Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Miss Madison's 'Learn and Play Care Center'

I actually finished Ember's kitchen, but since I am waiting on a few detail items to arrive for it, I will skip showing it for now.  Ember's happy, by the way, she can stop eating out now.  Erwyn was enjoying the increased McDonalds

As I waited, I thought it would be pretty simple to go ahead and work on the small daycare center Madison owns.  Aviana goes there and loves Miss Madison, as do her other wards.  It's a small simple center since Miss Madison only has a few children.  Maybe one day she will be able to expand, but right now, she's managing just fine.

Here are some photos of the center:

 To the left is the Wall of Accomplishments - Where the children (who can hold a crayon) post their drawings and art projects.

 In the middle is the Wall of Encouragement.

 This is a better shot of the Wall of Encouragement.

 The Wall of Learning - Miss Madison writes inspiring messages here, tips for good behavior and some simple learning items like the alphabet, small words for reading and numbers.
 The crib was white, pink and purple.  Too many colors.  Had to tone that down some.
 The high chair back and seat were bright orange and the storage unit was bright pink.  I toned down the colors so the other important items in the room can pop.  The colors on the storage unit match Madison's chair, which was a bearable yellow, but why not make it match something as long as I was painting.  I added some color to the 'stuffed' animals.  The rabbit was all yellow, so I panted the feet, eyes and carrot. 

 I painted some colors on the Xylophone. I left the chairs pink since Miss Madison only has girls right now.  But don't worry, there are some white chairs in case a boy or two arrives.
 Another full shot to try to get everything in the frame. 

In case you want to know:
  • The children's artwork is from Google Images.
  • The items on the Wall of  Encouragement are scrapbook stickers from Dollar Tree.
  • The carpet is textured paper
  • The small black boards with the apples are from cupcakes my daughter wanted at the store.  Talk about timing!
 Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye & Madison

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Zenia Glass Interviews with Ember

Ember is excited to be meeting with another candidate to join her agency.  She has been in contact with Jye and working on getting her some jobs.  Things are about to start getting very active for her.  She was recently contacted by a new candidate, Zenia Glass, who said she was referred by someone, but wanted to give more details after arriving. Zenia is 5 feet, 10 inches, a great height for a model.  As it turns out, she's the same height as Jye who thought for some reason she was shorter. The heels seem deceiving sometimes.
 Ember has brought Zenia into her office to get started with their meeting.

Ember:  I'm so glad to meet you.  You are beautiful and just the right height and frame for modeling.
Zenia:  Thank you.  I am fortunate height and looks seem to be somewhere in my genes.
Ember:  Well, that's very fortunate for sure.  You certainly seem to be a great fit for modeling from what I see.  But what I'd really like to find out is if Journey Talent Agency is the right fit for you.
Zenia:  I hope so.

Zenia:  I really want to break into modeling.  I think I can be good at it.  I am truly passionate about it and I don't think about doing anything else.
Ember:  Well, let's talk and then we'll go from there.  I plan to give my personal attention to each and every talented person with whom I work.  I don't plan to let anyone get lost or feel like a number or just a pay check for me. 
Zenia:  You do have to get paid and I know you need to make money from your models.  But I really like that you want to give each model your personal attention because it means a lot to know I wouldn't get lost among a lot of other people.
Ember:  Absolutely. Let's have a seat and talk.
They both sit down.

Zenia:  I love your dress and your shoes.  You look very nice.
Ember: Thank you.  I'm actually dressed because I'm meeting a business contact I recently met this evening, Chambray Andrews, the model.  I'm not trying to name drop, but I'm a little excited about working with a top model.  Which is something I hope to help each of my models become.
Zenia laughs.  She's chuckling about something Ember said and Ember gives her a puzzling look.
Zenia: I'm sorry.  I just had a thought.

Ember (not sure what to make of it):  That's okay.  So tell me about yourself.
Zenia:  I have been out of school for a year.  I have been working in a doctor's office as a receptionist.  People always seem to be amazed to see me.  Some have even said I should be a model. I look up everything I can about modeling and I haven't been able to move to get closer to other agencies, which makes yours perfect. 
Ember:  You do realize you will travel and you will need to get a passport if you don't have one.
Zenia:  I don't have one, but I can get one.  I would love to travel.  I'll do whatever I need to do to get a professional assignment.
Ember:  Are you okay with semi-nude or tasteful nude modeling?
Zenia: No problem.  Whatever I need to do.

Ember:  I want to go over my normal introduction of the Journey Talent Agency with you.  These are my open photo spots for models in the agency. I'm hoping I have to add additional frames soon or update the wall to accommodate everyone, but I don't want to become so big, I cannot handle that personal touch I want to provide.
Then Ember does her normal introduction and review of the Journey Talent Agency. Zenia listens intently as Ember speaks.

Ember:  Now that we have reviewed that, do you have your portfolio?
Zenia:  Yes.  I have done just a little work locally for some small businesses, but nothing huge.  So there are some good photos in here.
Ember: Well, that's something.  You should be proud of that.
Zenia:  Thank you.

Zenia:  I hope this is professional enough. I did get some advice on what to include.  I want to be honest, I had a little professional advice.
Ember:  That's good.  Use all of your resources.

Ember:  These are good.  I think we can definitely get you several assignments.
Zenia:  I'm so happy to hear that.  I do want to tell you something now.  I hope you don't mind.
Ember:  Of course not.  What is it?
Zenia: I wanted to get a chance for you to get to know me on my own.  Remember when I laughed earlier about name dropping?
Ember (curiously): Yes?
Zenia:  Well, I wanted to see if you liked me first before I told you that Chambray is my aunt.  She's my father's sister.
Ember's eyes get wide.  She is pleasantly surprised.
Ember:  Really?  Well, that is funny.  You could have told me, but I understand why you didn't.  Did she tell you to contact me?
Zenia:  Yes, she did.  She told me that you are starting a business and needed models.  She wouldn't give me any help by setting me up with her agency, because she wanted me to feel I had accomplished doing something on my own.
Ember:  Well... (Then Ember's phone rings before she can continue.)

Ember:  I'm sorry to interrupt our conversation, but here is Chambray calling right now.  Talk about timing.  Please excuse me for a minute.
Ember answers the phone and speaks with Chambray:  Hi... Yes, I will be there, I just have to wrap up my current interview.....great, I'm looking forward to seeing you.  We have a lot to talk about.... I'll see you soon....goodbye.

Ember:  I didn't want to mention that you are here right now, but I am sure it will be a topic of our conversation this evening.  I will be pleased to tell your aunt that she did me a big favor by sending you to see me. 

Ember:  So I do want you to join us here.  I think you will be a great fit.  Not because of your aunt, but because I believe you are right for my model roster. What are your thoughts?

Zenia (grinning):  I'm very excited!  I won't let you down.  This is my dream and I will do whatever it takes.
Ember:  I believe that.

Zenia points to the magazines sitting on the small table next to her.
Zenia:  I so want to be on the cover of one of these at least once in my life.  I think you can help get me there.  Just tell me what to do!
Ember:  We'll get there.  I just need you to be on time, be courteous to clients and be open to opportunities.

Zenia: I can do that.  I just have one request.  With all of this hair, which I do take good care of by the way, I have to keep bangs.  Having long hair in the front just gets in the way.  Can I keep my bangs? We can do whatever with the rest of my hair, but I hate having to keep moving hair out of my face because it's so long.

Ember (laughing about Zenia's concern about her hair): I think we can work around that.  I can't promise you won't be asked to wear wigs for the effect some clients may go for, but keeping your bangs won't be a problem.  They are pretty cute on you.

Zenia (relieved):  Okay.  That works for me.  Wigs are okay.  Thank you.
Ember:  Well, I think we will have plenty of time to talk. I am going to work on getting you with a photographer who can do some different shots to add to your portfolio.  I will always keep a copy here for when I meet with clients, and you will have an exact duplicate for go sees.  
Ember:  I appreciate your coming. I'm going to let you get on with the rest of your day and I will get to my meeting.  I will call you within a few days to get additional details outlined, work on contracts and set up photo dates.
Ember and Zenia stand up.

Ember:  Don't worry if it takes some time to get everything rolling.  There is a process to get go sees set up and getting in front of clients.  That means you need to continue working at your current job.  Once we have enough lined up, you can consider if you want to give notice.  We can work around your schedule for a while.  Once you are set up steady with assignments, we can payroll you with a steady stream of income.

Zenia:  I understand.  I'll keep working so I can have some money coming in.  I also have to pay rent where I live, so I'm not going to do anything drastic until I know things are taking off with the modeling.
Ember: Good.  Go home.  Think about any questions you have.  Try not to get any scrapes or bruises on yourself.  Consider your entire body a commodity that needs to be protected.  It's a money maker.  We'll connect again and get things moving.
Zenia:  Thank you. Enjoy your meeting with Aunt Chambray.  I'll see how long it takes for her to call me.  It won't be long.
Ember thanks Zenia for coming again and walks her to the door.

Ember comes back downstairs before she leaves to meet Chambray and talks to her wall, specifically her photo frames. 
Ember:  Well, Guys.  We are on our way to getting you filled up.  It's slow, but it's happening.  Aren't you excited?  I am.  Let's all be excited!  Yay!
Then Ember decides it's time to head out to meet Chambray.  She gathers up her stuff and leaves.
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Some Great Finds!

The shopping bug hit me (shocker!) the other day, so out I went to a couple of thrift stores hoping for some good deals.  I was delighted that I lucked out.

Here are some of my noteworthy purchases:

Look at these 'still in package' items.  One is for shoe storage and the other (there are actually two packages of these items) has garment bags.  I paid $0.50 each for them.  They were made in the 90's. I hate that they have the 'B' for the Barbie logo.  Now I have to create a designer who uses a 'B' for their brand name.  The things one must do to make things work.

 I just thought I'd show the other items that were made for this line.

I paid $0.50 for this partially uncut pattern for small dolls (I looked up the pattern on EBay and someone has it listed for $39.99, as if.  I would rather just make it up myself).  I want to make clothes for the babies and toddlers and these will work just fine.  I have one pattern for a sleeper I created myself, but I did want some help with shorts and jumpers. 

The same exact items are patterned in each of the sizes as listed on the back.  This is the guide for sizes.  I can adjust a few as needed by using the basic pattern and extending or decreasing.  A couple of the sizes were cut out and gone, but there are enough for me to use.

This house had a tag on it for $15.  I dropped the tag on the way to the register and retraced my steps to find it.  When I returned to the register, the salesperson said she was going to give it to me for $5, just to get rid of it.  Woo hoo! 

I am working on redecorating a High School Musical playset for my niece as a present.  So I really wanted to get this for the kitchen, since it's condensed enough to fit.  I ripped the entire house apart.  I pulled out windows and doors and both sets of stairs.  I even kept the rails at the top.

 I took out the hamper, sink and toilet.

It took some effort since everything was securely on the wall and wired, I might add.  But I got those suckers out!
The only part of the structure I kept is this top part with a couple of windows, and that nice door on the side.  I have plans for this which include making it versatile.  I see it as being an outside rooftop venue.  Maybe acting as a happy hour party spot, a small meeting space, and a nice romantic dinner area, but able to fit all of those needs with minor furniture changes as needed.  That bottom insert with the stereo is also a bed, so it just slides out. 
Some cool stuff, right?  Some days it pays to let the bug hit you.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tagged, I'm It! Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

So today, my notice of a new post for Doll-lightful popped up in my e-mail (while I was on the Ipad).  I was De-lighted as I thought it was another episode and ran to my laptop as I get a better view on it. After all, I need to know what happened next with Deirdre and Walter (if you don't know, go check it out - here).  It wasn't an episode, but still a nice surprise.
Jewell tagged me in the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!  So I have to get in on the fun.  So here it goes:
1. Which doll is the one that started it all for you?
Darned if I remember.  I've loved dolls since I was a child.  I wasn't allowed to have many, so you would think I remember. 
2. Why did you start a doll blog?
I love writing and I love dolls.  I feel like I get to enjoy my love for both while sharing it with others.  It's all wrapped into my doll hobby.  I was so gleefully happy when I realized last year that there were MANY other adults who love dolls and still want to play with them like I do.  Blogging allows me to share what I find, what I do and the stories in my head.  I was, of course, encouraged by many other doll bloggers whose sites I am addicted to reading.
3. Do you collect anything besides dolls?
Nope, just dolls.  I used to collect clearance items (of anything, it just had to be clearance and really cheap).  Anything to save a buck, but now my quest for a bargain is more focused on collecting items for dioramas.
4. What kind of movies do you like to watch?
Old, new, sci-fi, drama, tearjerker, funny, biographic, just about anything as long as the subject and story draw me in and don't let me step away.
5. What's your favorite song from a movie soundtrack?
Wow!  That's a tough one.  I love 'I Won't Say I'm in Love' from the movie 'Hercules' and 'Part of Your World' from The Little Mermaid.  I sing them both sometimes just for the fun of it.  Yes, I still love cartoons/animation too. 
6. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
I think the East Coast in the States is fine if we're talking geography.  However, I would love to upgrade to a (not so mini) mini-mansion with an indoor pool.
7. If money were no object, what doll related purchase would you make right now?
Can we make that purchases?  I need a shopping spree for many of the 1/6 scale furniture item I have seen from talented people and get a few houses made based on my own specifications.  Maybe build a little town with a mixture of city high rise towers and the suburbs.  Oh, and a mall, of course.
8. If you could have any celebrity made into a doll, who would it be?
Nope, not really into worrying about that type of thing.  I really like one of a kind dolls.
9. Do you prefer your dolls boxed or deboxed? Why?
De-boxed all the way. I can't enjoy them in the box.  I don't think they like it in there either.  They should be free, free as the wind blows, free as the grass grows....
10. Which doll is the one that got away? This should be a doll you decided to pass on purchasing, sell or give away and you regret that decision.
Dominique Makeda.  She is gorgeous and I want her.  I would have to re-body her because I think she comes on the FR2 body which I find freakishly tall.  She could just be regular FR size or even on a Mattel body.  I have enough issues just trying to sew clothes for the girls who can wear around the same size.  She's expensive IF and when someone puts her up for sale.  Hence the reason I have passed on her.
I'm supposed to tag people, but I think just about everyone  has been tagged, so here's my tag:
If you're reading this, you blog and you haven't participated yet (or just feel like answering some different questions), consider yourself officially tagged!
Here are the questions:
1. How many dolls do you typically buy in a year?
2. How many doll groups do you belong to on Facebook or another site?
3. Do you have a favorite line of dolls?  What is the line and why?
4. Do your dolls have a room all to themselves?
5. Do you have a Flickr account so you can post photos of your dolls and doll related items ?
6. If you could quit your job and make money just focusing on doll things (selling, creating dioramas, etc) would you?
7. If money were no object, what doll related purchase would you make right now?
8. If you could go to any one doll convention in the world what convention would it be?
9. Do you make items for your dolls from scratch? If so, what items do you make?
10. What size and/or type of dolls do you prefer to collect?
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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Syren's New Hair

You may have noticed (although people do leave eventually) that Syren was the first to leave Cyann's party.  During taping of the episode, I had to exit her to send her off to get re-rooted.  She is a Christmas gift (I selected), and while she is lovely, I discovered that her hair had glue in it to hold the style she had.  That put a wrench in my ability to change her hairstyle.

I was fortunate that I saw a very reasonable offer for rooting services from Salvador Lopez Arriaga in one of my doll Facebook groups.  Salvador is such a sweetheart and he's talented.  So while she originally would have stayed at the party longer, Syren had to go first.

Here are some photos, starting with a reminder of Syren before the new hair.

This is the original hairstyle, back when she used to dye her hair and add highlights.

This is after I took Syren's hair out and discovered the glue.  So I made a scene out of it with her getting ready for a hot date and her friends, Isis and Marlin, helping her.

 Looks pretty full, right?

It's a beautiful black with shine.  Syren finally stopped dying and highlighting her hair.  It's back to natural black, just like her sisters, Henna and Ember have.  But she has never had curls like they both have.
 Yay!  Movement!


Yes, we are loving the new and improved hair.  Thank you, Salvador!
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