Monday, March 2, 2015

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I have an addiction to shopping.  Fortunately, my addiction involves clearance items and only getting a deal.  I cringe to tell you that my habit was so bad, that my daughters found it useful.  I would buy so much stuff I swore I would need one day, they would always have a plethora of items from which to select for last minute gifts.

I finally stopped just buying items (I still have enough pencils, spiral notebooks, and crayons to run my own class and supply the materials to every student) just to have them.  But, of course, putting some focus on living and hangout spaces for my dolls and preparing to form families and friends for future stories, I have to acquire items.  Lately, I've been all over the place, but mostly in pursuit of males.  So I have bought yet more males (yes, even more since my last post) and, because they were such a good deal, 7 more children. 

Well, here are my recent purchases:

 This guy is a Power Team Elite Soldier.  He's cute.  I like him and his shoes aren't attached.  Quite the catch, he is.

Handsome and articulated cheerleader Ken.  He's been hoping I'd pick him to add to the group.  He finally got his wish.  With so many ladies to choose from, he'll be quite happy here.

Baby Phat Marisa (a side glancer who will need a repaint).  She's pretty.  The ladies already waiting for a guy will kill me if I hook her up too soon, so she'll be waiting a while to date.

Another handsome Power Team Elite guy (Vanessa, I think he looks familiar).  The ladies are getting excited.

The seven new children.  I'm happy that the two little boys look different. They only share a hairstyle.  I hope the red comes off that poor little girl's nose without removing her skin color.  The outfits will work for Halloween (which I have to think about since I hate Halloween).
I have an affinity for giving the dolls their own names.  While many of the existing group members have names, I now have to give all of these new dolls a name.  Did I happen to mention that after much stress over the need for the taller girls to have men and waiting for a decent price, I'm going to purchase Tenzin and Kieron too (Integrity Toys males).  I'll talk about them again later.
For now, I think I can be done with purchasing new dolls and focus on accessories and making clothes.  Progress.... Thank you for stopping by.  See you on the next post. ~ Jaye


  1. I like all of your new purchases. Always good to snatch those Power Team guys when you can. Or any articulated guy for that matter. Let the fun begin! I'm glad to see that they are your purchases and not mine. This one haul would have put me over my limit for the year.

  2. Thank you. Tenzin and Kieron have to be it for a while, unless some new hot, articulated guy hits the market that I just cannot resist buying. They need their own shoes and pants (they can fit the Ken shirts I have) which puts me on a new shopping quest.

  3. Great finds. Those Power Team guys have great articulation. Check out Monkey Depot to find clothing and shoes for them.

  4. Thank you, Phyllis. I'll take a look.


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