Friday, June 12, 2015

Ember Starts Interviewing Possible Talent to Represent

Ember is ready to start earning money, which means finding models to represent.  She has run a couple of ads in local papers, posted to social media sites online and put some postings up at local colleges and universities.  Today she has two appointments scheduled, so she is in her office in the bottom floor of her townhome preparing.

Ember (to herself):  I have to remember to ask about long-term commitment.  Issues with certain types of clothes.  Allergies.  Contractual agreements for representation. 
As she is still reviewing items, Ember hears the door bell ring, so she heads upstairs to answer it.  She greets and invites her first interview in and walks her to her office.  Her interviewee's name is Tasha Dunn.

Ember:  Thank you so much for coming today, Tasha.  I'm very happy to meet you. 
Tasha:  Thank you!  I'm so excited!  I'm really looking forward to being a model.  I know I can do this. 
Ember:  Well, that's a very positive attitude.  Let me tell you about myself, what I represent and what Journey Talent Agency's direction is.  Please have a seat.
Tasha happily sits down to listen.

Ember:  This is the beginning of my talent wall.  I have open spots just waiting to be claimed by the faces of models who I will represent.  I know a lot of companies talk about being more like a family, but since I am a small business owner who will represent a select number of models, I can provide that close knit team people long for.  I can and will provide that personal touch and commitment a huge company can't provide.  I will work hard to find the right opportunities for my models and this agency.
Tasha:  That sounds good.

Ember:  Great.  So, let's start by taking a look at your portfolio.  And while I'm looking at it, you can tell me about yourself.  Your height, measurements, and why you think you are cut out to be a model.

Tasha:  Um.  Well, I didn't exactly bring a portfolio. Did you really need one?  I mean I saw it in the ad, 'Portfolio or photos required,' but I thought that was just if you already had them.  I don't have professional pictures.
Ember:  I asked for photos to see how the camera captures you.  They are important.  Although I would work with you to get a professional portfolio started, I need some basic shots.

Tasha:  I can tell you everything you need to know about myself, though.  I'm 28, 5 foot 7, model height, and I'm from around here and I've been here all of my life.  I've done some work, but nothing really professional.  I've done some local modeling for some lingerie parties and made a few bucks on sales commission.  Not enough to pay any real bills, but enough for pocket change, ya know.
Ember:  Lingerie parties? 
Tasha:  Sure.  Sometimes the men want to see what the items might look like on their women.  I give them the fantasy with it so they can see how good it looks.
Tasha stands up and walks toward the photo stands to show Ember how good she looks modeling.

Tasha shows Ember her physique.
Tasha:  See?  I'm shaped like a brick house, I love that song.  It reminds me of myself.  I'm thinking Baby Phat would jump at the chance to have me show their stuff.  Junk in the trunk, but not enough to weigh me down.  What do you think?
Ember (surprised by Tasha's demeanor and what she's saying): Well, I don't know that they will be on the clientele list, but you never know.

Tasha:  That's a shame, but other companies are good too. As long as they pay what I'm worth.  It's all good.
Tasha sits back down.  Ember is trying to hold her composure.  She can already see that she doesn't want to represent Tasha.  She's too old to get started and too unprofessional to send to a client.  There's no need to worry about the questions she prepared.
Ember (trying to be kind): So what will you do if you are not able to model?  Some models are able to have long term careers, but they should have a secondary choice.
Tasha (putting her arm up to point upward):  I'm planning on making it big as a model.  I think I'm going to be huge once all of your clients see me.  Just wait!  I'm working at a store right now.  I get to buy clothes at a discount and kind of model them at the store.  I always tell the customers when I'm wearing something I bought there.  They are getting free marketing through me. 

Ember:  I see.  Well, I think you can be anything you want to be.  (Thinks to herself: But not with my agency.)
Tasha:  I think so too.  So what do you think?  Can you represent me?
Ember (smiling):  Right now I'm just getting started with interviewing.  I'm sure you can understand that to provide the type of attention to each model's career, I need to think things through and ensure we're the right match.  So I will have to finish interviewing and then get back to everyone.
Tasha (sounding a little let down):  Oh...well, I'm ready to model, so please think of me. You won't regret it.
Ember thinks to herself, "I'm pretty certain I would."
Fortunately for Ember, who was ready to end the conversation, the doorbell rings. 
Ember:  That must be my next appointment. We're pretty much finished here, so I may as well walk you out while answering the door, if you don't mind.
Then Ember stands up, so Tasha stands up.

Tasha (extending her hand to shake Ember's):  Thank you for interviewing me.  I'm looking forward to having my face in one of your frames.
Ember:  Thank you so much for coming.  If we don't get to work together, I do hope you do all that you'd like to do with your career. 
They shake hands and Ember walks Tasha to the door.  While she is there, she greets her next interview, Lisa Smith, who has unexpectedly brought someone else with her.  Ember escorts them both to her office.
Lisa is a happy girl, who goes to Bucks University.  She is a cheerleader for the basketball team and is wearing her cheerleading uniform.  Ember thinks it's because she rushed there from practice. Lisa and Ember shake hands.
Ember:  I'm glad you could make it.  Were the directions easy?
Lisa:  Oh, yes.  Easy peasy.  I'm so excited to be able to model for you. How soon can I get started?
Ember (chuckling a little):  Well, I do have to go over some questions and be sure we are the right fit for each other.  But it's nice you are so excited.
Lisa: Oh, yes!  I can feel a connection already.  The right fit is so important.

Ember:  It certainly is.  You brought a friend with you?
Lisa:  Yes, this is my friend, Jye Collins.  Isn't she pretty?  I thought since you were looking for models, she could come too.  She may not be as bubbly as me, but she's sure tall enough.
Ember:  She certainly is very pretty and tall enough for runway work. I'm guessing 5 foot 6, 7 or 8?
Lisa (turning to Jye): You should shake hands.  It's proper etiquette!

Ember is not sure what to think of Lisa at this moment, but she is happy to see Jye.  Jye walks closer to Ember and they shake hands.
Ember:  I'm Ember Winters, the owner of Journey Talent Agency.  It's a pleasure to meet you, Jye.  You have a unique name.  That's good when you're modeling.  It makes you stand out and easy to remember.
Jye: Thank you so much. I have....
Lisa (interrupting):  Well, I think what makes you stand out is a positive attitude and being good a what you do.  That's why I always try to be so positive.
Ember (starting to get aggravated with Lisa):  Thank you, Lisa.  Jye, what were you saying?
Jye (smiling, she noticed the slight edge in Ember's voice toward Lisa): I was just saying I have always thought that about a name too when it's different or less heard.  I love my name.  It's short  and easy, but people find it interesting.  And you're right about my height.  I am 5 foot 6 and a half inches tall.  But if you round up, 5 foot 7 can work. 
Jye and Ember laugh.  Then Lisa laughs so she won't be left out.
Ember:  If you both would have a seat, I will let you know about Journey Talent Agency.

Ember gives the same information she gave to Tasha about her personal touch.
Jye:  That sounds very nice.  I'm pretty far away from family because I really wanted to attend Bucks.  Plus the scholarship helped make my decision.  It would be nice to work with someone who will truly care about me.
Lisa (anxious to be heard):  Yes, I love the whole family thing.  I have a great family, but I can always have more.  You can't have too many good people in your life.  What better way than when you're working too?  I can be like the daughter you never had.
Ember:  Thank you for that offer, but I have had one.  (changing the subject) So did you bring photos?
Ember sits down.

Lisa:  I did.  I put them in this composition book because it was the only thing I could find quick enough with pages where I could glue them.  I hope you don't mind. 
Ember:  That's fine.

Lisa:  Jye, you should give her your folder with your photos so she can see how good they came out.
Jye:  I will.  I'm just giving her a chance to see yours since you technically scheduled this interview.  I just came with you.  I don't want to get in the way.
Lisa:  Oh, yeah.  Good idea.  Thanks.

Ember takes a few minutes to go through Lisa's photos.  They are cute.  Definitely not professional, but cute. 
Ember:  Please stand up and turn around a couple of times slowly.  Do you have any tattoos or noticeable scars?  Also, are you comfortable showing a lot of your body so that you can model swimsuits or underwear?
Lisa:  No, other than a few scars from being Clumsy Sue when I was younger, the most I've scarred my body is piercing my ears.  That was an absolute fashion choice must.  Earrings really accent your clothes.

Lisa stands up and starts turning around. 
Lisa:  I wore my cheer gear, which, other than my unmentionables, is the most revealing thing I own.  I did think you would ask something like that. Well, I guess my swimsuit is revealing too, but that's a one piece suit.  But I would have to be sure that anything more scanty would be in very good taste.  I think my reputation is important. I don't want to give the wrong idea.
Ember:  The idea would be that you are paid to model what the company is trying to sell or for the purpose of an advertisement.
Lisa:  Yes, but I have to draw the line at those companies with vulgar ideals, like Victoria's Secret and Frederick's.  But there are so many wholesome companies out there looking to promote sound ideals.  I can be known as the tasteful model with good morals.
Ember:  Okay.  Thank you.  Please have a seat now.

Ember:  Jye, may I see your folder, please.
Jye walks over and gives Ember her photo folder and Ember thanks her.  She looks through the photos for a few minutes.

Lisa turns to Jye to chat with her while they wait. 
Lisa: I'm sure she'll like your photos.  I know you photograph well. 
Jye:  Thanks, Lisa.  We'll see what she says.
Ember:  These are good.  The camera likes you. 
Jye:  Thank you.
Ember:  Please stand up and turn around a few times.  Do you have any tattoos or scars? 

Jye: No, ma'am.  I don't have any.  At least nothing noteworthy.
Ember: Your hair is lovely.  I can see several hair clients hoping to get you to advertise their products. 
Jye:  Thank you.  I've been growing it out for years. 
Lisa:  Yes, I love it too.  I mean my hair is long, but not that long.  She just rocks that pony tail so well.  I wish my hair looked like that in a pony tail.

Ember:  What about what you will or will not model?
Jye:  I'm open to anything except porn.  I even like tasteful artistic nude photos.  I know that models who get the good  jobs are open to a lot of opportunities.  So I can be open to many types of clients.
Ember:  Good.  You're right.  You do need to be open to a lot of opportunities.  You wouldn't have to worry about me allowing clients to use you for less than acceptable jobs.
Lisa:  I'm open to lots of opportunities.  Just give me the chance!

Ember stands up to hand the ladies back their photos.  She wants to ask Jye the necessary detailed questions, but if Lisa says one more ridiculous thing, she will scream.  So she decides she will invite Jye back later.
Ember:  Well, I plan to have plenty of opportunities available.  Here are your photos back.  Right now I am doing initial interviews.  I'll make some decisions and let you know if I feel I can represent you or not and then set up more detailed interviews if I can.

Ember:  Jye Collins, right? Since I did not get the chance to get contact information from you, may I get it from you now?
Jye:  Yes and certainly.  My number is 981-555-4268.
Ember:  Wonderful.  I will give you both a call.  But I ask you to both remember, if I am not able to work with you, it doesn't mean you have to give up your goals. 
Lisa: Of course not.  Jye, you won't give up either, right?
Jye (ignoring Lisa):  Thank you, Ms. Winters.  I appreciate your time and I hope to hear from you.
Lisa:  Yes, thank you for your time.
Ember:  I will walk you to the door then, so you can enjoy the rest of your day.
Ember walks Lisa and Jye to the door, then goes back to her office.  She has about an hour before Erwyn gets out of school.  So she is going to do some more work while she can.

Ember sits down, kicks off her shoes and thinks to herself: Well at least I have one possibility today and I wasn't even expecting her.  I really have to learn how to phone screen better.
Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. WOW... GREAT STORY! That Lisa is something... not to talk about, LOL....The office is nice, Jye would be a good model : }

    1. Thank you, Ladonna. I just don't know about Lisa. Too needy, I think. And a little passive aggressive.

      Jye will certainly be something, those big blue eyes should be a hit.

  2. Oh my! I was laughing as Tasha and then Lisa went through their interviews. They were both very "interesting", lol! Jye was professional and attractive and more modelesk!

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. You are kind by calling Tasha and Lisa 'interesting.' Those two are just plain clueless.

  3. Loved this! I was snickering through most of Tasha's interview- poor thing. And that goodness, she was starting to work my nerves. I would have guessed Jye was 5' 9" or 5' 10". Still, I'm glad Ember has one potential model to work with.

    1. Thank you, Jewell. Jye does seem pretty tall. She is young and she did have heels on. Maybe Ember was subtracting from her height and guessing less the heels. Jye is young, so maybe she had a growth spurt and didn't realize it. How often do we measure our own height? Ember will have to check it to confirm when she gets her stats.

  4. Very well done! Ember handled herself quite tactfully considering that Tasha and Lisa were not representative of the type of clientele she was hoping to attract. Maybe she's not looking for King Magazine/Christian Science Monitor types but at least she didn't blast them for it.

    1. Thank you, Muff. Yes, Ember knows to remain professional, despite the challenge. Plus, you never know who knows another person that you will eventually want to know or work with.


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