Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ember's New Bedroom

I think I'm stoked on completing this townhome for Ember.  After some intense work and some ingenuity (who knew I had some of that?), I finished her bedroom today.  It's a small townhome, so Ember's bed is not huge, but the room is comfy.  Since she doesn't have a man right now, Ember's fine with the size of the bed and the room. 

Here is the bedroom:

Ember is straightening some finishing touches before she hits the bed to settle down for the evening. 

Then she checks on her scarf to be sure snug and to get a glimpse of herself.

Since she is going to start her business, Ember spends a lot of time on her computer setting up her business plan, making contacts, and doing some research.

Well, Ember is comfortable now and intensely focused on working.  I guess we can leave her alone so she can focus.  

Bed and hutch - repainted Barbie items.  There is a bed ruffle that matches the pillows, but I didn't make it longer than the comforter.
Linens, pillows, curtains, shelf unit in the hutch, and tables - made by me.
Artwork - Photos from a jewelry calendar for 2014.
Lamp - Vase with a napkin ring and submersible light (held up by cut and pushed in foam board).

Thank you for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Wow, her bedroom is very cute and cozy! She should be very comfortable in there!

  2. Nice bedroom. I love the colors you used. Very soothing.

  3. The room looks great! I spent the afternoon looking at your blog. You do really good work with the clothes and I really like your dioramas!

    1. Thank you, Georgia Girl. That's very kind of you. I am hoping to get better so I can do some cool things.


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