Sunday, April 19, 2015

Chambray's New Look

I sent another doll out for new eyes.  I have a 'Style Counsel Adele' from Integrity Toys, whose name is Chambray.  She's very pretty, but she was cockeyed and her applied eyebrows were not attached very well.  So, I sent her to Laurie Lenz, just as I did with Jye.

Here are the before and after photos...

 You can see Chambray's eyebrows were high and thin. Although her eyes don't look too bad in this photo, they are definitely not as straight as they could have been.

Chambray's eyes are now green and she has lavender eyeshadow up to her now lowered and slightly thicker eyes.  

Chambray's eyebrows now look more natural instead of having such high and clearly pencil drawn arch. 

I think I'm done with getting dolls repainted for a while.  Everyone is looking good.  However, Syren needs re-rooting, which I may try to do myself.  If I do it, I'll show the before and after.  Hopefully it goes well.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Quite a change! She is looking very pretty and more natural.


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