Saturday, February 21, 2015

Changing Lips, Changing Lives

Okay, so the only lives changing may be those of the dolls and their endearment to me.  It will make a difference in whether I 'bond' with them or not.  I have some preferences about my dolls which determines if I use them for 'play' versus display. 

The display dolls should be very dressy and over the top with their fashions. I am okay with side-glancers and whatever lipstick they are wearing since they are more like a portrait to me.

However, my play dolls are a different story. If I am ever going to use them for fashion shows, stories, photos, or scenes, they must look like every day people, eyes facing forward (no side-glancers).  I also have an issue with bright lipsticks (too much pink, too much red) and prefer toned down colors.  This normally makes me pass up a doll whose face sculpt I like or (as I am going to start doing until I can do it on my own) get them repainted.

Thanks to reading up on lip color changes and getting some advice from others, in a doll group to which I belong, I am now able to change lip colors.  I was scared at first and used some of my poor test dolls (oh, how they must hate me) to practice.  But I am on a roll now. 

Here are three dolls who screamed for new lip color and (on two) no teeth showing.

Isis - Before
Isis - After
Henna - Before

Henna -After

Trillian - Before

Trillian - After

I need to figure out how to add some shine, but I'm happy with the way their new lips look.  I think they are happy too.  See the smiles on their faces?

I have several other projects to work on like new rooms, trying to get some new men (especially of color (the girls would like to date and some get married) and preparing for Easter photos.  Thank you so much for stopping by.  Stay warm! ~ Jaye


  1. You did a great job on all of the ladies lips. I think the ladies who no longer have their teeth showing look the happiest! Henna's weren't too bad, but Trillian has got to be thrilled to death with her new look!

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. I could have lived with Henna's lip color and teeth, but I like her new lipstick. I may change it again later.

      But Trillian just doesn't know how close she came to being a body donor. That new lip color was her savior.

  2. Love the changes you made! You did a wonderful job changing them. Now they look a lot more realistic. Funny how the change on the Henna doll seems to have made her look a lot younger. I like the before version, too.

    1. Thank you, Vanessa. Henna did look pretty before, but I thought, as long as I was removing teeth, I may as well close her mouth for her too.

      She'll be happy to hear she looks younger now.

  3. Fantastic job on all three! I have Tennis Grace, too and have contemplated removing her teeth a number of times. I want to learn to change eye color as well.

  4. Thanks, Jewell! I like her so much more without those teeth. I want to repaint eyes too. If you figure it out, let us know. I like learning.

  5. Wow, the difference it makes! Much more natural! You did a great job


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