Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Prettie Girls

Today, after weeks of waiting, I have finally received my Prettie Girls.  They are lovely.  I do think, however, their joints are not quite as nice as they could be, but they do bend, which is what I like.  I will either get over it or they will live in long sleeves and pants.  Yes, even in the Summer. 

I prefer my dolls to have seating when they are out of the box (unless they are my displayed Barbie dolls which are in cases and on stands), so I have to hurry up and finish making some new sofas and chairs.  I may review what I like and don't like about my dolls once they are out of the box.  One of my favorite bloggers at Roville gave me some good ideas about clothing options, especially for shoes.  I think they have flatter feet, which is so good for standing them up on their own.  So high cost, yet convenient, auction site, here I come with a new search!

While it's not the best pictures, here are pictures I took of the girls as soon as they arrived today.

Welcome to your new home, Girls!


  1. Hello, Jaye! Welcome to the world of doll blogging. I got my new Prettie Girls yesterday also. I already had Lena and Valencia, so I got Dahlia, Kimani and Cynthia Bailey from Zulily. Are you familiar with the Mixies dolls? Their clothes are a good fit for the Prettie Girls too.

    I am following your blog now, so I hope you will follow mine too.


    1. Janainah FryeNovember 5, 2014 at 4:55 AM


      I visited your blog and added it to my list. I had never heard of Mixis before, but looked them up. I guess they are not exactly available every where. I will check out their clothes. I call myself making my own clothes (although I have bought several) but I definitely need lots of shoes.

      Thank you for the information and the warm welcome.


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  3. Hi Janainah, thank you for your nice comment on my dollhouse blog! Of course I had to check if you have a blog too, and voilà :-)! Congratulations with your Prettie Girls, they are lovely! I will add you to my reading list on my other blog because that's where I post more frequently (I can only "follow" with the Google Friend Connect widget because I already follow the maximum number of blogs for Blogger). Looking forward to see more of your dolls, and later on the loft you want to make :-). Always welcome on both my blogs, and happy blogging to you :-).

    1. Thank you. I found my way to you other blog. I think I added myself to follow correctly. It's so cool to see people be creative.


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