Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Aunt Tandra and Cousin Quinn Visit

It's Saturday at Ember and Erwyn's home.  Erwyn is upstairs playing in her room.  Ember's Aunt Tandra and Cousin Quinn have arrived.  They exchanged hugs and kisses at the door and walked into the living room. 

Before we join them in the living room, it may be helpful to know how they are related.  Aunt Tandra is married to Uncle Kelvin, Ember's (and Henna's and Syren's) mother's brother.  Aunt Tandra is Brazilian and speaks Portuguese and English, so she does have an accent.  She can also be very straightforward. 

Tandra and Kelvin Brennan have three children - Windsor, Quinn and Drexel.  All three children are not married yet. Quinn has a young daughter, Tylyn, with her off and on boyfriend, Tyquan Edwards. 

Now that you have a little background (yes, just a little since you'll have to watch the story lines unfold), we can go to the living room and see what's going on.

Ember:  You guys look great.  I'm so glad you were able to come visit.  I wanted to visit you, but I've been pretty busy.  But as soon as I get some things in order, I'll be over to see each of you.
Quinn:  That's okay.  We're not going any where.  Besides, I think we all get busy.
Aunt Tandra:  Oh, Minha Querida, you are trying to do big things.  And, you have a daughter to raise alone.  You are fine.
Ember:  So, what's in the pan?  I'm hoping it's something I love.

Quinn:  It sure is.  It's the corn and shrimp dish you love.  Mom wouldn't come without making it.
Aunt Tandra: No, of course not.  Ever since you were a little girl, you were the first to run to the table when I made it.  So, of course I will make it for you. 

Ember:  Well, let me take that from you and put it in the kitchen. Thank you!   Have a seat and get comfortable.  We need to catch up.
Quinn: Okay.  Here you go. (hands the dish to Ember)
Ember:  Do you want anything to drink?
Aunt Tandra:  No, not right now.  Thank you.
Quinn:  Not for me either.  Thanks.
Ember heads to the kitchen to put the casserole in the refrigerator.  Tandra and Quinn have a seat on the sofa.

Tandra: Look at that beautiful artwork.  She has such good taste.  I should steal those right off her wall.  She can replace them.
Quinn (laughing):  Sure, Mom.  Just tuck them in under your skirt and see if she notices.
Tandra:  Aye.  I am her favorite aunt.  She won't care. 
Quinn:  Uhuh.  Let's see how that goes.

Ember walks back in the room.
Ember: So what have you been up to? How's Uncle Kelvin and where is Tylyn?  Erwyn will be disappointed she didn't get to see her. 
Tandra:  Well I am disappointed I don't see Erwyn.  Where is Little Ember?
Ember:  I told her you are here. She's upstairs playing and she has to finish up a scene, according to her.
Quinn (smiling):  Oh, well, we wouldn't want to interrupt that.  At least you came back before my mother stole all the artwork off your wall.
Ember:  Oh, really?  Well, I'll trade you for that gorgeous purse.
Ember sits down.

Tandra:  Not my purse.  It's sexy, like me. Meow! (purrs) So you see, it is made just for me.  And speaking of sexy, what are you wearing?  It is not for a young lady who should be out getting the men, huh?  You want to attract them, no.
Ember (laughing, she knows her aunt): I'm in the house, so I don't think I have to worry about that right now.  I'm comfortable in this.  I save the dressing up for the week.
Quinn:  Mom, for heavens sake, leave her alone.  Not everyone is worried about having a man.

Quinn (to Ember):  To answer your questions, Dad is fine. 
Tandra:  Yes, he is fine.  Still enjoying my sexiness too.
Quinn (ignoring her mother's last statement):  Tylyn is with her father and uncle today. She wanted to go to the zoo.  He enjoys time with her and she just adores her daddy, so I had to let her go.
Tandra:  Yes, well, he is a good father.  Now if he could just settle down to be a husband.
Quinn:  Here we go again.  Mom, you know we're together in a relationship.
Tandra:  Ah.  This week, yes.  Next week, no.  Time to break up...again.

Quinn:  Mom, does every thing I say about Tyquan have to get a response from you lately?
Tandra:  Well, you cannot make up your mind if you want to be with him or not and he could do better.  Back and forth, back and forth.  Aye!
Quinn:  You said you wouldn't keep bringing that up.  Besides, we are visiting Ember and she doesn't want to hear this.
Tandra:  I said not in front of Tylyn.  Ember knows about marriage.  She didn't settle.  You don't want to hear my thoughts, you should make a change.
Ember (embarrassed for her cousin): I am pretty sure I hear Erwyn coming down the stairs. 
Quinn (mumbling under her breath): Saved by the child.

Ember was right, Erwyn was coming down the stairs. Erwyn enters the room which relieves Quinn for the time being.  She is happy to see her family.
Erwyn:  Hi.  Where's Tylyn?
Tandra:  Tylyn?  Don't you see Aunt Tandra here?  Come give me a big kiss. 
Ember:  Yes, Erwyn.  Give Aunt Tandra and Cousin Quinn a kiss and a hug.  Then you can ask questions.
Erwyn:  Okay. 

Tandra picks up Erwyn to squeeze her while Quinn waits patiently for her turn.
Tandra:  Você é tão doce.  Eu te amo.
Erwyn doesn't understand the first thing Aunt Tandra said, but she has heard the second enough to be able to respond in kind.
Erwyn: Te amo.

Erwyn then gets passed to Quinn who gives her a hug and a kiss too.
Quinn:  You are getting so big. 

Tandra (to Ember):  She needs a brother or sister, no? Any men in your life?
Ember:  Not right now.  I'm busy.  Maybe some day, when I'm ready.  Right now my business and Erwyn are keeping me busy.  I have time.
Tandra:  You say that now, then you blink and poof, the time is gone.  Don't wait for some day, Minha Querida.  Some day can be tomorrow.
Ember knows it's easier to just raise one objection with Aunt Tandra.  Continuing to state her case is always useless once Aunt Tandra has decided she is right.
Ember:  Yes, I guess it could be.

Erwyn:  Cousin Quinn, where is Tylyn?
Quinn:  Oh, Honey.  I'm so sorry.  She is with her father today.  We'll have to make arrangements to either come visit again or you can come visit us. 
Tandra:  Yes, you can stay over and your mother can go out and have some fun.  Meet some people.
Quinn:  That would be nice.  You can come over and stay the night.  Tylyn would be thrilled. Would you like that?
Erwyn:  Yeah!
Ember:  Excuse me?
Erwyn:  I mean, yes, thank you. 
Quinn (laughing):  Honey, my mom always corrected me too. 

Erwyn walks over to her mother.  She is disappointed she has no one to play with like she expected.
Erwyn:  Can I go back to my room now, please?
Ember:  Sure you can.  I'll call you down soon for a snack, unless you're hungry now.
Erwyn:  No, I'm not.  I'm going to my room now.  Okay?
Ember:  Okay.

Erwyn heads back upstairs and the ladies keep talking to catch up.
Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Tandra is so blunt and gets straight to the point like some of my own relatives. But I truly understand with wanting the best for Quinn. The young parents today needs to get it together. Ember has a really nice home to raise Erwyn in. Do you have a backstory about Ember and Erwyn's father? I love all your stories and always looking forward for the new installments.

    1. Thank you, Kat. Tandra is pretty blunt.

      Ember is a widow who lived out West with her husband, Evan. She had no family out there, other than her husband and daughter. Evan died a little over a year ago in a car accident. Ember stayed in the house and at her job for a while before she decided to move back East to be with her family. She figured it would be good for Erwyn and good for her. She had quite a bit of money from the life insurance, having saved money and selling the house so she could move, buy a townhouse (which she has been remodeling) and start her own modeling/talent agency.

      I really should work on a who is who page to add these backgrounds and show a relationship chart. I do want to get that posted one of these days for reference.

  2. I just love Aunt Tandra! She is the perfect Aunty! She makes me laugh. Quinn has her hands full with her Mama for sure! I really enjoyed this story. Looking forward to the next one!

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. Poor Quinn. But at least she has siblings to commiserate with. You'll meet them soon.

  3. Erwyn is such a sweet child! Hahaha, Aunt Tandra is great! I love this dialogue and the room with the black and white theme, very chic and modern!

    1. Thank you, Linda. Yep, Aunt Tandra is something else.

      Thank you for you compliment about the living room.

  4. Fried corn and shrimp with yellow onions and red peppers? Oh, yum! My Mom makes that, too.

    Ah the joy of family relations! The love, the concern, and the needling - ack! Aunt Tandra is fun to watch, but definitely a handful ;-)

    1. Thanks, D7ana. My husband made it for me once. Not as a casserole, but in a frying pan. Delicious combination.

      I guess it's good family members are concerned, but sometimes it would be nice if they just didn't chime in.

  5. Did someone repaint Quinn? If so, it's a good repaint. :)

    1. Hi, Barb. Yes, Donna Anne Masi at Fantasy Dolls by Donna repainted Quinn and Leera (you haven't met her yet) for me based on my specifications. She can be found on Etsy. She is very reasonable for such lovely work. She just posted several dolls which are reasonable and tempting me. Here is her link in case you want to look (

  6. Hello from Spain: I like Aunt Tandra ! Great story and fabulous furniture. I just discovered your blog and really like. I also collect Barbies and furniture in 1:06 scale. I love your blog. Great job. I invite you to visit my blog: If you want to keep in touch. I became a follower of your blog.

    1. Hi, I do read your blog and I follow you on Flickr. Thank you so much for liking my blog.

  7. That monochromatic room is gorgeous! Excellent job on it.

    1. Thank you, Muff! I feel like I am so much more creative with designing rooms in a small scale. Maybe one day I'll get it right on 1:1 scale instead of being so boring and neutral.


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