Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jye - My Beautiful Partially Repainted Doll

Since I discovered dolls from Integrity Toys last year, I have been buying some.  Because they cost so much (well, much more than most Mattel dolls), I have to really like them or see potential in them to buy them.  While checking out dolls over the year, I came across one whose sculpt I fell in love with, but was hard to find - Perk Colette.  The few times I did come across her, I could not bring myself to shell out $200-$300.  I just couldn't do it.  So I waited.

I was finally lucky and jumped on a great deal from a fellow member of a doll group on Facebook.  There was still the side-eye issue to deal with, but I quickly got it fixed.  I sent her to the talented Laurie Lenz to get her eyes straightened.  While I was at it, I had her eye color and eyebrows changed too.  Her lips were not repainted as I like them 'as is.'

Of course, 'Colette' was just her identifier.  Her real name is Jye (pronounced like 'tie', but with a 'J').  And here she is...

Isn't she lovely?  She was worth every penny. 

Thanks for stopping by to meet the lovely Jye.  ~ Jaye (spelled like Jye, but with an 'a' and pronounced 'J')


  1. What a difference a simple change can make. Jye is really pretty!


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