Sunday, September 6, 2015

Settling Down for the Night

It's late on a Friday night and time for Erwyn to get ready for bed.  It's been a long week for Ember, so she is tired and ready for some relaxation during the weekend.  She is expecting her aunt and cousin to visit her Saturday, but she also has some cleaning to do in the morning, so she needs rest.

Ember is in the bathroom getting the shower ready for Erwyn.

Ember:  Erwyn!  Come on!  The water will be hot in a minute.  I told you it's time to shower and get ready for bed.
Erwyn (from her room):  I'm coming, Mommy. 

Erwyn arrives in the bathroom. She's reluctant to get ready for bed.
Erwyn:  Mom, can't I stay up a little longer?  Pleeeaase??
Ember:  You need to stay on a schedule, Honey.  You know how you can sleep late if I let you. You need to be able to get up during the week and I don't want to ruin that on the weekend.  Maybe for a couple of days when you have a long enough break from school, but not now.
Erwyn:  Awww! 
Ember:  The water is ready.  Take your clothes off and hop in.  I'll hand you the soap.
Erwyn undresses and gets in the shower.
Ember (to herself):  I really need to wash my hair, but not until tomorrow. But I guess I'll get it ready by taking it out of this bun.
Ember gets out a comb and some hair dressing.

Ember looks at her hair in the mirror. 
Erwyn (singing):  I have to take a shower.  I want to stay up late.  My mom won't let me.  Oh, what a sad day.  And tomorrow is Saturday.  But I will get up, I know I can.  Even if I stay up...late.
Ember:  Nice song and nice try.  But it won't work, Honey.   

Ember lets her hair out and massages her scalp. 
Ember (to herself in the mirror, out loud): As usual, the curls are stretched out. I wish I could just wear them comfortably as a professional, but I don't want my big hair distracting anyone.  Oh, well.
Erwyn:  Mom, are you talking to yourself again.
Ember:  I sure am.  But I'd rather talk to you. 

Ember starts combing her hair.
Ember:  So we are having company tomorrow.  That should be fun.  Aunt Tandra and Cousin Quinn are coming over to visit. We haven't seen them in a while.
Erwyn:  Is Tylyn coming too?  I can show her my new room.

Ember: Maybe.  That depends on whether she is visiting her father or not.
Ember gets tired of standing and decides to have a seat on the toilet (with the lid down).

Ember: That will be nice, if you show her your room.  I like your room.  Do you like it here, in this house?
Erwyn:  It's nice, but it's not like where we lived before.  Not like with Daddy. 
Ember (sighs):  I know, Honey.  It's not the same, but you'll get to see your aunts more often and keep making new friends, right?
Erwyn: Yes, I guess so.
Ember:  It takes time to have new memories and fun times, Honey.  But they will come. You'll see.

Ember starts braiding her hair into two braids. 
Ember:  Are you washing everything?  Don't forget anything.  We'll wash your hair this weekend.  I just don't feel like it right now and that will just keep you up longer.
Erwyn:  I got everything.  I'm almost done.
Ember:  Okay.

Just as Ember finishes her second braid and is wrapping the band around it, Erwyn announces she is finished.
Ember:  Okay.  Let me get your towel.  I'll get the water.  You can just leave the soap on the floor, as usual.  I really need to add a lower soap dish.
Erwyn:  So I can put the soap back myself?
Ember:  Yes, that would be helpful.
Ember reaches into the shower to pick up the soap and turn the shower off.  She gets a little wet and dries herself off with her own towel first.
Erwyn:  Hey!  I need a towel too.
Ember (laughing):  I know, I know.  Just let me get off this little bit of water.
Ember finishes getting most of the water off herself and then wraps Erwyn in her towel.

Ember:  Alrighty then.  Let's get you into some pajamas, Young Lady.
Erwyn: Can you read me a story too?
Ember:  Just a short one.  No stalling.  You need rest and so do I.
They head to Erwyn's room where Ember dries her off, lotions her up and helps her put on her pajamas.

Ember pulls back Erwyn's covers and then sits on the bed.
Ember:  What short story would you like me to read?

Erwyn:  One in this book.  (Pointing to her book of fairytales)
Ember:  Bring it on over.
Erwyn (looking at her doll):  Good night, Tiana.
Ember:  Good night, Tiana.  You are most welcome to listen too while I read.
Erwyn:  She said, "Okay."
Ember has Erwyn sit beside her while she reads a short story.  After she's finished, she gets up and has Erwyn lie under the covers while she tucks her in.

Ember leans down to give Erwyn a kiss and a hug, which Erwyn happily accepts.
Ember:  I love you so much.  Never forget that.
Erwyn:  I know, Mommy.  I love you so much too.

Ember heads out to her own room.
Ember:  I hope you and Tiana have a good night and sweet dreams.
Erwyn:  We will!  Good night, Mommy.
Ember:  Good night, Honey.
Ember turns off the light and heads to her own room, hoping she has sweet dreams too.
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  1. Aww, such a sweet bedtime story! Reminds me of when my daughters were little and I read to them every night. Erwyn's bedroom is really cute.

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. My son would usually cuddle up next to me on the sofa before bedtime to be read to, and then he'd fall asleep.

  2. Such a cute story Janai, and I adore your dioramas....WOW!

    1. Thank you, Billa. I'm trying to improve my skills. I'm enjoying the practice and the challenge.

  3. This is a super sweet story...Love it! Nice job on Ember's bathroom, too. Your attention to detail is superb.

    1. Thank you, Jewell. Have you ever visited the Roville site? Every time I see her dios, I just want to run out and find all of these detailed items. She never ceases to amaze me with what she finds. I want to have dios like that.

  4. The bathroom and bedroom looks great! I love all of the details that you put in your dioramas. Very precious story.

    1. Thank you, Georgia Girl. Other detailed dios continue to inspire me to want to watch for those little things.

  5. Sweet story. I really like you bathroom. Did you make the shower? Very nicely done.

    1. Thank you, Chris. Yes, I made the shower. I don't know if I'll ever try one like that again, it was trying. I had a specific vision, but I like the way it turned out after I came up with adjustments.

  6. The rooms look great, and the story was so sweet, I really enjoyed it :-).

  7. Very nice! I enjoyed their night time routine and convo.

  8. Cozy bathroom! Pretty sure I've seen your work on Flickr, too.

    1. Thank you, Barb. I really need to take some more photos. I have to get better with lighting. I am enjoying Flickr and all the wonderful things I see from people.


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