Friday, August 14, 2015

Some Great Finds!

The shopping bug hit me (shocker!) the other day, so out I went to a couple of thrift stores hoping for some good deals.  I was delighted that I lucked out.

Here are some of my noteworthy purchases:

Look at these 'still in package' items.  One is for shoe storage and the other (there are actually two packages of these items) has garment bags.  I paid $0.50 each for them.  They were made in the 90's. I hate that they have the 'B' for the Barbie logo.  Now I have to create a designer who uses a 'B' for their brand name.  The things one must do to make things work.

 I just thought I'd show the other items that were made for this line.

I paid $0.50 for this partially uncut pattern for small dolls (I looked up the pattern on EBay and someone has it listed for $39.99, as if.  I would rather just make it up myself).  I want to make clothes for the babies and toddlers and these will work just fine.  I have one pattern for a sleeper I created myself, but I did want some help with shorts and jumpers. 

The same exact items are patterned in each of the sizes as listed on the back.  This is the guide for sizes.  I can adjust a few as needed by using the basic pattern and extending or decreasing.  A couple of the sizes were cut out and gone, but there are enough for me to use.

This house had a tag on it for $15.  I dropped the tag on the way to the register and retraced my steps to find it.  When I returned to the register, the salesperson said she was going to give it to me for $5, just to get rid of it.  Woo hoo! 

I am working on redecorating a High School Musical playset for my niece as a present.  So I really wanted to get this for the kitchen, since it's condensed enough to fit.  I ripped the entire house apart.  I pulled out windows and doors and both sets of stairs.  I even kept the rails at the top.

 I took out the hamper, sink and toilet.

It took some effort since everything was securely on the wall and wired, I might add.  But I got those suckers out!
The only part of the structure I kept is this top part with a couple of windows, and that nice door on the side.  I have plans for this which include making it versatile.  I see it as being an outside rooftop venue.  Maybe acting as a happy hour party spot, a small meeting space, and a nice romantic dinner area, but able to fit all of those needs with minor furniture changes as needed.  That bottom insert with the stereo is also a bed, so it just slides out. 
Some cool stuff, right?  Some days it pays to let the bug hit you.
Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Ladonna. It's the little things (like saving a buck) that count.

  2. Wow, some really incredible finds at your Thrift Store! I never have that kind of luck. As a matter of fact, the only good doll items our local thrift store has are the one I donated!!!

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. It's usually not that good. I was just lucky last week. It will happen for you one day when you least expect. I also keep checking Craigslist. Good bargains there sometimes.

  3. Awesome finds and new in the package is even better! The house seems to be in good shape with just a few pieces missing. That is very sweet of you to recreate it for your niece. Be sure to share pics with us.

    1. Thanks, Georgia Girl. I will post photos after I get the wallpaper and flooring done.

  4. Beyond cool, especially that house.

    1. Thank you, Muff. The poor house is a mess now. I need to put it out with the trash.


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