Sunday, October 11, 2015

Redecorating in the Matthews' Home

Grayson and Cyann are spending Sunday evening relaxing in their living room.  Brenna is in her room and Brooklyn is on the floor playing. 

Grayson: Aw, Man! Come on!  How did he miss that catch?  It came right to him.
Cyann:  Uhuh.  Maybe he's having a bad day.
Grayson:  The whole team is having a bad day.
Cyann (focusing on what she's doing on the computer):  Mmmm.  Yup.  Sounds like it.

Grayson:  You know, it's nice being able to sit on the floor.  This new sofa is pretty comfortable for my back.  Are you going to get new chairs too, since we got rid of the other two that were in front of the fireplace?
Cyann:  I'm trying to figure it out.  I like this new set up, but I don't like that we can't sit in front of the fireplace.  And it's getting cold, so we'll be turning it on soon. Maybe I'll get a love seat so we can cuddle in front of it.
Grayson:  Or a bear rug to lay in front of it?
Cyann:  Let's not get crazy.

Grayson:  I've been thinking, we should get a bigger TV.  The game would look better on a bigger screen.  Look at how hard it is to see every play.
Cyann:  Gray, I can see the screen just fine.  But if you want a bigger TV, let's get one.

Grayson:  As long as we're upgrading, I want some surround sound too. 
Cyann:  Surround sound?
Grayson:  Yeah.  Just think about when we watch movies.  It will be just like in the theater.
Grayson looks down at Brooklyn who has crawled over to him and propped herself up on his leg.  She whines for some attention.
Grayson:  What's wrong, Baby? 

Cyann:  I'll look through the ads.  We're heading into Christmas, so there should be some deals.  I'll send you links to some sites.  We can go look around next weekend, if you want.
Grayson:  Okay. 
Cyann:  Do you have a budget in mind?
Grayson:  No, let's just price some things out and see what they cost.
Cyann:  Okay.

Cyann:  Was that a touchdown?
Grayson (grudgingly):  It sure was...for the wrong team. 
Cyann:  Oh.  (pauses for a minute) So speaking of budgets, do you think we can fit a holiday party into our budget?

Grayson:  Cy, we just had a party.  We're going to have to buy gifts for Christmas.  You want to buy some new furniture.  I don't think it's a good idea to have another party so soon. 
Cyann:  But you had a good time at the last one.
Grayson:  I did and it was for a good reason.  We're supposed to be saving for vacation too next year.  So no more parties, unless you plan on getting a job to pay for it.
Cyann (frowning):  Okay.  No parties right now. 
Cyann goes back to reading on her laptop.

Grayson (laughing):  Well, that ended that quickly.
Cyann:  It sure did.  My job is here with the girls.  Oh, and taking care of your every need as the dutiful and loving wife I am...Dear.  My most important job.
Grayson: Finally you get it. 
Cyann just rolls her eyes at Grayson.  She knows he's joking as much as she was.

Post Story Notes

I made the sofa, courtesy of instruction from My Froggy Stuff.  I removed two chairs, a table and a sofa from the living room.   I am working on my furniture making skills, so the Matthews get to benefit a little until I can start getting the apartments done. 

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Great job on the sofa Jaye, it looks comfortable and realistic. The conversation was great too, this is such a lovely couple with a very cute baby :-).

    1. Thank you, Linda. I am going to do better next time, but I thought it looked good enough to use.

      Brooklyn is always busy.

  2. Nice...... can't wait to see more. A bigger tv hah..... ok let me see wa u wrking with, go Grayson... Keep up the good work :)

    1. Thanks, Ladonna. As long as they are upgrading, he may was well get something he wants.

  3. Fabo job on the sofa! I know the rest of the place will be really nice...especially with the new furniture and huge TV. I remember sitting on the floor watching television with my husband a million years ago. You'd have to get a crane to lift us, if we tried that now! LOL

    1. Thank you, Brenova. I still sit on the floor every so often. It lets you spread out a bit.

  4. Love their new sofa. The color combo is really nice. I enjoyed their family time together. What is it with guys? They always want bigger tvs and surround sound.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. I don't know why everything has to be big and loud. But they make things like that, someone has to buy it. :-)

  5. You did a great job on the furniture and decoration! Everything looks great! They make a great couple. Brooklyn is so precious....she wanted her daddy's attention. Too cute! Love your storytelling, it is always on point!

    1. Thank you, Georgia Girl. I truly appreciate that you enjoy my stories.

  6. Grayson seems like a good man. I like him. Your sofa looks great and perfect scale. I also like the color scheme. :-)

  7. Thank you, Grandmommy. Cyann loves him, so I guess Grayson is a keeper.


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