Thursday, February 26, 2015

The New Guys

I have several females and some children (more will be arriving shortly) in my doll group and I would like to create some families.  One of these days I'll start some stories.  What I still need are more males.  Many of the girls are ladies of color and some would like to be with gentlemen of color.

The options are few.  Ken dolls are barely articulated and there is only one cute AND articulated brown skinned guy on the market right now.  I have him already.  Then I made a mistake and tried some GI Joe dolls.  Talk about false advertising!  They say they are 12 inches and they are definitely not.  Do the people who advertise these guys have a ruler...with real measurements?  They are just too darn short.

Some doll board members suggested Power Team Elite guys, who are the right size for the 11.5 inch ladies.  They are okay, men of color are limited and several of the cute guys (in any ethnicity) have permanently gloved hands (unnatural).  I like to redress and while I can ignore (and cover up, by the way) permanent underwear (also unnatural), I cannot take the hands or feet.

Well, I carefully selected five Power Team guys, all with bare hands, to purchase.  Three have arrived so far and they are all articulated.  Almost perfect except the one guy with permanent boots (insert expletives here).  Well, I'll see how long I can suffer with him having those shoes stuck to him as I can leave him dressed all the time.  But in the Summer, those dogs will be burning.  No sandals for him.

Here are the new guys (to be named later):

The guy in the middle has the permanent boots.
I am trying my best to hold out and not give in to buying those high priced, yet so handsome, Integrity Toys Boys.  But, alas (and I am sighing), the slightly taller Integrity Toys girls may want to date too.  We'll see how that turns out.  Well, I have to go explain to the ladies now what everyone has been saying for years - there really are only a few good men out here.
If you have any suggestions on finding some men, please leave them in the comments.  Thanks for dropping by.  ~ Jaye

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