Friday, September 18, 2015

Henna's Design Consultation for Select Spaces

Henna is meeting with a new client, who is opening an event space with a unique concept.  She was shown to one of the four similar small buildings on the site by an assistant.  While she waits, she looks around at the layout.
Henna (to herself):  Hmmm.  This is an interesting set up.  I love a challenge, so we'll see how this goes. 
 As she is looking around, her phone rings.  It's her assistant, Carly, so she answers it.

Henna:  Hi, Carly.  I'm at my client meeting with Mr. Balducci right now.  Since you know my schedule, I'm assuming this is important.
Carly:  Yes, it is.  We have a problem at the Wright Corporate Complex. 
Henna:  Okay.  What happened?
Carly:  The contractor is frustrated with some changes from the project manager for the Wright Company.  He said that he wasn't hired to put up with last minute changes and someone else bossing him around.  He understood the layout you provided, but now the PM is checking every little thing and causing a fuss.  So he is walking off the job.
Henna:  He is our major contractor and we give him a lot of our projects.  Did you remind him of that?
Carly:  Yes, I told him he was going to be in breach of contract and we are not issuing additional payments if he leaves.  But he said he didn't care.
Henna can see Mr. Balducci approaching, so she has to get off the phone.
Henna:  Okay, Carly.  I need to get off the phone now.  But, please contact Ms. Brewer at the Wright Company, apologize for the issue and reassure her we will not send Leed Contracting back again.  Then I need you to start figuring out who we have available to get over there.  I'll be back in the office within two hours and we'll go from there.  Okay?
Carly:  Yes, I'll get right on it.  Good luck with your meeting.
Henna:  Thank you.  I'll see you shortly.  Good bye.

Henna puts her phone back in her bag right before Mr. Balducci enters.
Mr. Balducci:  Hello, Ms. Richards.  Welcome to Select Spaces.
Henna:  Hello, Mr. Balducci.  It's a pleasure to meet you.  I am pleased you are interested my design services.
Mr. Balducci:  Please, call me Dominic or Dom.  I know it's a business relationship, but I am trusting you with my baby, so we can be on a first name basis.
Henna:  Certainly.  Please call me Henna. 

Henna: So, tell me about your 'baby.'  I see the four buildings, the small spaces and that you have painted everything white so far.  These are interesting structures.  What is your vision for Select Spaces?
Dominic:  Thank you.  I think they will suit the purpose.  They are structures removed from houses on a condemned street in the city.  I'm repurposing them.  We kept the frames. 

Dominic: We had to remove the windows and doors because they couldn't be salvaged and we are going to add walls over here to extend the space just a little.  As you can see, they kind of form a plus sign being across from each other.  That should allow for privacy and lessens the chance of guests being disturbed by noise from other guests.

Dominic: I am starting small because this is a new concept .  Until I can find a better way to scale it, all guests will have to make reservations.  We'll offer blocks of time to be reserved.
Henna pulls her notepad out of her bag and her tape measure so she can jot down some important items.
Henna:  That sounds organized.  What type of set up are you envisioning?
Dominic: Great question.  That's the crux of why we are 'Select Spaces.'  The idea is to provide different set ups for specified needs.  So there will be a Social set up, a Romantic set up, a small group dining set up and  one for business.  We can accommodate only small numbers of guests for each and they will need their own specific furniture so that the space is reflective of the event.  Does that make sense?

Henna is taking notes as Dominic talks so she can capture his concept.
Henna:  Yes.  You need to be able to set a scene that appropriately conveys the occasion based on the four types you offer, including holidays and, if you so desire, the seasons. 
Dominic:  Yes, that's the idea.
Henna:  Are you looking to stay with white as your only base color?
Dominic:  Yes. I figure these are blank spaces and we can easily change the colors.
Henna: I think staying with white is okay, but I would suggest adding another neutral color, like black for accents.  White can sometimes be too stark.
Dominic:  I'm open to any suggestions you have.  You're the professional and that's why I am going to pay you.

Henna:  Thank you.  I'm going to take some measurements to go with my notes and quick layout information.  That will help me to narrow down window, door and furniture suggestions along with the décor.
Dominic:  Sure. Can I help you?
Henna:  Thank you, but no.  I am very specific about how I gather information.  Please just give me a minute to get the measurements and jot some things down and then we can wrap up some details from this initial consultation.
Dominic:  Okay.  Do your thing.
Henna takes measurements, writes notes, jots down some fast drawings to help her with her design ideas when she returns to the office.

Henna:  I will mock up some ideas for each setting.  Once I have that ready, we will meet again to start discussing materials, furniture and décor.  I already have an idea for the doors and a reasonable vendor from which to get them. 
Dominic:  I do need to get this done as soon as possible.  Although I did have someone bring these in and I painted, I don't know how to install items.
Henna:  I always work with a contractor and include the cost as part of the quotation.  We will work to meet your deadline.  Meeting the deadline will depend on your making decisions within a timely manner so I can get the orders placed and the items delivered.
Dominic:  I'll make the time.  If I'm idle for too long, we lose money and I'm already in the process of developing marketing plans.

Henna: I just want to double check some notes and then I'll be on my way to get things started. I will also provide you contract information and a payment schedule as part of the quotation.  Today is a consultation.  Once you confirm you will accept my services, I will require a deposit.
Dominic:  Okay.  Just let me know how much.
Henna reviews her notes.  She is very thorough since her business depends on it. 
Henna:  I seem to have all I need at this point.

Henna extends her had to shake Dominic's.
Henna:  We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with design services. I am certain you will be pleased with my proposal and ability to help you to bring your vision to fruition.
Dominic:  Thank you for coming and helping me.  I was referred to you, so I know you're the right designer for me.
They shake hands and Dominic walks Henna out.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Great post! Henna is so professional and looks great too! I love the photo where she looks at the notes, it's very realistic.

    1. Hi, Linda. Thank you. Henna is quite the professional and well dressed. I made the dress and paired it with the jacket Madison originally wore when she arrived (years ago).

  2. Phyllis, I hope you read this. I was on my phone when I saw your post and went to hit 'Publish', but accidentally hit 'Delete.' I am so sorry I could not retrieve you comment.

    In response to your post, I have to say that I'm looking forward to seeing what Henna does with the space too. This will be interesting. :-)

  3. Hi Jaye, great post, I love your dialogue, and the pictures are great!

    1. Hi, Billa. Thank you. There is something about natural light that just makes things better. Now if I can just replicate that indoors.

  4. I posted, but for some reason it did not go through. Nice post! I was so hoping that you would show more of Select Spaces. The concept sounds great.

    Henna is sharp and very professional! Looking forward to seeing more of her.

    1. Thank you. It's so weird, I didn't even get notice of this posting like I usually do. I just found it in Blogger.

      There's more to come for Select Spaces. But it looks like Henna needs a contractor to handle the job first. Stay tuned.

  5. The concept of Select Spaces sounds like a great ideal and wishes we had something like that in 1:1 scaled. Henna looks like she is all business and the My Scene purse was a nice touch to her attire. The small tape measure is my favorite item that Henna had and would like to know where did you get it? Good story as always. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

    1. Thank you, Kat. I wish I had the money. I'd open a 1:1 version. I bought the tape measure on Ebay. I searched for 1/6 scale tools in the Toys section, specifically under Action Figures. I bought some really cool, realistic tools. The only thing that would make that tape measure any better, is if it had real tape you could roll out. But it doesn't.

  6. Great post! You really kept me interested. I am intrigued by this 'Select Spaces' concept and can't wait to see how it developes and what Henna does with it. Again, great post.

    1. Thank you, Chris. Henna is planning away, but I think some other clients have her busy. Especially when she needs a new contractor. But she'll pull through. I have faith in her.

  7. Ooh, I like the sound of this project. I love Henna's little portfolio and tape measure.

  8. I like a lady who knows her business and keeps on top of things.

  9. Thank you, Muff. Henna doesn't play.


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