Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Party is Getting Started

It's late Saturday afternoon and Cyann is organizing the living room to get ready for her party.  She moved the chairs and the small table from in front of the fireplace and into the garage.  She pushed back the sofa from the middle of the floor and now she is moving the coffee table into the corner.

Cyann: Well, Brooklyn, I think I'm going to move my panther out of the way too.  He gets to stay out even when you're around, but for some drinking adults, he must be protected.
Cyann slides the table over and then she hears Grayson and Brenna come in the front door.  They went out to get some fried chicken for the party. 

Grayson:  Hey, Babe.  The room is looking a little empty. 
Cyann:  It won't look that way for long.  After you set the chicken in the kitchen, can you please start bringing in the folding chairs?  Then we can bring in the tables.
Grayson:  Sure.  (He turns to Brenna and sees she has placed her ice cream cone on the table.) Brenna, your mother is going to have a fit.  Don't leave that there to melt.

Cyann:  You bought her ice cream?  It will be time for dinner soon.
Grayson:  I know, but she wanted it and it's hot out.  She'll be okay.  Besides, she'll be up entertaining too.  Maybe she can use the energy.
Grayson takes the chicken to the kitchen and goes to grab the folding chairs.

Cyann walks over to Brenna to see about the ice cream.
Cyann:  So you have mint, huh?  It looks good, but not good on my table.
Brenna:  It's delicious. 
Cyann:  I'm sure it is.  Take it to the kitchen and if you don't finish it, put it in the sink.  I'll clean it up.
Brenna: Okay, Mommy.
Cyann:  And wash your hands too when you're done.
Brenna:  Okay, Mommy.
Brenna leaves the room and Cyann sits down next to Brooklyn. Other than some baby noises she's been making occasionally, she's been pretty quiet.

Cyann:  You just need to stay awake a little bit longer and then I'll feed you and you can lie down for the night.  You're being so good. 
Grayson walks back in with the chairs and starts setting them up around the room. 
Grayson:  How do you want them?
Cyann:  We have two tables, so we'll put four around each.  Then after we all eat, we can move out one of the tables so it won't be so tight in here.

Grayson:  Okay.  I'll get the tables.  Maybe you should pick Brooklyn up off the floor.
Cyann:  Yup.  I'll put her on the table for a few minutes. 
Grayson brings in the tables and Cyann puts the tablecloths on them.

Brooklyn starts crying.  She's tired of being in the chair.
Cyann:  Okay, Baby.  Mommy knows you want out.  Just let me move these chairs over and you can get out.  I need the table space for the drinks anyway.

Cyann finishes with the chairs while Brooklyn continues to cry.  After she's done, she takes Brooklyn out the chair, has a seat and starts playing with her.  Brooklyn is happy again.
Cyann:  Mommy loves you. Yes she does. 
The doorbell rings and Grayson yells he'll get it.  It's Syren Richards, Ember's younger sister, and her friend, Marlin Reynolds.  Grayson and Cyann do not know Marlin, but Syren had asked could she bring her because she barely gets out of the house for social interaction.  Syren introduces Marlin to Grayson and then he escorts them to the living room.  Along the way, they stop to place their handbags in the closet.

Syren:  Hey!  The living room looks nice.  It's so roomy in here.
Cyann:  Thanks.  I made room for the tables and moved a few things out.
Syren:  I thought we'd come a little early to see if you need some help. 
Cyann:  That's nice of you.  For now, can you hold Brooklyn while I bring the drinks in here?
Syren:  Hand her over.  She's so adorable.
Syren takes Brooklyn, introduces Marlin and then sits down.

Cyann: Hi, Marlin. (Cyann and Marlin shake hands). 
Marlin:  It's nice to meet you.  Thank you for letting me come.  You have a beautiful house.
Cyann:  It's nice to meet you too.  Thank you for the compliment.  Please have a seat and I'll get some drinks out here.
Marlin:  Alright.  Thank you.
Marlin sits next to Syren so she can get a closer look at Brooklyn. Cyann picks up the baby chair from the table and heads to the kitchen.
Marlin:  She's a pretty baby.  Cyann and Grayson are friendly.
Syren:  Yeah, they're cool.  Cyann is like family.  She was around a lot when I was growing up.  I told you Ember and her are good friends, so Cyann had to be cool to hang with us.
Marlin (laughing):  I hope that makes me cool then since I get to hang too.
Syren:  I guess it does.  Cyann and Grayson have another daughter, Brenna.  She's cute too with an outgoing personality.
No sooner than Syren mentions her, Brenna comes into the room and walks right over to Syren.

Brenna:  Hi, Aunt Sy. 
Syren:  Hey, Honey.  I was just talking about you.  How are you?  You have on your dancing shoes?
Brenna:  No, I have these on for walking.  But I think I can dance in them. 
Syren and Marlin laugh.
Brenna (turning to Marlin):  Hi, I'm Brenna.
Marlin:  What a pretty name for a pretty girl.  I'm Marlin.
Syren:  Why don't you have a seat with us and tell us what you've been up to.  How is school?
Brenna takes a seat on the other side of Marlin.

Grayson comes back into the room with two large bottles of soda and the ice bucket.

Cyann is not far behind him and brings orange juice and some cans of soda.
Cyann:  Honey, you forgot the tongs for the ice.
Grayson:  Oh, I didn't see them.
Cyann:  Nevermind.  I'll go get them when I get more soda.

Brenna is steadily talking to Marlin, who seems pretty engaged with what she's saying.
Brenna:  And my teacher picks me to read a lot.  She says I'm a good reader.  One of the best.  She says I'm a good student too...
Grayson:  Uh oh.  I'm just going to apologize now.  She will talk and talk until she runs out of air, then take a breath and just start again.

Marlin:  It's okay.  I'm enjoying her company. 
Brenna:  Daddy says I should be a public speaker.  He says I like talking and people can make money talking.
Marlin:  Yes, I see that you like to talk.  That's good because I like to listen.
Brenna goes back to telling Marlin random things.  The doorbell rings and Cyann answers it.
She walks into the room followed by Ember and Erwyn.

Syren:  Well look who's here.  The Lady of Honor. 
Ember:  Hey, Sy.
Brenna stops talking and gets down off the chair.  She sees Erwyn, who she doesn't know, but has heard about and been expecting.  Cyann told her she would have some company to host.

 Erwyn is a little shy and hides near her mother's legs.

Cyann:  You brought pies?  You didn't have to bring anything.  This party is for you.
Ember:  Well, I still felt I should bring something. 
Cyann:  I'll take them into the kitchen.
Cyann takes the pies and drops them in the kitchen on the counter and comes right back.  In the interim Grayson gets up to greet Ember.  He hugs her and stands to talk to her for a couple of minutes.

Grayson:  How are you?  You getting used to being back here?
Ember:  I'm doing well.  I'm adjusting, but things are going well.  I'm about to really kick off the business.  Erwyn is doing okay in school.  And it's great to be around family again.
Grayson (looking at Ember sincerely):  I'm sure you'll do well.  If you ever need anything, especially anything that requires a man's help, just give me a call.  You're like family to Cyann and her family is my family.
Ember:  Thank you, I really appreciate it. 
Syren:  Come on over here, Erywn, and give your aunt a big hug.
Syren stands up and heads toward Erwyn.  Grayson takes Brooklyn from her to free up her arms and he moves out the way and takes a seat.


Syren picks Erwyn up and gives her a big kiss.
Erwyn:  Hi, Aunt Syren.
Syren:  Hi, Sweetheart.

Syren: I think you have grown a lot since I last saw you.
Erwyn laughs:  You just saw me last week.  I'm not much bigger.
Syren:  No, I'm pretty sure you had a huge growth spurt.  It happens overnight, you know?
Grayson:  Erwyn, when you're finished being flattered by your aunt, come meet Brenna.
Syren:  It looks like it's play date time.
Syren puts Erwyn down and Brenna walks over to her to introduce herself.

Brenna:  Hi, I'm Brenna.  We're gonna play in my room today.
Erwyn:  Hi.  My mom told me.  Do you have games?
Brenna:  I have toys and games.  I share my room with Brooklyn, but she's not gonna be in the room tonight.  She has to sleep in my mom's room so we can play.
Erwyn:  Okay.

Grayson:  Brenna, show Erwyn your room. 
Brenna:  Okay.  Hey, you wanna see my room?

Erwyn:  Mom, can I go?
Ember:  Of course you can.  Remember I told you I would be with the adults and you can play with Brenna?  And then maybe some times Brenna can come play at our house.  It's nice to see you Brenna.
Brenna:  Hi.  My mom says the party is for you.
Ember (chuckling): That's right.  Thank you so much for having your own party with Erwyn and showing her your room. 
Ember sits down while the girls prepare to leave.

Brenna:  Come on.  You can see my room and then we can get some food. 
Erwyn:  Okay. (Looks back at her mother for a minute) I'm leaving, Mom. 
Ember:  Have fun.
Brenna and Erwyn leave the room.

Grayson realizes he smells something that is not very pleasant.  He lifts up Brooklyn and takes a whiff. 
Grayson:  Whew!  Little girl, big smell.  I guess it's time for a change.
Marlin:  Even when they poop, babies are still so cute.
Grayson (chuckling):  If you say so.
Grayson gets up to change Brooklyn's diaper.

To be continued....

Thanks, for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Let's get this party started! Lol! Your set looks nice.

    The children are so adorable. Brenna is very smart and Erwyn's shyness is too precious. I love the last pic! So real! Lol Great story!

    1. Thank you, Georgia Girl. It was a challenge figuring out how to get the tables and chairs in there. I had to be creative and change it during the party.

  2. Great story, the kids are so cute :-)! Cyann's dress is lovely, did you make it?

    1. Thank you, Linda (aka Night Owl - I always liked that name). Welcome back to blogging. I like the new site.

      Yes, I made Cyann's dress. Simple slip on dress are so easy! I like them for the dolls, but since I don't think many women walk around in dresses every day, I have to keep on working on building the wardrobe supplies with other items. But I'm still going to make slip on dresses.

  3. Love this! So much going on and the story and images flow so well. I really liked the conversation between the kids. I always hated having to play with strange kids but Brenna seems to take it in stride.

    1. Thank you, Muff. I find it hard to mingle with strangers as an adult. Brenna is pretty outgoing. She's one of those kids who takes the lead.


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