Thursday, March 26, 2015

Several New Purchases - Lots of Barbie Furniture

I have been on a spending spree.  I've been ordering on Facebook, Ebay and the thrift store. I bought a new Power Team male, a couple of baby walkers, a couple of strollers and a beauty salon.  I bought a few other items, like some drinking glasses (I will be making some drinks) and Rement baby items. 

What's most noteworthy is that I have been at Toys R Us at least twice while they had a sale on Barbie items.  So I bought several of those 'starter' furniture items they are selling.  I really like them and, since I have several apartments to make, I really need some bathtubs and sinks.  At some point I will make some sink & cabinet set ups on my own, but I'm not opposed to just painting an already made product to fit my needs.

Here's my score:

A day bed, two sink & toilet combos, a refrigerator, three tubs, one sink & oven combo and one full bathroom combo.

A washer & dryer combo (just right for an apartment, especially if there are children), two table and chair sets for dining and (yes) another refrigerator, but different from the other one. 

 I also bought this dress and shoes combination (so I could spend $35 and get $10 off).  I tried the shoes on one of the FR girls and because they are so soft and flexible, they went right on her feet (where can I get more of those Barbie shoes?).

I'm always looking to see if there are new MiWorld sets, which work well with the fashion dolls.  I found two new sets for make up and finally bough the Mrs. Fields set I've been seeing (of course, I probably forgot I already bought one and just have it stored in the food items bag downstairs).
I know, I have to stop shopping so much, but I will actually use these items. So it's money well spent.  ;-)
Thank you for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. That's quite a haul. I've picked up a couple of those furniture pieces, but they always get put back on the shelf when other things find their way into my basket. Same thing happened yesterday. I did end up getting a few of the MiWorld accessory kits yesterday. They had quite a few, but not the Mrs. Fields set. That would have been nice. Looking forward to seeing your new homes.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. I want to make my own sofas and chairs (which are a few less items I am tempted to purchase), but there are so many things I want and need. I don't want everything to look the same, but I can't pass up some items. I am in love with that blue and white tub. I hope I am brave enough to paint one or several apartments will have a blue and white color scheme.

  2. Very nice haul! I picked up the bed, bathroom sink and toilet, and two of the kitchen/dining sets. They are all nicely made.

    1. Thank you, Georgia Girl! They are truly nice items.


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