Friday, July 24, 2015

Cyann's Party Comes to an End

Cyann has set out desserts and her guests sit down in some of the rearranged chairs, now set in a circular formation so it's easier to see everyone.  Everyone is chatting randomly around the room while they enjoy desserts and drinks.

Craig:  This cheesecake is delicious.  I thought I was pretty full from dinner, but I have to find the room to finish this.
Chase:  Yes, the desserts are quite scrumptious.  The chocolate chip squares were quite memorable.
Syren:  Yup, everything was good. As much as I'd like to enjoy more, unfortunately, I have to get some sleep so I can get up and do some work tomorrow.  I have a big presentation Monday and I need to make sure I'm on point.
Henna: Are you okay to drive?  I saw you had quite a few drinks.
Syren:  Seriously, Henna?  I'm not five.
Ember (looking at Henna):  She looks pretty sober to me.  I'm sure she's fine.
Cyann:  She looks fine to me too.  Thanks for coming, Sy.
Syren:  Marlin, are you ready?
Marlin:  I'd like to stay a little longer.  That is if I can bum a ride from someone, please.
Ember:  I'll take you home.  I don't mind.

Syren:  Well that settles that.  Call me later, Marlin. Thanks, Ember. I had a good time.  We have to get together again soon as a group.  Maybe a girl's day out.
Cyann:  Yeah.  That sounds good.
Ember (to Syren):  Please don't forget about the movies next weekend.  Erwyn is looking forward to you taking her.
Syren:  I won't forget.  I'll call you.  Good night, Everyone.
Henna:  Be careful and if you feel a little drowsy...
Syren (interrupting):  I know.  I'll pull over, but I'm fine.  Good night.
Syren leaves as everyone says goodbye to her.  Cyann walks her to the door and checks on the girls, who are laying on the floor in Brenna's room dozing off.  Brooklyn is still sleeping too.

Henna:  So, Chambray, that's a pretty name by the way.
Chambray:  Thank you.
Henna:  So, do you do a lot of traveling.? Have you been to a lot of exotic places?
Chambray:  I've been to some very nice places. When I was a little girl, I never would have thought I'd be able to go further than 5 miles away from home.  It's amazing that what seems like a small twist in life can do for you.
Henna:  I agree.  So where specifically?
Chambray:  I've been to Tahiti, Australia, France, Italy, New Orleans.  New Orleans is exotic if you go into the bayou for some interesting photo shoots.  I was kinda worried though that either a gator would get me or some of my hair would end up on the wrong type of doll.
Henna (laughing):  Now that is funny.  Who do the voodoo that you do?
Ember (to Chase):  Do you get to go to any of these places with her?

Chase:  Unfortunately, I am usually working.  Therefore, I neither have the opportunity nor the pleasure to accompany Chambray.  I would truly enjoy being able to watch her as she works.
Parker: You have quite an interesting career.  Your beauty is worth money.  No wonder so many young girls aspire to be models.
Henna:  I'll say.  If only I were a little taller.

Cyann:  I'm surprised you let a little thing like that stop you, Henna.  I mean, considering your beauty and all.
Henna (smiling):  Well, I guess we all must have at least one flaw.  That would be mine.
Grayson (chuckling): Well, okay then. 
Marlin:  If that's your flaw, it's such a small one.  You're beautiful.
Henna:  Aaw!  Thank you!
Cyann (rolling her eyes):  Oh, boy. Please do not blow up her head.
Henna (waving her hand to dismiss Cyann's comment):  Whatever, Cyann.
Cyann decides to have a seat next to Chase.

Chase:  Grayson has shared with me that you are able to stay at home to raise your children.  That must be enjoyable.  Do you ever think you would like to work outside the home?
Cyann:  I have thought about it at times.  I think it would be nice to get paid for using some of my skills.  But I love being able to see the new things they learn and watch them grow.  I also think I can share that with Grayson when he comes home, so it's like he isn't missing much either. 

Marlin:  Avery, I hope we can keep in touch.  You seem pretty nice and I'd like to get to know you better.  I have a few girlfriends and I think having more would help me get out more.
Avery:  Sure.  I'd like that.  I may also have to stop by the restaurant where you work and taste a few things.
Marlin:  Let me know when and if I am working, I'll see if I can get you a discount.

Chambray:  Chase, Honey, I'm getting tired.  I know we got here a little later than planned, but would you mind if we head home?
Chase:  Certainly we can excuse ourselves, Chambray.  Not that you need it, but I understand you would like your beauty sleep.
Ember:  I'm sorry you have to go.  It was great to meet you both.  Hopefully Chambray and I can get together some time and talk business.
Chambray:  We can definitely get together.  Give me a call next week and we'll set something up.  I'll do what I can to help you out.
Chase stands up and extends his hand to Cyann and she responds in kind.

Chase:  We appreciate your invitation and the chance to spend time with you and your friends.  It has been a lovely evening.
Cyann:  I'm glad to hear that.  I'm sure with your lifestyle, the other parties you usually go to are much more upscale. 
Chase: That is true.  However, those parties also require a certain type of etiquette to be displayed at all times.  You are constantly aware of who is who and how to ensure your interactions are politically correct.  Here I have felt more relaxed, which I have thoroughly enjoyed.
Cyann:  Well, we are a relaxed and easy bunch.  Thank you for coming.

Grayson stands up and talks to Chambray.
Grayson:  I hope you enjoyed the evening.  Thank you for coming.
Chambray:  I had a good time.  You're all good company. 
Grayson:  I can take the glass from you.  Would you like anything to take home?
Chambray:  Thank you, but if I take something, I'll eat it.  I have to watch the inches.  You lose out on gigs if you gain an ounce. 
Grayson takes the glass from Chambray and sets it on the table.  Chambray heads toward the hallway where Chase is standing waiting for her.

Chase:  Grayson, if it is true, as they say, that a gentleman's home is his castle and his wealth is determined by his family and friends, I must say you have a beautiful queen and you are very wealthy.  You certainly have the things a man aspires to have.
Chambray (laughing):  In around the way speak, your house is poppin', your friends and family seem down and people wish they were you.
Everyone laughs. Chambray and Chase say good night to everyone and Grayson walks them to the door.
Henna (to Ember speaking softly):  Well, he certainly is proper.  But I like seeing the two of them be so different and together.  They make a cute couple.
Ember:  Well, if it is true, as they say, opposites attract, then they are surely the ideal couple.
They chuckle at Ember's reference to Chase's proper manner of speaking, but not in a mean way.
Everyone continues talking for a while.

Parker:  So, Henna, you have a sister who is a Marketing Manager and one who is opening her own talent agency.  What do you do for a living?
Henna: I'm an interior designer for select high-end clientele.  I work with corporations looking to design new office space or redesign old space.  I also work for private clients who would like their homes designed.  Plus, I am certified in efficient space use and planning.
Parker: You and your sisters are all talented.  Your parents must be very proud.

Ember:  Our parents did teach us to do our best, value hard work and discipline, and learn from our mistakes.
Henna:  Oh, is that how you remember it?  I somehow remember it being more like, you had better come in with good grades and stay out of trouble or suffer the wrath and in order to avoid the wrath, you had better not make any more mistakes.
Parker (smiling):  Well, I guess it's all in the interpretation.

Everyone laughs. 

Avery:  Craig, I think we should be going.  It's getting late.  Aviana is probably sleep. 
Craig:  Okay, Babe.
Avery:  Are you okay to drive?  If not, Parker or I can drive.
Craig:  I'm fine.  I only had a few beers and all the food I ate seems to have sopped it up.
Avery:  Okay.  Can you get Aviana so you can carry her to the car, please?
Craig:  Sure, Babe.  I'll go get her.
Craig announces to the group that they are leaving and he stands up.

Grayson:  I'll go with you, Craig.  I need to check on the girls anyway.  Do you guys want some food to go?
Avery:  I am going to stop in the kitchen on the way out and grab some desserts.  Don't worry about it.  I'm fine getting it myself.
Ember:  I think I'll be going too.  It is late and I should get Erwyn home.  I'll come with you too so I can carry that heavy little girl to the car.

Parker:  Well, I have to go where my ride is going, so I'm leaving too.  I can carry her to the car for you.  No need to strain yourself.  That is if you don't mind.
Ember:  That's kind of you to offer.  I appreciate it.  Are you sure you don't mind?
Parker:  No problem. I'm sure I lift at least five or ten times her weight on a regular basis.  This is a piece of cake.
Ember:  Okay.  Then I will take you up on that offer.  Thank you.

Marlin (thinking to herself):  Wow!  He is not only handsome and muscular, he's also a gentleman.  I need to figure out how to get his attention. He is Mr. Right!
Marlin: Do you work out often, Parker?  How much do you lift?
Parker:  I lift in the low 100s, I just do lots of reps.  I bench press around 300 on a regular basis. 
Marlin:  Wow!  That is impressive.  I think it's important to stay in shape. I try to stay active too.  Working in a restaurant, I am always around food, so I work hard to watch that I balance with some exercise.
Parker:  That's a good idea.
Craig (whispering to Grayson):  Did you hear that?  She is on the prowl.
Grayson (whispering back):  Just keep walking.
Avery:  I'm going to get some desserts.  Anything in particular you'd like me to get for you?
Parker:  Chase was right about the chocolate chip cookie squares, so I'll take some of that.  And that raspberry tart type thing, I'll take that too, please.
Marlin:  It was very nice meeting you, Parker.  I hope to you see you again.
Parker (to the room):  Yes, it was nice meeting everyone.  I'm sure I'll see you again.
Parker says good night and everyone says good night back.  He leaves to go find Grayson and Craig and get Erwyn for Ember.

Ember (to Cyann):  Thank you so much for everything.  I had a lot of fun, met Chambray, who can be of some help in my business and everyone else who came.  I really appreciate your doing this for me.
Cyann:  Hey, that's what family is for.  I love ya, Girl.
Avery (to Marlin):  So you seem to be very interested in my brother.  I can't get a read on what he's thinking, but I tell you what, how about I invite you over for lunch or dinner or something when he's there?
Marlin:  Yes, I would love that.  It would give him a chance to know more about me.
Avery:  Okay.  I'll put your number in my phone as soon as I get my purse out of the closet.  But it will just be the one time.  Anything after that is between you two.
Marlin:  Of course.  Thank you so much!

Henna:  It would be nice to have a get together for just the girls at some point.  So let's make sure we do that.
Avery:  That would be great!  We have to make it happen.
Marlin:  Thank you for letting me come.  Ember, thank you for letting me stay longer and taking me home. 
Ember:  No problem.  Speaking of staying longer, I don't want to leave Parker waiting to put Erwyn in the car.  So let's go.
Everyone heads to the door, they stop to get their purses back and exchange numbers.  Then everyone leaves.

Grayson stays outside talking to Craig for a while longer, while Cyann comes back to the living room to start cleaning up.  She takes the food, drinks and other items to the kitchen then returns to start folding up the chairs.  Grayson comes back in and stops her.
Grayson:  Why are you folding up the chairs?  I'll take care of them.  You've already done enough. 
Cyann:  Okay.  Thank you.  I take it Brooklyn is still asleep?
Grayson:  Yep.  Brenna was sleeping on the floor, so I put her in the bed.  Let's have a seat so you can relax for a minute.
They sit close on one of the sofas.

Grayson:  So are you happy you had your party?  It was pretty nice.
Cyann:  Yes.  I'm really glad Chambray came.  I think she's going to help Ember.  And I think she and Chase make an interesting couple.
Grayson:  Yeah.  I don't know much about her.  We are usually talking business when I see him, but I think she's pretty cool.  But speaking of couples, and now that you can't do much about it, Marlin seems to be interested in Parker.
Cyann:  Yeah, I noticed that she was flirting a little.  Hey, what do you mean about me doing much about it?  Do you think I would have tried to get involved and set them up?
Grayson:  Maybe, if you saw the opportunity. 
Cyann:  I was too busy and too tired to even think about it.
Grayson: tired are you? 
Cyann:  Hmmm?
Grayson:  Do you have any energy left for some wrestling?

Cyann giggles and puts her arm around Grayson and her leg on his so she can get closer.
Cyann: Well, I don't have enough for any stunts, but I think have enough to enjoy being pinned down.
Grayson:  That's enough for me.
The rest isn't exactly G or even PG rated, so we'll be leaving the rest up to your imagination. 
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

And The Party Continues

The men have moved the other table and Grayson brought out a deck of cards.  The ladies have returned after helping Cyann with some clean up.  The little girls are playing in Brenna's room and Brooklyn is asleep in her parent's room. 

As soon as the ladies re-enter the room, Marlin sees Parker sitting on one of the sofas by himself, so she sits next to him and strikes up a conversation.  Craig and Grayson notice, but don't say anything.  The other ladies select other seats in the room.  Ember sits at the table hoping to join in the card game.

Marlin:  Do you play cards?  I think it's fun with the right players.
Parker:  Yes, I play.  When I was off duty and couldn't get off base, it was a free thing to do.  Unless, we started gambling.  But when you're bored, you really learn how to play well.
Marlin:  What other fun things do you like to do?  I like to do fun things, but I don't seem to get out often.  But I would with the right friends.

Craig:  What are we going to play?
Grayson:  I would say Spades, but let's just keep it simple and play Crazy Eights.  I've seen some cutthroat action with Spades and people can't walk away.  Especially if you're playing partners.
Craig:  Okay. Crazy Eights it is.

Parker:  I'm usually up for things with a little rush.  Skydiving.  Bungee jumping.  It depends. 
Marlin:  Those things do sound like they give people a rush.  I haven't done either, but you never know.  The right person could encourage me to be more daring.
Parker:  That's a good thing. You should be open to new things.
The doorbell has rung again and Grayson and Cyann both head for it.  Cyann keeps taking the opportunity to double check on food and supplies in the kitchen.
Into the living room walks a tall beautiful woman.  She is obviously new to being in the house since she still has her purse in hand.  The other ladies just trust putting their purses in the closet on the way in. 

Chambray:  Hey, Everyone
Syren:  Hi!  I'm Syren.
Avery: Hi.  I'm Avery.
Chambray:  I'm Chambray. 
Craig, Parker and Marlin all say hello and give their names.  Ember gets up from her seat and walks over.  She recognizes Chambray.

Ember:  I know who you are.  Chambray Andrews!  It is such a pleasure to meet you. I'm Ember Winters.
Chambray:  Hey.  It's so cool you recognize me.  You must be the lady starting the modeling business Chase told me about.  He said Grayson wanted me to meet you.

Ember:  How thoughtful!  Yes, I am honored you came on my account.  It's not every day I get to meet a supermodel.  Is Chase your husband?
Chambray (with a slight frown): He's my man.  We're not married yet.
Ember:  Oh.  I'm...well, it's nice of him to have asked you to come.
Chambray:  So why don't we sit down and talk about what you're trying to do.
Ember:  Okay.
Ember sits down in the chair she was in and Chambray sits across from her.  The doorbell has rung again and in walks Henna, Ember's other sister.

Henna:  Well, hello, Everyone! I'm a little late, but in plenty of time to get this party started.  We're just warming up, right?
Syren:  Hi, Henna. We have been waiting for you with baited breath.
Henne (rolls her eyes at Syren):  Whatever.  (speaks to everyone) I'm looking forward to mixing and mingling with you all.  Syren, would you mind getting me up to speed?
Syren points to and names everyone Henna doesn't know.  Everyone greets Henna as they are introduced.
Henna:  It's nice to meet everyone.  I'll just have a seat then.

Cyann:  There she goes, trying to make an entrance.
Syren:  I know, right.  That's because she has issues.
Avery:  Why would you say your own sister has issues?
Syren (laughing):  Because she does have issues.  She's the oldest, then Ember, then me.  She says we're all pretty, but our parents gave her the most gorgeous genes first and then us what was left over.  She likes to say it's a good thing our parents are good looking, otherwise, with all that they put into her beauty, there would have been nothing left to give to us.
Avery:  Oh. (chuckling)  Well, she is very pretty.
Syren:  Please keep that to yourself.
Cyann:  I have to agree.  You have no idea, Avery.  No idea.
Henna takes a seat next to Parker because there's an empty seat and she thinks Marlin and Parker are a couple.

Craig:  I have to say you and your sisters are all lovely.  Have you thought about having them model?
Ember:  Henna believes she's a star in her own right.  I couldn't deal with her ego.  Besides, they need to be a little taller. 
Craig:  Well maybe for something that doesn't require height.
Ember:  Yes, I'll pass.  It's better not to work with family sometimes.

Henna:  Parker, you work out a lot don't you?
Parker: I try to keep myself in shape.  I've gotten used to staying fit.
Henna:  How long have you two been together?  Does he make you stay in shape too?
Parker:  Not to be rude, but we are not together.  We just met.
Henna:  Oh.  My mistake.  That's cool.  I've been dating a trainer who is about as buff as you are.  He works out a lot too.  He's always trying to talk me into weight training.  I keep asking him if he can't see that I'm just cut like this naturally. (smiles)
Marlin, who was a little concerned that Henna had engaged Parker in conversation, breathes a sigh of relief.  She didn't need any competition.
Marlin:  So you're dating a trainer, Henna?  Are you serious?
Henna:  No.  Just dating off and on. But I do enjoy spending time with him.  Right now we have a pretty hang loose relationship.
Marlin:  Oh, well, you never know.  It could take root and blossom.

Chase enters the room holding an expensive looking container with wine in it.
Chase:  Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.  I'm Chase.  I hope everyone is faring well this evening.
Cyann:  Everyone, this is Chase.  He and Chambray are together.
Chase:  Yes, Chambray is my lovely lady.  Speaking of lovely, I brought a well aged bottle of wine for the occasion.  Grayson wanted to take it and put it on ice, but I thought you may want to see it first.  It's a good year and while we have missed paring it with dinner, it goes well with dessert.
Chambray (speaking as softly and directly to Chase as she can): Darling, that is thoughtful of you, but you don't have to introduce the wine.  This is a relaxed, around the way party.
Chase: Yes. Well, then, I will simply give it to our host.
Chambray:  Okay.  Thank you.

Grayson:  Chase, I'll take the wine now.  Would you like a glass? 
Chase:  Yes, I would very much like to enjoy a glass.  I will pass on sniffing the cork.  As the host, you should have that privilege.  Please let me know if it suits your palate.
Grayson (trying to control his urge to laugh at Chase's very proper manner in his current atmosphere):  Thank you.  I will let you know.
Grayson takes the bottle to the kitchen to pop the cork and pour a glass for Chase.

The card game is starting.  Ember changes her mind about playing cards and switches seats with Marlin, who does want to play.  Chambray decides to join in too and Avery moves from her seat next to Syren so she can talk to Ember and Henna.  Cyann has a seat next to Chase to make him feel comfortable.
Cyann:  Ember was very excited to meet Chambray.  So she's a supermodel?
Chase:  Yes, we met in Paris, of all places.  Can you imagine that?  Two Americans who leave the country to meet each other.  Such a strange twist of destiny.  My mother is from Europe, England to be exact.  But I am an American born and raised here.
Cyann:  That is a funny way to meet.  But it only matters that you found each other.
Chase:  I was struck by her utter beauty.  It took me a while to win her over.  I had to become quite the hunter in order to win her heart.

Parker:  Come on, Craig.  It's Crazy Eights, not rocket science.  Play. 
Craig:  Hey, every card game has a strategy.  Even Old Maid. 
Marlin:  You two banter just like brothers.  You must be close.
Craig:  We're not close, but we are family and we get along.
Marlin chuckles.  Chambray shakes her head, even she has picked up on the fact that Marlin is flirting with Parker.

Ember:  So if you could give me a call next week, we can talk about photographs and portfolios.
Avery:  Sounds like a plan.  This will be a different experience for me.  Another type of photo style to add to my own portfolio.
Ember:  Good, a win-win.

Grayson returns with Chase's wine.
Chase:  Thank you, Good Sir. What do you think of it?
Grayson:  It's good.  I'll have some more later.  I don't really want to mix it with the beer right now.
Chase:  I understand.  I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Grayson:  Do you need me to do anything, Babe?
Cyann:  Not right now.  After the card game is over, I think we should move the table out and just sit around and talk before we wrap up the night.  Ember seems to be making some plans to help her business.  So that's a plus.
Grayson:  Mission accomplished.
Cyann:  Thank you for getting Chase and Chambray to come.
Grayson:  Happy wife, happy life.
Cyann:  You got that right. 

Everyone continues talking for a while.  Chambray wins a couple of rounds of Crazy Eights.  Finally the group playing cards decides they are done.  Grayson tells them they are going to remove the table so there is more space to sit and talk.  Cyann reminds everyone that there are plenty of desserts and drinks available. 

Chase offers to help Parker move the table.
Chase:  I think we should be sure to utilize proper lifting techniques.  I can see that you are no stranger to lifting weights, but safety is always first.
Parker (laughing):  Sure.  Let's bend at the knees.  This should be simple. 
Chase:  Very well.  Good technique.

Ember:  Chase is well-mannered and very well spoken.  Does he present often in his position?
Chambray:  I know.  I'm trying to break him of being so proper all the time.  I'm sure I drive him crazy at times when I talk like every day folk.  He does present to the board, but that's not why he speaks like he does.  He was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth and certain expectations about how to speak properly.  Not just proper English.  But that's a long story.
Ember:  Well, I guess you can't drive him too crazy.  He calls you his lovely lady.  It sounds endearing.
Craig: Yup. It sure does.  A man will put up with many things for the woman he loves.
Chambray:  Thank you.  I love him.

To be continued (and ended)...

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cyann's Party In Full Swing

Grayson is off changing Brooklyn's diaper and checking on the girls as long as he's in the bedroom area.  Cyann has been in the kitchen setting out food and drinks.  Although there are some drinks in the living room, she has several others in the kitchen, including some individual frozen drinks she will make to order for the ladies.  The doorbell rings and Cyann answers it.  Craig and Avery have arrived. Cyann asks them to go ahead into the living room and introduce themselves so she can finish up in the kitchen.
Ember and Syren have been chatting with each other and Marlin.

Avery: Hi!  I'm Avery and this is my husband, Craig.  Which one of you is Ember?
Ember: Hi.  I'm Ember and this is Syren, my sister.
Avery:  I can see the resemblance.  It's very nice to meet you.  Cyann talks about you, especially when she mentions being a teenager.  Welcome back!
Ember:  Thank you.  (points to Marlin) Do you know Marlin?
Avery:  No, I don't.  Hello, Marlin.

Craig:  Hi.  It's nice to meet all of you.
Marlin:  Hi.  It's nice to meet you too.
Syren:   The more the merrier. Avery, maybe you can share stories Cyann told  about these two as teenagers that she wouldn't have told me and I can't get out of Ember.
Avery (chuckling):  Well, now that we're all introduced, I'm going to have a seat by Marlin and we can chat.
Craig: Ladies, please excuse me.  I'm going to find Grayson.  I'm just a little outnumbered right now.  I'll be back.
Craig leaves the room and Avery has a seat to start talking and learning more about Ember, Syren and Marlin.

Avery:  So, Ember, Cyann told me you are an entrepreneur.  How are things with your business?
Ember:  So far, I'm still setting up things, but actively trying to get models on my roster for potential clients.  It's been pretty challenging.  I had a couple of appointments that didn't go very well.  But one of those actually ended up resulting in a great possibility. 
Avery:  Well, I guess you have to take the good with the bad.  But for every few flops, you'll get at least one good one.  I have the same issue with photography.  I have to take 10-20 photos, just to get that one perfect shot.
Ember:  You're a photographer?  I could use one for portfolios.  I've contacted some photographers, but they can be pricey, so I keep looking around.
Avery: Well, I don't do it very much professionally anymore, but I do submit for magazines.  It paid off big at one point, it's how I met my husband.  But I am a part-time paralegal so I can be home with Aviana.  I'm even able to do a lot of work from home, which works out well.  I haven't done portfolios, but I can give it a try.
Ember:  That was a big payoff.  Maybe you could just start with considering one portfolio and then we can see how that goes.
Avery:  Sure, let's exchange...
The conversation is postponed as a good looking, muscular man enters the room.  It's Parker, Avery's older brother, carrying his niece, Aviana, on his shoulders.
Aviana:  Mommy!  Look how tall I am now!
Avery:  I see that.  I also see you got a little help to be that tall.
Parker:  Hello, Ladies.  I'm sorry to interrupt. 
Syren:  That's okay.  Hi. 
Parker:  I'm Parker, currently serving as Aviana's height extender.

Marlin (whispering to Avery):  Mmm.  He is handsome. 
Avery:  That's what the women say.  Everyone, Parker is my brother.  Parker, (points to Marlin) this is Marlin (points toward Ember and Syren), Syren and Ember. Parker is staying with us for a little while.  He just got out of the military.
Everyone says hello to Parker.  Avery gets up to attend to her daughter.

Avery:  Come on, Avi.  Let's go see if we can get you something to eat and get you set up with the girls.  Remember, you get to play with Brenna tonight?  I expect you to be a good girl and I'll check on you.
Aviana:  Okay. Mommy.  I saw hot dogs when we were in the kitchen.  I want one.
Parker:  That's what side tracked us from following right behind you.  After Cyann let us in, she talked to me for a few minutes and then I met Grayson too.  It was nice to meet them and nice of them to let me come.  They seem like good people.
Avery:  Of course.  What kind of people do you think I hang out with?
Avery takes Aviana and heads to the kitchen, where Craig is talking to Grayson and Cyann has already given Erwyn and Brenna food.  Cyann comes to the living room and asks everyone to come get something to eat.  They all head to the kitchen, fill up their plates, get drinks and take seats at the table.  In between eating, Avery helps Brenna, Erwyn and Aviana get cleaned up and settled in Brenna's room.

Parker is seated with Craig, Syren, and Cyann, who just finished feeding Brooklyn and is giving her a bottle.  Plates are filled with chicken, quiche, pizza, rolls and a few other items the guests are enjoying.   Everyone at each table is engaged in conversations.
Parker: So now that I'm out of the military, I'm going to get something steady and think about whether I'm staying in the area or not.  But for now, I at least need something with cash flow so I can get my own place.  I've been able to get some contract work.  So I have some income.  And I have several interviews lined up.
Syren:  Well, I'll keep my eyes open.  You said you like more hands on work, not office, right?
Parker:  Thanks. Yes, I fix things.  I'm thinking technician.  I am an electrician with some construction skills.  I'd like my own business, but for now, I'm content with just steady. 
Syren:  Sometimes the men I date know of jobs.  I'll see what I can do.

Grayson:  Avery, you should talk Craig into going camping and we can all go camping together this year.  I'd like to try it out.
Avery (laughs):  First you have to talk me into wanting to go.  He may be open to it, but unless the accommodations are luxurious, I am not in.
Grayson: Just think how fun it will be to be so close to nature.
Avery:  If I want to be close to nature, I'll lay on some grass or sniff a flower or even lay on the beach.  That's close enough for me.
Syren:  Do you hear that over there, Craig? 

Craig:  Whatever Grayson is trying to talk Avery into, he's going to have a hard time doing it if it doesn't involve shopping or being pampered.
Cyann:  I wouldn't worry about it anyway.  He still has to talk me into it and if it doesn't involve shopping or pampering, I'm not in either.
Everyone at the table laughs.

Grayson:  How about if I make sure you shop before and get pampered after?
Cyann:  Nice way to involve what I want.  Still not gonna happen.
Parker:  Well, you can't blame him for trying.  It's an experience or sure.  I've had to camp out and rough it.  It's really not all it's cracked up to be, but it's okay.
Cyann:  See, Babe?  And he was paid to do it.

Marlin (to Avery):  I'm assuming your brother is single, right?
Avery:  Yes, he is.  He did a lot of traveling and had some women, but not too many got to the point of being serious.  Although a couple may have been close to getting a ring. 
Marlin:  Well, maybe their loss can be someone else's gain.  I mean, maybe he wasn't ready to settle down then. and now that he isn't traveling, it will be easier.  He seems like a good guy.
Avery:  He is to me.  But I'm a little partial to my big brother.  He's always been there to take care of me, so I will always think he's a good guy.  But I do hope he finds someone. It will be nice to have some nieces and nephews.  I also would like to see him treated well by someone.  I think he could make someone very happy.
Marlin has a big thoughtful grin her face.

Cyann:  Gray, Brooklyn's getting tired...finally.  It looks like everyone is about done eating.  I'm going to get her into PJs, lay her down and check on the girls.  Would you mind making sure the tables get cleared?  And take one out so we'll have more room in here.
Grayson:  Okay. 
Cyann:  I'll put dessert out too. 
Craig:  What do you do for a living, Syren?
Syren:  I'm a Marketing Manager.  I spend a lot of time analyzing how to get people to buy. 
Craig:  I always figured there was a science to it.

Syren:  In a way there is, but it's all about asking questions in focus groups and watching trends.  Even seeing who the big stars are this year and predicting who is on the rise.  What is it about those people that makes people interested in them?  We need to analyze all sorts of things.
Craig:  Interesting.
Parker (to Cyann and Grayson):  I meant to say something sooner, but I guess I got caught up.  I really appreciate your inviting me here.  Your children are adorable and it's nice relaxing and meeting new people.  Avery has nothing but good things to say about you.
Cyann:  Thanks, Parker.  You're so welcome.  Avery's my girl.
Cyann stands up to take Brooklyn to bed:  Please excuse me.  I have to free up my arms.  Ember and Avery, I'm going to check on the girls and put out dessert.
Ember:  I'll come with you and help in a minute.  I'm just going to finish these last couple of bites.
Avery:  Me too. 

Cyann leaves and Grayson gets up to ask the guys if they can help move the table out and move the chairs around.
Craig:  Sure.  Then I'll re-energize with another beer.
Grayson:  You got it.  We have some stronger stuff too. 
Syren:  Well, I'll start clearing plates.
Marlin: I'll help you.  Besides, I want to get a peek at desserts.
Avery:  Okay.  Then us girls can clear away the plates while you guys reorganize.
The ladies grab up plates and empty cans and cups and head for the kitchen.

Craig (to Parker):  Maybe we should wait for Marlin to return so she can see you flex your muscles moving the table.
Parker:  What are you talking about?
Craig:  Avery told me she thinks you're handsome.  Sounds like she's interested.
Parker:  Just because she thinks I'm handsome, doesn't mean she's interested.  Besides, I don't know if I'm attracted to her.
Craig:  Well, I guess you'll know if she's interested if she finds a way to talk to you.  We'll see.

Grayson: Don't give Cyann any ideas to start playing matchmaker.  She doesn't normally do that, but if she sees an opportunity, she may just take it. 
Parker:  Thanks, but I'm not really looking right now.  I just need to get myself set up before I can even consider women.  I've had enough of wasting time on unnecessary dates.
Craig:  Okay. Time will tell. (to Grayson) Where are we taking the table? 
Grayson:  I'll show you.

To be continued...(I just figured out I have to do at least 4 parts to get in everything and everyone - Man, parties can be long.)

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye