Thursday, November 20, 2014

Isha Has Arrived

Ever since I discovered Fashion Royalty dolls (two months ago), I have been on a quest to find and get all of the ones I really like.  Of course, I have my cost limits so although some are available, I have to wait until someone is desperate enough to sell what I want for what I want to pay.

Well, after watching and waiting, I found Purple Passion Isha.  I think she's perfect just the way she is.   So I grabbed her up as soon as the price dropped.  I took some photos of her visiting with Adele (I plan to change her name) in my quick set up photo area.

Adele is in a blue jumpsuit I made. I purchased a black 1/6 Action Figure suit (got the idea from the Roville blog), which Isha is wearing.

The girls are chatting about the items on the display shelves.  They like my taste.

 The girls are reading my blog.  They're hoping to get lots of time on the photo shoot page.
They appreciate your stopping by to see them.

I was making a skirt that ended up being a cute, strapless, short dress.  Right after I tried it on Kyori, I had a brilliant idea.  While at the thrift store yesterday, I stumbled upon two vintage looking dresses just in time for the holidays.  I'll show you the red one later in a Christmas scene, but the white one popped in my head and I though "Naughty and Nice", so I did another quick photo shoot.  It's on my Photo Shoots page if you'd care to stop by.
Thank you so much for checking out today's post.  I'll see you on the next one!


  1. Isha is a beauty, I love her hair, her face, stunning doll! Your jumpsuit is lovely. I like the "Naughty and Nice" photo shoot very much, great idea :-). PS: I think your skills for sewing are very good, you make lovely pieces, keep making more!

  2. Thank you! I am going to keep at it until I get better.

  3. Your Isha is beautiful, glad you were able to find her at a good price. I loved your "Naughty and Nice" photo shoot too!


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