Friday, November 14, 2014

Shopping finds

I have a shopping habit I need to get under control.  But, hey, if I'm saving money at the thrift store, how can I pass it up?  I found a few more items which will appear in some dioramas.

First, I found some great picture frames that are the perfect size (1.5 x 2 inches) for some photos.  I only paid $.99 for all 5.  Great deal! Right?

Oh!  And check out these napkin rings.  I feel a stool, ottoman or small table hidden in them.  I just have to let the imagination flow.  It will come to me.

Right after I bought this shelf (which needs to be painted or stained) for $.99, I saw the same one on that online auction shop for $5.00, plus shipping.  You may not be able to see it from this angle, but it's a graduated shelf, so it's deeper on the bottom and the depth decreases on each higher shelf.  I have some lovely items to put in it.

And the votive chair, which will receive a paint job and upholstered cushion.  I may have to put that off until Spring for a backyard scene. 

Those are my latest finds for now.  I also did a photo shoot, so if you have a minute, please drop by the Photo Shoots page and check them out. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Some very nice thrift store finds. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Love the napkin rings. Isn't it funny how we see different things for our dolls when we find items like this!

    1. It's cool. I love shows like Project Runway, which require creativity, especially with unconventional materials. So trying to be creative is really exciting for me.

  2. Very nice finds! I have not been thrifting in a long while.


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