Saturday, January 31, 2015

Better New Clothes for the Smaller Girls

Hi, Everyone!  You may remember I ordered several clothes from some seller in China for the smaller girls to wear.  I thought the shirts for them were just too small.  While I may clothes for the babies out of necessity (there is no one who sells items that will work, except a few knitted items), I don't make them for the little girls who can stand.

So, still wanting clothes that fit, especially pants to dress them appropriately during the colder months, I went searching for better clothes.  Well, I am happy to say I found them!  I purchased some clothes for the adult males a few weeks ago from Debra's Crafts on Etsy.  I was pleased with them and placed a special order for clothes for the girls.  They arrived today and I am pleased again.  They actually fit without being too tight and the shirts are the right size.  No belly buttons showing (which is okay in the Summer).  YAY!

I took a picture of the outfits I bought.  I asked Debra to mix them up and surprise me.  She did a great job!

 All of the outfits come neatly displayed on a personal card from Debra.

A nice personal touch, right?  I dressed the girls so you can see the clothes on them (and so they could stop being naked and cold). 

Aren't they just adorable?
I'm going to need some more shoes for the girls too, but for now they aren't barefoot. 
Well, off to finish a couple of projects.  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Getting Lucky

Every so often, I look on Craigslist to if anyone is selling some Barbie or Bratz items I can use.   Last weekend, I was lucky enough to come across an ad where-in there were two large containers of Barbie furniture available for only $75. 

I immediately made arrangements to purchase said items.  The lot had several things for which I have been searching - dining chairs, a Krissy sized baby swing, some tables, bathroom accessories and more thing I don't even need, but can use to experimenting.  I even ended up with several cribs.

Here are some photos.

School dio?  Maybe.

I am going to paint that yellow walker.  It could use some assorted coloring.

That mirror can be made to look like wood or a basic black would work. Hmm...

I have more dining chairs than I expected, but that just means I can create more scenes.

A matching set of bathroom accessories.  I'm not feeling the hot pink.

Some outdoor or all season room furniture.
While traveling this week, I stopped at a Kmart to buy and soda and low and behold, there was an articulated So In Style doll set on clearance.  You'll note the price tag has $21.00 on it, but I don't consider that a steal.  What made it great was the additional 75% off that price.  YES!!! I paid less than $6 for this set.  Lucky me!
So there they are, my lucky finds in the past week.  Now, if I could just get my need to buy under control and just finish my current diorama, there will be photos to take.  I am a little side-tracked as I work on creating outfits for a Valentine's Day photo shoot.  I can hardly wait to show you!
Thanks for dropping by.  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Some Additions to the group

Today two new dolls arrived.  The first one is Chandra from the Sisters in Style (SIS) line.  Acquiring her actually finishes out the collection as I have the other three SIS dolls (one is repainted). 

I like that Chandra has curly hair and is articulated.  More posing possibilities.  I don't know if I will leave her named Chandra.  I really want to give everyone a name, but it just hasn't been a priority.  I want the names to be thoughtful and I will need to actually document names I choose for each doll so that I can get used to them and not mix things up.

So here's Chandra in her box. 


I have several girls, but if I'm going to have any public scenes or some photos of couples (dating, in a relationship, or whatever I need some males for), I need some more males.  The options for articulated males are limited.  Although I technically already had four males, one is Chip Farnsworth from Integrity and I'm not really impressed with him.  He's taller than the other males, which means he needs his own pants.  I'm not interested in giving him his own special wardrobe.  So I'm trying to sell him because I don't just dump dolls.
Anyway, I already have a Liam from the Flavas line and discovered that there are two additional versions of Liam (none of them look alike, thank Heavens).  So I purchased the two other versions (another reason everyone needs a name).  I don't like Tre from the line.  His eyes look too far apart, so I passed on him. 
Here's the first new Liam to arrive.  I like his clothes, although I swear his pants are sagging too low and the hat needs to go.  He will not be in this house with saggy pants! He will be able to wear the same clothes as everyone else (sorry, Chip).  But here is the doll soon to be formerly known as Liam...

Well, I will most likely de-box on the weekend.  I'm not in a hurry.  They'll wait.
Until next time, thanks so much for stopping by!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Making clothes for the bigger girls, the first time

Happy New Year!  I hope you enjoyed bringing it in and that 2015 just gets better for you.

Today, I finally finished a week long project of making a sweater and coordinated skirt for each of the three bigger fashion girls in my collection.  I'm glad I have kept pulling myself back from trying to buy and each time I am tempted, I force myself to go sew.  I'm not saying I won't buy any outfits (I know my limitations).  After all, one must support her fellow talented doll enthusiasts.  But, I also need to enjoy the fun that comes with making your own items. 

Although I have been accumulating fabrics from either JoAnn's or baby clothes I got at the thrift store last year, I used socks and only socks to make the outfits.  I got the idea from My Froggy Stuff (I learn a lot from those videos) and at $1 for three pairs of socks, the cost is comparable to buying fat quarters for $1.49 - $1.99.  The plus is that these are pretty much pre-shaped for me.  The edge of the sock is the right size for the top of a skirt (and, although I didn't use for it, the bottom)  and the top and bottom of a sweater. 

I even figured out a few things.  The toes of the socks can work for arched short sleeves and the heels can be used for some halter tops (I'll wait for Spring and Summer show those/ still some work to do).  Like Froggy encourages, be creative and use everything.

Here are some photos I took of the girls in their outfits (more will be on the photo shoots page). 

I thought they would pass the time together.

I am still working on the sitting room.  I used it for Christmas photos.  I'm a little sad I didn't prepare in time for New Year's Eve photos, but preparing better for holiday photos will be one of my goals this year.  I will add a post for all of my goals for my doll collecting, clothes designing, photos and dioramas/interior design (including some more dimensions to my dioramas) this year.  I have some specific things I'd like to do and I really want to accomplish them. 
If it weren't for this full-time job, I could get things done.  But, darn it, if it weren't for this full-time job, I couldn't afford to do any of these things.  Catch 22 wins again.
Thanks for stopping by.  I'm looking forward to sharing lots more with you this year.