Friday, September 18, 2015

Henna's Design Consultation for Select Spaces

Henna is meeting with a new client, who is opening an event space with a unique concept.  She was shown to one of the four similar small buildings on the site by an assistant.  While she waits, she looks around at the layout.
Henna (to herself):  Hmmm.  This is an interesting set up.  I love a challenge, so we'll see how this goes. 
 As she is looking around, her phone rings.  It's her assistant, Carly, so she answers it.

Henna:  Hi, Carly.  I'm at my client meeting with Mr. Balducci right now.  Since you know my schedule, I'm assuming this is important.
Carly:  Yes, it is.  We have a problem at the Wright Corporate Complex. 
Henna:  Okay.  What happened?
Carly:  The contractor is frustrated with some changes from the project manager for the Wright Company.  He said that he wasn't hired to put up with last minute changes and someone else bossing him around.  He understood the layout you provided, but now the PM is checking every little thing and causing a fuss.  So he is walking off the job.
Henna:  He is our major contractor and we give him a lot of our projects.  Did you remind him of that?
Carly:  Yes, I told him he was going to be in breach of contract and we are not issuing additional payments if he leaves.  But he said he didn't care.
Henna can see Mr. Balducci approaching, so she has to get off the phone.
Henna:  Okay, Carly.  I need to get off the phone now.  But, please contact Ms. Brewer at the Wright Company, apologize for the issue and reassure her we will not send Leed Contracting back again.  Then I need you to start figuring out who we have available to get over there.  I'll be back in the office within two hours and we'll go from there.  Okay?
Carly:  Yes, I'll get right on it.  Good luck with your meeting.
Henna:  Thank you.  I'll see you shortly.  Good bye.

Henna puts her phone back in her bag right before Mr. Balducci enters.
Mr. Balducci:  Hello, Ms. Richards.  Welcome to Select Spaces.
Henna:  Hello, Mr. Balducci.  It's a pleasure to meet you.  I am pleased you are interested my design services.
Mr. Balducci:  Please, call me Dominic or Dom.  I know it's a business relationship, but I am trusting you with my baby, so we can be on a first name basis.
Henna:  Certainly.  Please call me Henna. 

Henna: So, tell me about your 'baby.'  I see the four buildings, the small spaces and that you have painted everything white so far.  These are interesting structures.  What is your vision for Select Spaces?
Dominic:  Thank you.  I think they will suit the purpose.  They are structures removed from houses on a condemned street in the city.  I'm repurposing them.  We kept the frames. 

Dominic: We had to remove the windows and doors because they couldn't be salvaged and we are going to add walls over here to extend the space just a little.  As you can see, they kind of form a plus sign being across from each other.  That should allow for privacy and lessens the chance of guests being disturbed by noise from other guests.

Dominic: I am starting small because this is a new concept .  Until I can find a better way to scale it, all guests will have to make reservations.  We'll offer blocks of time to be reserved.
Henna pulls her notepad out of her bag and her tape measure so she can jot down some important items.
Henna:  That sounds organized.  What type of set up are you envisioning?
Dominic: Great question.  That's the crux of why we are 'Select Spaces.'  The idea is to provide different set ups for specified needs.  So there will be a Social set up, a Romantic set up, a small group dining set up and  one for business.  We can accommodate only small numbers of guests for each and they will need their own specific furniture so that the space is reflective of the event.  Does that make sense?

Henna is taking notes as Dominic talks so she can capture his concept.
Henna:  Yes.  You need to be able to set a scene that appropriately conveys the occasion based on the four types you offer, including holidays and, if you so desire, the seasons. 
Dominic:  Yes, that's the idea.
Henna:  Are you looking to stay with white as your only base color?
Dominic:  Yes. I figure these are blank spaces and we can easily change the colors.
Henna: I think staying with white is okay, but I would suggest adding another neutral color, like black for accents.  White can sometimes be too stark.
Dominic:  I'm open to any suggestions you have.  You're the professional and that's why I am going to pay you.

Henna:  Thank you.  I'm going to take some measurements to go with my notes and quick layout information.  That will help me to narrow down window, door and furniture suggestions along with the décor.
Dominic:  Sure. Can I help you?
Henna:  Thank you, but no.  I am very specific about how I gather information.  Please just give me a minute to get the measurements and jot some things down and then we can wrap up some details from this initial consultation.
Dominic:  Okay.  Do your thing.
Henna takes measurements, writes notes, jots down some fast drawings to help her with her design ideas when she returns to the office.

Henna:  I will mock up some ideas for each setting.  Once I have that ready, we will meet again to start discussing materials, furniture and décor.  I already have an idea for the doors and a reasonable vendor from which to get them. 
Dominic:  I do need to get this done as soon as possible.  Although I did have someone bring these in and I painted, I don't know how to install items.
Henna:  I always work with a contractor and include the cost as part of the quotation.  We will work to meet your deadline.  Meeting the deadline will depend on your making decisions within a timely manner so I can get the orders placed and the items delivered.
Dominic:  I'll make the time.  If I'm idle for too long, we lose money and I'm already in the process of developing marketing plans.

Henna: I just want to double check some notes and then I'll be on my way to get things started. I will also provide you contract information and a payment schedule as part of the quotation.  Today is a consultation.  Once you confirm you will accept my services, I will require a deposit.
Dominic:  Okay.  Just let me know how much.
Henna reviews her notes.  She is very thorough since her business depends on it. 
Henna:  I seem to have all I need at this point.

Henna extends her had to shake Dominic's.
Henna:  We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with design services. I am certain you will be pleased with my proposal and ability to help you to bring your vision to fruition.
Dominic:  Thank you for coming and helping me.  I was referred to you, so I know you're the right designer for me.
They shake hands and Dominic walks Henna out.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Aunt Tandra and Cousin Quinn Visit

It's Saturday at Ember and Erwyn's home.  Erwyn is upstairs playing in her room.  Ember's Aunt Tandra and Cousin Quinn have arrived.  They exchanged hugs and kisses at the door and walked into the living room. 

Before we join them in the living room, it may be helpful to know how they are related.  Aunt Tandra is married to Uncle Kelvin, Ember's (and Henna's and Syren's) mother's brother.  Aunt Tandra is Brazilian and speaks Portuguese and English, so she does have an accent.  She can also be very straightforward. 

Tandra and Kelvin Brennan have three children - Windsor, Quinn and Drexel.  All three children are not married yet. Quinn has a young daughter, Tylyn, with her off and on boyfriend, Tyquan Edwards. 

Now that you have a little background (yes, just a little since you'll have to watch the story lines unfold), we can go to the living room and see what's going on.

Ember:  You guys look great.  I'm so glad you were able to come visit.  I wanted to visit you, but I've been pretty busy.  But as soon as I get some things in order, I'll be over to see each of you.
Quinn:  That's okay.  We're not going any where.  Besides, I think we all get busy.
Aunt Tandra:  Oh, Minha Querida, you are trying to do big things.  And, you have a daughter to raise alone.  You are fine.
Ember:  So, what's in the pan?  I'm hoping it's something I love.

Quinn:  It sure is.  It's the corn and shrimp dish you love.  Mom wouldn't come without making it.
Aunt Tandra: No, of course not.  Ever since you were a little girl, you were the first to run to the table when I made it.  So, of course I will make it for you. 

Ember:  Well, let me take that from you and put it in the kitchen. Thank you!   Have a seat and get comfortable.  We need to catch up.
Quinn: Okay.  Here you go. (hands the dish to Ember)
Ember:  Do you want anything to drink?
Aunt Tandra:  No, not right now.  Thank you.
Quinn:  Not for me either.  Thanks.
Ember heads to the kitchen to put the casserole in the refrigerator.  Tandra and Quinn have a seat on the sofa.

Tandra: Look at that beautiful artwork.  She has such good taste.  I should steal those right off her wall.  She can replace them.
Quinn (laughing):  Sure, Mom.  Just tuck them in under your skirt and see if she notices.
Tandra:  Aye.  I am her favorite aunt.  She won't care. 
Quinn:  Uhuh.  Let's see how that goes.

Ember walks back in the room.
Ember: So what have you been up to? How's Uncle Kelvin and where is Tylyn?  Erwyn will be disappointed she didn't get to see her. 
Tandra:  Well I am disappointed I don't see Erwyn.  Where is Little Ember?
Ember:  I told her you are here. She's upstairs playing and she has to finish up a scene, according to her.
Quinn (smiling):  Oh, well, we wouldn't want to interrupt that.  At least you came back before my mother stole all the artwork off your wall.
Ember:  Oh, really?  Well, I'll trade you for that gorgeous purse.
Ember sits down.

Tandra:  Not my purse.  It's sexy, like me. Meow! (purrs) So you see, it is made just for me.  And speaking of sexy, what are you wearing?  It is not for a young lady who should be out getting the men, huh?  You want to attract them, no.
Ember (laughing, she knows her aunt): I'm in the house, so I don't think I have to worry about that right now.  I'm comfortable in this.  I save the dressing up for the week.
Quinn:  Mom, for heavens sake, leave her alone.  Not everyone is worried about having a man.

Quinn (to Ember):  To answer your questions, Dad is fine. 
Tandra:  Yes, he is fine.  Still enjoying my sexiness too.
Quinn (ignoring her mother's last statement):  Tylyn is with her father and uncle today. She wanted to go to the zoo.  He enjoys time with her and she just adores her daddy, so I had to let her go.
Tandra:  Yes, well, he is a good father.  Now if he could just settle down to be a husband.
Quinn:  Here we go again.  Mom, you know we're together in a relationship.
Tandra:  Ah.  This week, yes.  Next week, no.  Time to break up...again.

Quinn:  Mom, does every thing I say about Tyquan have to get a response from you lately?
Tandra:  Well, you cannot make up your mind if you want to be with him or not and he could do better.  Back and forth, back and forth.  Aye!
Quinn:  You said you wouldn't keep bringing that up.  Besides, we are visiting Ember and she doesn't want to hear this.
Tandra:  I said not in front of Tylyn.  Ember knows about marriage.  She didn't settle.  You don't want to hear my thoughts, you should make a change.
Ember (embarrassed for her cousin): I am pretty sure I hear Erwyn coming down the stairs. 
Quinn (mumbling under her breath): Saved by the child.

Ember was right, Erwyn was coming down the stairs. Erwyn enters the room which relieves Quinn for the time being.  She is happy to see her family.
Erwyn:  Hi.  Where's Tylyn?
Tandra:  Tylyn?  Don't you see Aunt Tandra here?  Come give me a big kiss. 
Ember:  Yes, Erwyn.  Give Aunt Tandra and Cousin Quinn a kiss and a hug.  Then you can ask questions.
Erwyn:  Okay. 

Tandra picks up Erwyn to squeeze her while Quinn waits patiently for her turn.
Tandra:  Você é tão doce.  Eu te amo.
Erwyn doesn't understand the first thing Aunt Tandra said, but she has heard the second enough to be able to respond in kind.
Erwyn: Te amo.

Erwyn then gets passed to Quinn who gives her a hug and a kiss too.
Quinn:  You are getting so big. 

Tandra (to Ember):  She needs a brother or sister, no? Any men in your life?
Ember:  Not right now.  I'm busy.  Maybe some day, when I'm ready.  Right now my business and Erwyn are keeping me busy.  I have time.
Tandra:  You say that now, then you blink and poof, the time is gone.  Don't wait for some day, Minha Querida.  Some day can be tomorrow.
Ember knows it's easier to just raise one objection with Aunt Tandra.  Continuing to state her case is always useless once Aunt Tandra has decided she is right.
Ember:  Yes, I guess it could be.

Erwyn:  Cousin Quinn, where is Tylyn?
Quinn:  Oh, Honey.  I'm so sorry.  She is with her father today.  We'll have to make arrangements to either come visit again or you can come visit us. 
Tandra:  Yes, you can stay over and your mother can go out and have some fun.  Meet some people.
Quinn:  That would be nice.  You can come over and stay the night.  Tylyn would be thrilled. Would you like that?
Erwyn:  Yeah!
Ember:  Excuse me?
Erwyn:  I mean, yes, thank you. 
Quinn (laughing):  Honey, my mom always corrected me too. 

Erwyn walks over to her mother.  She is disappointed she has no one to play with like she expected.
Erwyn:  Can I go back to my room now, please?
Ember:  Sure you can.  I'll call you down soon for a snack, unless you're hungry now.
Erwyn:  No, I'm not.  I'm going to my room now.  Okay?
Ember:  Okay.

Erwyn heads back upstairs and the ladies keep talking to catch up.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Liebster Award

Billa at Billa's Dolls and Fashions tagged me for the Liebster Award. Thank you, Billa.  If you haven't checked out her site, please do so.  She makes clothes for her dolls via her own patterns and they usually travel to some great places.

Okay, so, the purpose of the award is to discover new blogs.  It's a lot of work, but here's what you're supposed to do:

Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.  (Check!)
Give your readers eleven random facts about yourself. (TMI, but since I'm supposed to do it...)
Answer the eleven questions from the person who nominated you. (This is going to take time.)
Nominate eleven bloggers to receive this award. (I read so many sites, can I narrow it down? Hmm..)
Invent eleven questions for your nominees. (The really hard part.)
Here we go: 

1. I have issues with concentrating on doing one thing at a time.  So many ideas are popping into my head at once, I have to multi-task.  I just have to.  Hold on that reminds me...

2. I play songs I like and dance and sing with them as if I were giving a concert.  Hey, it's exercise, isn't it?

3. I never wanted an Ipad, My husband bought me one for Christmas and now I'm addicted to it.  Go figure.

4. I eat the crust around the bread first to get it out of the way so I can enjoy the softer inside parts.

5. I still watch the Bad Girls Club (for some reason, their stupidity amuses me).  Yes, I may be too old for it, but hey, people think I'm too old to play with dolls too.  
6. I eat the middle of the Reese's peanut butter cup first and then the outside. (See number 4 above.  I know, right?)
7. Cheesesteaks are my favorite food.  Oh, how that grease and cheese calls to me.

8. Winter makes me miserable.  I hate the cold.  Fortunately, Thanksgiving and Christmas are bright spots amongst the darkness.

9. I love (and I mean LOVE) Kung Fu movies. 

10. I used to read a lot, but stopped when I wanted to write my own books.  For some reason I think I will be tainted.  I guess it made sense that my sister laughed at me and told me I could be tainted by watching TV and movies too.  I don't quite agree.  I get it, but I am allowed to have my own silly reasoning.  And I do.

11. I have big plans for when I strike it rich.  I have so many things to do with all that money - spendingpalooza! While I wait, I keep being cheap.

Whew!  That was a lot!  Okay.  Now for Billa's Questions:

1.  Have you got a secret dream or a wild project?  I'll go with door number one, please.  My secret dream is to become a famous writer whose sells the movie rights for mega millions.
2.  When has a project exceeded your wildest expectations? How? Can I pass on this one?  I'm not really sure.
3.  Chocolate: white, dark, milk, or none at all?  White Milk
4.   If you could have dinner with three fictional characters, who would they be?  I never thought about it.  Yup. Pass.
5.   What's your all-time favorite movie? Just one?  Decisions, decisions.  I like the Fifth Element, Fast and Furious movies, Christmas Vacation, The Kid with the Golden Arm, the Five Deadly Venoms.  Sorry.  No one all-time favorite.  Just ones I can watch over and over again.
6.   If you could choose a career other than your actual one(s), what would it be? An author.
7.   What time period would you most like to live in, other than the modern one?  Umm, none.  With all of this technology we have right now?  I can't give it up.
8.   What is the most versatile tool in your arsenal?  Does my brilliant mind count?
9.   Winter person or summer person? Summer.
10. What do you most wish you could organize properly?  Right now, my craft room.
11. What do you do to find inspiration?  Look for things online, look through Pinterest, watch House Hunters, flip through the newest catalogs I have been ordering and shop.
Okay.  So now to pick 11 bloggers.  I do not want to leave anyone out, so if you're reading this and you blog, please join in too.

  1. Jewell - Doll-lightful
  2. Phyllis - A Day in the Life of My Dolls
  3. Ms. Leo - I-Luv-Dolls
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  9. Muff - Hey, It's Muff
  10. Vanessa - Van's Doll Treasures
  11. Dani - Dani's Doll Fashion & Crafts
 Here are my questions:
  1. What is the last doll project you worked on?
  2. Of all the things you do dolly related, name your favorite thing to do (i.e.. making clothes, making furniture, etc.)?
  3. Do you get dolly items gifted to you from family or friends?
  4. Which do you prefer when it comes to doll items - making them yourself, buying to customize or buying to use as is?
  5. Are any of your characters based on someone you know?
  6. If you could attend one doll conference, all expenses paid, which one would it be and why?
  7. What one doll item do you wish you could find that you have never seen made for purchase?
  8. Do you take your dolls out in public to take photos?
  9. Where was your all time favorite vacation? 
  10. Do you see movies in the theater or wait for video?
  11. Have you ever been to Vegas? (I won't ask for details. What happens there stays there.)
All done! 

Thanks for stopping by.  ~ Jaye

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Settling Down for the Night

It's late on a Friday night and time for Erwyn to get ready for bed.  It's been a long week for Ember, so she is tired and ready for some relaxation during the weekend.  She is expecting her aunt and cousin to visit her Saturday, but she also has some cleaning to do in the morning, so she needs rest.

Ember is in the bathroom getting the shower ready for Erwyn.

Ember:  Erwyn!  Come on!  The water will be hot in a minute.  I told you it's time to shower and get ready for bed.
Erwyn (from her room):  I'm coming, Mommy. 

Erwyn arrives in the bathroom. She's reluctant to get ready for bed.
Erwyn:  Mom, can't I stay up a little longer?  Pleeeaase??
Ember:  You need to stay on a schedule, Honey.  You know how you can sleep late if I let you. You need to be able to get up during the week and I don't want to ruin that on the weekend.  Maybe for a couple of days when you have a long enough break from school, but not now.
Erwyn:  Awww! 
Ember:  The water is ready.  Take your clothes off and hop in.  I'll hand you the soap.
Erwyn undresses and gets in the shower.
Ember (to herself):  I really need to wash my hair, but not until tomorrow. But I guess I'll get it ready by taking it out of this bun.
Ember gets out a comb and some hair dressing.

Ember looks at her hair in the mirror. 
Erwyn (singing):  I have to take a shower.  I want to stay up late.  My mom won't let me.  Oh, what a sad day.  And tomorrow is Saturday.  But I will get up, I know I can.  Even if I stay up...late.
Ember:  Nice song and nice try.  But it won't work, Honey.   

Ember lets her hair out and massages her scalp. 
Ember (to herself in the mirror, out loud): As usual, the curls are stretched out. I wish I could just wear them comfortably as a professional, but I don't want my big hair distracting anyone.  Oh, well.
Erwyn:  Mom, are you talking to yourself again.
Ember:  I sure am.  But I'd rather talk to you. 

Ember starts combing her hair.
Ember:  So we are having company tomorrow.  That should be fun.  Aunt Tandra and Cousin Quinn are coming over to visit. We haven't seen them in a while.
Erwyn:  Is Tylyn coming too?  I can show her my new room.

Ember: Maybe.  That depends on whether she is visiting her father or not.
Ember gets tired of standing and decides to have a seat on the toilet (with the lid down).

Ember: That will be nice, if you show her your room.  I like your room.  Do you like it here, in this house?
Erwyn:  It's nice, but it's not like where we lived before.  Not like with Daddy. 
Ember (sighs):  I know, Honey.  It's not the same, but you'll get to see your aunts more often and keep making new friends, right?
Erwyn: Yes, I guess so.
Ember:  It takes time to have new memories and fun times, Honey.  But they will come. You'll see.

Ember starts braiding her hair into two braids. 
Ember:  Are you washing everything?  Don't forget anything.  We'll wash your hair this weekend.  I just don't feel like it right now and that will just keep you up longer.
Erwyn:  I got everything.  I'm almost done.
Ember:  Okay.

Just as Ember finishes her second braid and is wrapping the band around it, Erwyn announces she is finished.
Ember:  Okay.  Let me get your towel.  I'll get the water.  You can just leave the soap on the floor, as usual.  I really need to add a lower soap dish.
Erwyn:  So I can put the soap back myself?
Ember:  Yes, that would be helpful.
Ember reaches into the shower to pick up the soap and turn the shower off.  She gets a little wet and dries herself off with her own towel first.
Erwyn:  Hey!  I need a towel too.
Ember (laughing):  I know, I know.  Just let me get off this little bit of water.
Ember finishes getting most of the water off herself and then wraps Erwyn in her towel.

Ember:  Alrighty then.  Let's get you into some pajamas, Young Lady.
Erwyn: Can you read me a story too?
Ember:  Just a short one.  No stalling.  You need rest and so do I.
They head to Erwyn's room where Ember dries her off, lotions her up and helps her put on her pajamas.

Ember pulls back Erwyn's covers and then sits on the bed.
Ember:  What short story would you like me to read?

Erwyn:  One in this book.  (Pointing to her book of fairytales)
Ember:  Bring it on over.
Erwyn (looking at her doll):  Good night, Tiana.
Ember:  Good night, Tiana.  You are most welcome to listen too while I read.
Erwyn:  She said, "Okay."
Ember has Erwyn sit beside her while she reads a short story.  After she's finished, she gets up and has Erwyn lie under the covers while she tucks her in.

Ember leans down to give Erwyn a kiss and a hug, which Erwyn happily accepts.
Ember:  I love you so much.  Never forget that.
Erwyn:  I know, Mommy.  I love you so much too.

Ember heads out to her own room.
Ember:  I hope you and Tiana have a good night and sweet dreams.
Erwyn:  We will!  Good night, Mommy.
Ember:  Good night, Honey.
Ember turns off the light and heads to her own room, hoping she has sweet dreams too.
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