Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Some Consistency, Please, Mattel

I found a version of Ken at the thrift store.  I think he's cute and, with an articulated body and some freshened hair, a nice catch for one of the girls.  I excitedly brought him home and searched for a body donor.  I got a great deal on a 'Life in the Dreamhouse Ken' and anxiously awaited his arrival.

At this point, I should state that I already have the same (LITD) Ken, so I know the articulation is pretty good.  I have never re-bodied a male before, but how much different could it be from a female, right?

UGH!!! The necks are not a match (INSERT POUTING HERE).  I am so disappointed that I cannot switch these heads.  Here's the issue:

This is the Ken head I wanted to keep and his original body behind him.  As you can see there is a blue little thingy (I don't know what it's called) in his head, but I was able to remove it. 

Just a closer look at the blue item I had to take out of the next, which did open up to a larger hole.

Here you can see my issue.  The blue item is out, but the new body has a neck the same size as the circumference of Ken's neck.  So even if I push that purple hook in, the bottom of Ken's head cannot go into the new neck. 

So now what do I do?  Well, my choices are limited as I don't plan to keep purchasing bodies and trying to find a match for his neck.  I can always see if can re-root and repaint the other head.  Which means 'thrift store Ken' may end up donated to my son's after school program.  Not a pretty sight.  I've seen those little girls be...well...not so kind to the dolls (most of which I donated, so I'm sure those dolls hate me).

But I have to ask:  If it's so easy to re-body the females, why, oh, why, can't Mattel be consistent with the heads on the Ken-like dolls?  I guess it will just have to remain one of life's mysteries.  :-(

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Do not dispair! There is a way to put that Ken head on that body you have! Hey It's Muff has a tutorial on how to do it. I have now done it with several Ken's doll now and it works great. I will try to find that post of hers and send you the link!

  2. Here is a link to Muff's tutorial on putting a twist-a-round head on swivel head body.

    1. Phyllis, thank you so much! I thought it was a wash. I could just hug you!

    2. You are very welcome, but you should thank Muff. She is the go to person for Franken dolly miracles. From shrinking heads to a scalp transfer, she is the one who will try it first! I have learned so much from her. You should go through her blog for other ideas. I remember one where she had two Ken bodies, one with upper articulation and one with lower articulation and she sawed them in half and put the 2 articulated halves together!


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