Sunday, April 26, 2015

Story - Cyann Visits Ember

Ember's townhouse is still in the works.  Her office is coming along and almost finished.  Ember is still getting settled in and working on her business.  While she has been making contacts and working her business plan, she doesn't want to start meeting with models until she has a proper office space ready.  Ember is also stuck on the name for her agency.  She thought about 'Winters Modeling' to use her married last name, but she thought that may not send the message she'd like for the agency. 

Ember is considering how she can make a statement for herself and the models she represents.  While thinking at home, she gets a surprise visit from her friend, Cyann Matthews.  She and Cyann have been friends since high school.  Cyann is married to Grayson, a handsome man, and has two daughters, Brenna and Brooklyn.  Cyann is happy that Ember is back in the area, so she has to see her friend. 

Ember was relaxing in her bedroom, working of course, while Erwyn was at school.  She hears a knock at the door, goes to answer it and sees Cyann there.  She opens the door, gives Cyann a hug and then leads her into the living room.


Ember - This is a wonderful surprise!  I'm so glad you came by!
Cyann - Well, I wanted to stop by before, but I didn't want to interrupt your unpacking and getting settled.  It's great to see you. 
Ember - I know.  The last time I saw you was...

Cyann notices tears are about to well up in Ember's eyes.  The last time they had seen each other was when Cyann flew out to support her friend when her husband, Evan, died about a year ago.  She instinctively walks over and gives Ember a hug.
Cyann - It's okay.  You're here now, back with family and friends. 
Ember sobs for a minute then pulls herself together. 
Ember - Enough of that sappy stuff.  Sit down and make yourself comfortable. We need to catch up.

Cyann sits down and looks around the room.  She's enjoying the soft vibe of the room.
Cyann - I love the mix of black and white in here. Now, I would never be able to have this in my house with the girls around.  Do you wrap Erwyn up in some material or just keep her out of here?They both laugh about that question.
Ember - No, she can come in here.  That's microfiber.  It wipes off easily.  Besides, I make sure she washes those hands pretty often, especially if she comes in here. 

Ember - How are the girls and Grayson?  They must keep you on their toes.  I have enough with just one, but two?  And one is a baby too?  I'm sure you need a break often, especially since you stay home with them.
Cyann - Actually, it's not as hectic as it could be.  You see I have a break right now, Brookie is with another friend of mine.  But most days it's easy with a routine.  Brenna is in school and it's just me and Brookie.  The older she gets, the more easily she is entertained with her toys. 
Ember - That makes perfect sense.  I'd love to see them.  I've only see the pictures of Brooklyn.  I need to get my hands on that baby and hug her up.
Cyann - She's spoiled, she'd love that.  (She motions to Ember with her hand.) Come have a seat and let's talk.
Ember has a seat on the sofa.

Cyann - Make sure you by and visit.  Bring Erwyn so she can play with Brenna.  It's too bad they can't go to the same school.
Ember - I know. I started to move closer to you, but with needing to be close to the city for business, but not quite in the city, this area is perfect.
Cyann - Yes, Grayson and I thought about moving to this area to lessen his commute, but we couldn't resist the house we ended up buying.  It has a yard, which we really wanted.

 Ember - Even though I bought this townhouse, I know the area is growing.  So, if I ever need to sell, you know, if my business ever takes off, I won't have an issue getting a buyer.  At least I hope not.  This place is perfect for me and Erwyn right now.  Anything bigger is just more to clean and I can't put in that kind of time when I need to focus on my agency.
Cyann - So tell me about the businessAny models yet?  Any prospects?  There must be a lot to do just to get started.

 Just as Ember is about to answer, Cyann is distracted and points at the wall to her right.
Cyann - By the way, I just love the artwork you have over there.  And that blue elephant is the perfect pop of color in this room. 
Ember - Thank you.  My decorator, who is very reasonable and talented, helped me with my vision.  Simple, yet lovely

Ember - Back to the business.  I'm getting there.  The office is almost ready.  I'm building contacts and just about ready to go 'gung ho' with it.  I just need to settle on a name so I can get the business cards done and the logo up in the office.  I'm thinking that maybe 'Journey Modeling Agency' will be the name.
Cyann - Hmmm.  Why that name?
Ember - I think I can brand it and it says something about me and those who will work with me.  It's kind of cliché, but I feel like I'm on a journey.  I'm moving on and doing something that I've always wanted to do.  But since I expect bumps in the road, I'll have to see where the journey takes me.

Ember stands up and walks over to the window, where her Ipad is sitting.
Ember - You see my branding can be all about the journey for the models.  I'm hoping they will understand they are going on a journey from a dream to reality.  Not everyone can make it in this business, so it can be quite a journey to get there.

Ember - Everything I need for now is laid out in this wonderful instrument.  It's my journey pad.
Cyann (laughing) - Okay.  You had me until you said 'journey pad.'  That was a little far.
Ember bursts out laughing.  She knew it was a little too far too, but she thought she'd throw it out there.  She sits in the black chair across from Cyann.

Cyann - So, I want you to tell me when I can expect you to come by.  I'll make dinner.  Grayson would be happy to see you.

Ember - The weekend is best right now.  Pick a Saturday or Sunday and we'll be there.  It will be great to enjoy someone else's cooking. 

Cyann - Good.  I'll talk to Grayson to confirm he'll be there and I'll call you. (pauses).  By the way, maybe sometime after that, I'll have several people over for some fun, including Syren and Henna. I've been looking for a reason to have a small party, play some cards or something.  We'd all have a good time.
Ember stands up and walks across the room.  Sometimes she gets antsy and just needs to move around.

Ember - Well, considering you are inviting my sisters, I'm sure it will be fun.  They've been wanting me to get out and do something social for quite some time.  Maybe that will satisfy them for a while.
Seeing Ember stand up reminds Cyann she wasn't going to stay long, so she stands up to start making her exit.

Cyann - I only wanted to stop by for a little while.  We'll have plenty of opportunities to spend more time together now that you're here.   I'm anxious to see how things go with your modeling agency.  So I'll be needing the 411 on a regular.

Ember - I sure will let you know as I go along.  I'll need the mental support.  Dinner and your little party are very welcomed.  You are also welcome to keep on visiting.  Thank you so much for coming to see me today.  I'm thankful you're here for me.
Ember walks Cyann to the door and they say goodbye for now.  Ember heads back upstairs to finish some more work before Erwyn gets out of school.
Side note - As anxious as I am to get more areas completed, there are fortunately enough things that will happen in areas that are already up and running.  So I am happy to be able to start getting these scenes out of my head into posts as I continue to design new rooms.  YAY!
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Chambray's New Look

I sent another doll out for new eyes.  I have a 'Style Counsel Adele' from Integrity Toys, whose name is Chambray.  She's very pretty, but she was cockeyed and her applied eyebrows were not attached very well.  So, I sent her to Laurie Lenz, just as I did with Jye.

Here are the before and after photos...

 You can see Chambray's eyebrows were high and thin. Although her eyes don't look too bad in this photo, they are definitely not as straight as they could have been.

Chambray's eyes are now green and she has lavender eyeshadow up to her now lowered and slightly thicker eyes.  

Chambray's eyebrows now look more natural instead of having such high and clearly pencil drawn arch. 

I think I'm done with getting dolls repainted for a while.  Everyone is looking good.  However, Syren needs re-rooting, which I may try to do myself.  If I do it, I'll show the before and after.  Hopefully it goes well.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Some Consistency, Please, Mattel

I found a version of Ken at the thrift store.  I think he's cute and, with an articulated body and some freshened hair, a nice catch for one of the girls.  I excitedly brought him home and searched for a body donor.  I got a great deal on a 'Life in the Dreamhouse Ken' and anxiously awaited his arrival.

At this point, I should state that I already have the same (LITD) Ken, so I know the articulation is pretty good.  I have never re-bodied a male before, but how much different could it be from a female, right?

UGH!!! The necks are not a match (INSERT POUTING HERE).  I am so disappointed that I cannot switch these heads.  Here's the issue:

This is the Ken head I wanted to keep and his original body behind him.  As you can see there is a blue little thingy (I don't know what it's called) in his head, but I was able to remove it. 

Just a closer look at the blue item I had to take out of the next, which did open up to a larger hole.

Here you can see my issue.  The blue item is out, but the new body has a neck the same size as the circumference of Ken's neck.  So even if I push that purple hook in, the bottom of Ken's head cannot go into the new neck. 

So now what do I do?  Well, my choices are limited as I don't plan to keep purchasing bodies and trying to find a match for his neck.  I can always see if can re-root and repaint the other head.  Which means 'thrift store Ken' may end up donated to my son's after school program.  Not a pretty sight.  I've seen those little girls be...well...not so kind to the dolls (most of which I donated, so I'm sure those dolls hate me).

But I have to ask:  If it's so easy to re-body the females, why, oh, why, can't Mattel be consistent with the heads on the Ken-like dolls?  I guess it will just have to remain one of life's mysteries.  :-(

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Erwyn's Bedroom and a Cool Find

I finished the third room in Ember's townhome - her daughter Erwyn's bedroom.  That's three down and three to go (Ember's office, kitchen and bathroom).  I still want to add a few things to Erwyn's room, but I figure it's just like a room in real life.  You do the major things and add a few changes or items later.

Here's Erwyn's princess themed bedroom:

These are views going from left to right.

Erwyn didn't want to miss a chance to get in a shot. See the cute scepter she keeps next to Tiana?
  • Bed, linens, curtains and scepter - made by me
  • Chest and rug - craft store items (I painted the chest)
  • Dollhouse - Little Tykes miniature house (I am looking for furniture to put in it)
I also wanted to share these lamps I found at Dollar Tree.  They are supposed to gather light from the room or sunlight and glow in the dark. 
This photo is sort of grainy, but I don't see much glowing in the dark.  The middle one did put off a little light.  But for a dollar, they will still work just for decoration.  I plan to start adding battery operated ceiling lights to rooms anyway.
I found the lamps by accident with the impulse buy items they put at the checkout lane.  They certainly got me this time. 
Well, that's all for now.  Thank you for stopping by. ~ Jaye