Saturday, August 1, 2015

Syren's New Hair

You may have noticed (although people do leave eventually) that Syren was the first to leave Cyann's party.  During taping of the episode, I had to exit her to send her off to get re-rooted.  She is a Christmas gift (I selected), and while she is lovely, I discovered that her hair had glue in it to hold the style she had.  That put a wrench in my ability to change her hairstyle.

I was fortunate that I saw a very reasonable offer for rooting services from Salvador Lopez Arriaga in one of my doll Facebook groups.  Salvador is such a sweetheart and he's talented.  So while she originally would have stayed at the party longer, Syren had to go first.

Here are some photos, starting with a reminder of Syren before the new hair.

This is the original hairstyle, back when she used to dye her hair and add highlights.

This is after I took Syren's hair out and discovered the glue.  So I made a scene out of it with her getting ready for a hot date and her friends, Isis and Marlin, helping her.

 Looks pretty full, right?

It's a beautiful black with shine.  Syren finally stopped dying and highlighting her hair.  It's back to natural black, just like her sisters, Henna and Ember have.  But she has never had curls like they both have.
 Yay!  Movement!


Yes, we are loving the new and improved hair.  Thank you, Salvador!
Thanks for stopping by.  ~ Jaye


  1. Her new hair is definitely an improvement! I hope she enjoyed her time away at the spa!

  2. Beautiful new hair, she looks lovely!

  3. I love it! It is beautiful and shiny. Mattel does not make many dolls with black hair. Are you planning to cut it?

  4. I think I'm going to take some off. The thing with cutting a doll's hair is that it's permanent and won't grow back, so I don't want to go too short, but I do think the length it is right now is unrealistic. Before I cut it, I'll see how curly I can get it with a boil perm.


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