Sunday, March 8, 2015

New Chairs and the Hot New Guys

For future events, like weddings and fashion shows, I decided to seek out some 1/6 scale folding chairs.  They are easy to set up and easy to store.  I found them on Ebay for less than $4 each, but since then they have dropped to less than $3.  :-(  I wish I had caught the better deal, but I am happy with the chairs.

See how nice they are:

Then Drexel and Zenia decided to try them out.  
Drexel tried to take advantage of the opportunity to flirt while he was there, but Zenia was not in the mood. 
The guys who have been here a while seem just as anxious as the ladies to get coupled up.  Which reminds me.  The ladies, who usually occupy the living room all by themselves, all left to enjoy the warmer weather today.  So Chase popped in to chill all by himself.
 Chase (on speaker phone): Can you believe it?  I'm finally getting a chance to kick back and relax in here. Those women, gorgeous as they are, run everything around here.  I didn't even invite the other guys just to have it all to myself. (Chase hears a knock at the door.) I have to go.  Someone is here.

Chase hangs up and looks out the window.  He sees two men he hasn't seen before, but he's not surprised.  He had heard there would be some new men joining the group, so he goes to greet them.

Chase: It looks like you guys arrived in one piece.  I also see you found the clothes Miss Jaye pulled out for you.  Those pants fit because of me.  They were specially ordered for us taller guys. 
The guy with the curly hair says:  Yes, these are comfortable.  So this is where we're going to be living now, huh?
Chase:  Well, for a little while we can sit here in this room.  The ladies will be back and then we'll have to go to another space.

Curly haired guy:  Well, I guess we should sit for a while.
He and the other guy who has been quiet sit down.

Chase:  I'm Chase and you with the curly hair must be Bryce and you (he motions to the quiet guy) must be Jun.  I heard Miss Jaye describing you as she picked names.
Jun: Nice to meet you Chase.  So I'm Jun?  Nice name.  I like it.  So do you like it here?
Chase:  I sure do.  Now that you guys have arrived, Miss Jaye can focus on finishing the other living spaces.  I hear she is designing apartments.  And, we'll all get our assigned lives and start living them soon.  It's so exciting!

Chase:  Speaking of Miss Jaye, I think you will need to brace yourself for a haircut and restyle, Bryce.  Miss Jaye was this close to sending me to live elsewhere.  She didn't like my hair because it was too long and wasn't sure she wanted to invest some clothes that fit me.  But then, she gave me a hair cut and restyle and, voila!, I get to stay. 
Bryce reaches up to his hair:  Well, I'm not parting with the 'fro.  Miss Jaye may need to just call this a pit stop.  I'll leave before I let the 'fro go. No way, no how, not for anything.

Isis walks into the room.  Isis:  Hi, Chase.  Are these the new guys?
Chase:  Yes, they are.  Jun and Bryce, this is Isis. Bryce has the curly hair.

Isis: It's nice to meet you both.  Welcome! The other ladies and I just came back for a quick change before we leave again.  But I heard someone in here, so I wanted to stop and see what was happening.
Bryce and Jun both respond that they are happy to meet Isis.
Isis:  I can't stay, but I'll see you around. 
Isis leaves to rejoin the girls.

Jun and Bryce both turn and look at each other.
Jun:  Well, I don't know about you, but that sealed it for me.  I'm staying.  Miss Jaye can shave me bald if she wants.

Bryce jumps out the chair and starts to head out the room. 
Chase:  Where are you going? 
Bryce:  Off to find some clippers.  If the rest of the ladies are half as hot as that one, my 'fro can go.

Chase (laughing):  Well, I don't think there's a rush.  You should wait so you can be sure the cut is to her liking.  Just have a seat and enjoy this space while it's empty.  We'll have some male bonding time.
Bryce takes Chase's advice and has a seat.

Chase:  Well, folks, it looks like a woman can change a man's resolve.  Hopefully the next time you see me there will be a lovely lady on my arm.  A couple of kids would be fine too (hint, hint, Miss Jaye).  Speaking of which, on behalf of Miss Jaye, thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Great bunch of guys. Can't wait to see your apartments.


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