below and I am adding others to the Photo Shoots page.  I have to credit discovering the matching sweaters to Vanessa at Van's Doll Treasures.  I saw the post and literally headed out to the store.  Great tip as I was working on making sweaters from socks.

The Family

Dad and his little girls
Mom and the girls

I bought the wreath for $1.00 and it had a large red bird in it.  I cut it out and used it for photos with Komi (a 16" Tonner doll).

I hope you're enjoying getting ready for the holidays.  Happy Thanksgiving! 


  1. A Happy Thanksgiving! These sweaters are awesome, a perfect fit. Lovely photos of the family :-).

  2. It looks like you are getting ready for the holiday! We are working on it too in Hanaly Corners. We also have those same sweaters. I got them last year at Michaels.

    1. I'm working hard at it. I even found a way to get inexpensive actual light up lights for the tree.

      I am looking forward to seeing your families interact once everyone is established.


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