Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cyann Plans a Party

It's been a few days since Cyann stopped by to visit her friend, Ember.  She has decided to work on planning the small party she wanted to throw to introduce Ember to some of her friends and have her sisters over too.  She is sitting in her living room writing lists of food and guests while Brooklyn, her youngest daughter, is in her walker.


Cyann: So if I invite Avery and Craig, Craig may have some contacts for Ember.  What do you think, Brookie? 
Brooklyn: Da, ga, da, ga, ga
Cyann:  So you agree?  Okay.  Thanks for your input.

Grayson, Cyann's husband, walks into the living room.  He has just arrived home from work.
Grayson: Hey, Honey.  Are you in Brooklyn having a serious conversation in here? I'd hate to interrupt.

Cyann:  We're planning a party for Ember to welcome her back.  I could use your input since Brookie, as helpful as she tries to be, always seems to agree with me. 
Grayson: I see.  Well, she takes after me.  Very agreeable.  She had to get it from someone.

Cyann:  Ha, ha, ha.  You are just so funny.  Maybe you're in the wrong career.  You should take your comedian skills on the road and earn us millions, Mr. Funny Man.
Grayson, chuckles: No, Honey.  Then you'd miss me and be worried about all of my groupies.
Cyann:  You already have one gorgeous groupie.  The only one you'll ever get.  Now get over here and give me a kiss to thank me for my groupie loyalty.

Grayson goes over and gives his wife a loving kiss.  Then he whispers: You are the only groupie I want in my life.

Grayson walks over to Brooklyn, who gets very excited when her father gets closer.  She knows he's going to pick her up and she's waiting.  Grayson picks her up, kisses her and asks her about her day.
Grayson: How's my baby girl?  What did you do today?  Did you keep your mommy busy?  She doesn't look tired, so you must have been kind to her, huh?
Brooklyn just keeps smiling and laughing and making some baby gurgling sounds.  She just likes that her father is speaking to her.

Grayson stops talking to Brooklyn for a minute so he can ask about the party planning.
Grayson:  So when is this party?  Who's coming? What are you expecting me to do?

Cyann:  Well, I thought in about three weeks.  That will give me enough time to invited everyone.  I know people get busy.  I'm thinking we can borrow some tables and chairs and clear out some space in here. 
Grayson:  Why do you need several tables and chairs?  You always let people sit on the furniture and eat.
Cyann: I think it may be nice to have something to do, like play cards or some other games.

Grayson:  Okay.  So how is Ember?  I haven't seen her since the funeral.  Is she okay being a single mom now?
Cyann:  When I saw her, she was okay.  She did cry for a couple of minutes, but it may always be a hard thing for her to remember.  I know I would be crushed if I lost you.  So I can't imagine hard it is, especially when she looks at Erwyn everyday.  I swear Erwyn is Evan's twin.  He was a good husband and a good father.


Brenna, their oldest daughter (they have two girls) walks in the room.
Brenna: Hi, Daddy.  I had fun at school today. 
Grayson:  Hey, Sweetheart.  I'm glad to hear that.  Come give Daddy a kiss and a hug.  I've missed you.

Brenna:  You say that every day, Daddy.
Grayson:  That's because I miss you everyday.  I love seeing your smiling face. 
Brenna (smiling):  I miss you too.
Grayson:  So I'm still waiting...
Grayson gets a kiss from Brenna and gets his hug.  But seeing how comfortable Brooklyn is on his lap, she decides she needs to be there too.
Brenna:  Dad, can I sit on your lap too?
Grayson: Sure you can.  Climb on up here. 
Grayson helps Brenna get up on his lap and gives one leg to sit on to each of his girls.

Suddenly Cyann has a thought and puts her hand up to her head.
Cyann:  I almost forgot, don't you have a business contact who is dating a model?  Maybe we can invite him and her here.  It would really be a nice thing for Ember.

 Grayson:  Oh! You are thinking about Chase.  But why would it be a nice thing?  Does Ember want to meet models or something?

Cyann:  Yes.  I thought I told you, but maybe I forgot.  Ember is starting her own modeling business.  So right now she's working on getting things set up.  I figure any help we can give would be nice.  Don't you think?
Grayson:  Yes, that's cool.  Chase and I just do business together sometimes.  He may think it's strange that I'm inviting him and his lady over for a party.  I guess it won't hurt to ask.  He is a business guy, so maybe he'll get the networking aspect. 

Cyann:  Please ask.  If he says no, he just does.  Tell him it's for a good cause.  I'd really appreciate it.

Brooklyn, who has been fidgeting the whole time, has turned attention to Brenna's hair. She had decided to start pulling on it. 
Brenna:  Ouch!  Let go, Brookie!
Grayson coaxes Brooklyn's hands out of her sister's hair.
Grayson:  Stop torturing Brenna, Little Girl. 
Brenna: She will just grab it again.  I'm ready to get down now.  I'm going to play in my room.
Grayson:  I'm sorry Brenna.  You know she is just playing with you.

Brenna (walking away): I know she's playing with me, but it still hurts.  I can play with her later, with some toys instead. 
Brenna leaves the room and Grayson decides to put Brooklyn back in her walker so she can be free.

Grayson:  So who else are you inviting?
Cyann:  Well, I was thinking Syren and Henna.  Avery and Craig, they can bring Aviana.  Even though she's younger than Brenna, I don't think she'll mind entertaining her.

Cyann: I'm still working through the list.  I think we'll serve dinner, but nothing formal.  Just some finger foods, some chicken and ham, and some sides and desserts.
Grayson: Don't forget the liquor.  Some beer would be good too.  Maybe you can make some Jello shots.  I know you ladies enjoy that sort of thing. 
Cyann: Okay.  I'll make sure to get a variety.  I may even be able to use my recipes for mixed drinks.
Grayson:  Sounds good.  I'm going to take a shower, get out of these clothes, and throw on my shorts. 

After Grayson stands up, he realizes Brooklyn has thrown her bottle to the floor.  He gets on his knees and picks it up for her.

Grayson: Here you are ma'am.  La leche por vous.
Cyann:  Other than the fact that it's juice in the bottle, I think you can stop pretending it makes sense to mix Spanish and French in the same sentence.
They both laugh and Grayson stands up to go take his shower.

Grayson:  I'll let you know about Chase.  I'll try to reach him tomorrow.  What's for dinner?
Cyann:  I'm going to fry some chicken and make mashed potatoes.  I'll make some peas too, so I can smash some up for Brookie.  You can go rest for a while.

Grayson: After I take my shower, I'll come get Brooklyn and keep her busy so you can cook.  Just give me fifteen minutes.
Cyann: Okay.  Thank you.  I'll just sit here and finish my lists while I wait. 
Grayson heads off to take his shower and Cyann goes back to writing her lists and asking Brooklyn for her input.
Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Monday, May 11, 2015

Easter Photos - Better Late Than Never

I spent quite a bit of time preparing for Easter and then I didn't even post my 'hard' work.  So I thought I'd go ahead and share now. 

I found some baskets at a local thrift store which are the perfect size for the dolls.  I painted them in four different pastel colors and then I had to figure out how to make some candy.  I'm sure I'll eventually get better at making candy and other foods - well, after I actually practice - but I'm happy with my first try.

Showing off their Easter baskets, we have (left to right) Cameo Watanabe, Brenna Matthews, Amorie Watanabe, and Erwyn Winters. 

I used brown clay to make the chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs and chocolate Kisses.  I had to buy and eat Hershey's Kisses to get the colored foil and - if you look closely, you can see the little strips hanging out of the wrapped Kisses. 

In the photo above, you can see the colorful swirled lollipop and the Peeps bunny in Amorie's hand, both made by me.  I tried to make Peeps chicks, but that didn't work out so well.  The bears and the chicks I found at the craft store. 

All in all, I think things turned out pretty well.  I'd really like to do wonderful spreads for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I'd better to get to work on molding more clay.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye