Saturday, November 8, 2014

New Clothes for the Smaller Girls and a New Page

I recently ordered some clothes for my smaller (4 - 4.5 inch) girls.  They came from China and took a few weeks to arrive.  I thought it was pretty funny that the packets they came in describes them as rubber bands.  Is that why the cost can be so low?  Hmmm....

This is the packaging.


I tried a few on the girls and they fit okay.  I'm just not so thrilled that the shirts are a little short for my taste.  I would never have dressed my little girls in such short shirts and I don't understand why the shirts are short.  But, hey, you get what you pay for.  Right?

I'll still try to make more clothes, but at least the girls have plenty of options. 

As I make clothes and some new dioramas, I love to take pictures.  So, I will be sharing some of them, so I'm adding a Photo Shoots page.  At least I think that's what I'll call it.  I don't have a better name right now.  I can always rename it later if I come up with something better.  Now, some may be a little suggestive or sexy, but not over the top.  I can save those on a Flickr album or something.  I'm not really a good photographer, but once in a while I can think of or catch a good shot.  We'll see.


  1. I like the pants and skirts, and the tops too, but they do seem short for a little girl. Maybe it's the fashion in China right now for children? I looked at your photo shoot, you make lovely outfits and pictures, and your models are so beautiful! I like taking pictures of my dolls too, wish I had a bit more knowledge of technique though :-).

    1. Thank you. I'm still a novice, but once in a while, something actually looks good.

      I have no knowledge of photos, I just keep hoping to catch a good shot and not leave a shadow. I once saw a video where a photographer talked about just thinking of the angle you'd like to see an trying things different ways. I also watched America's Top Model and see the awkward poses that actually look good on camera.

      So I make it up as I go and hope to get it right. Thank you so much for the compliment!


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