Friday, November 27, 2015

White (?) Christmas

Taren:  Hmm.  Where would this look best?  We don't want to walk into them.  Rather low ceiling.  This is going to be interesting.  I can make it work.
From the side:  Hey!  Sorry I'm late.  Just getting used to being able to move.  This is so much better.
Taren (turning her head):  Well, at least some help has arrived.

Song: Hi! I'm Song.  And you are?
Taren: I'm Taren.  Hello.  I'm glad you're here.  We need to start getting set up.  Lots to do.
Song:  So I see.  So where are we?

Taren:  Well, first, you are not dressed in the right color.  This is a White Christmas theme with some silver mixed in to make it pop.  Maybe a touch of black, like that sign which clearly says, "White Christmas."
Song:  Hmmm.... Well, I know we are going to wear white, but that's only once the scene is ready.  For now we are decorating, so it really doesn't matter.  Besides, this outfit is pretty cool.
Taren:  You look like you're ready to go fight someone for the chance to have some food.  Or better yet, you look ready to take out someone who's been oppressing people.
Song:  Really?  Well, I still think I look good and this is comfortable enough to work in.  Besides, I hear the designer is still working on the clothes we're going to wear, so we'll have to wait anyway.  So back to what we're supposed to do.
Another voice from the side:  Hi!  I'm so excited to be here.  I'm happy to help all I can.

Taren and Song turn to look.
Taren:  Hi.  What's your name?
Waverly:  Hi!  I'm Waverly and I love it here!  This is going to be great!
Song:  Yes, this should be fun.
Waverly:  I heard there were four volunteer spots for the Christmas set up this year and only the ladies without written, active lives could participate.  
Taren:  Yes, and that means lots of camera time for us.  So maybe that will mean we'll become overnight successes and the viewers will demand to see us more often.  Which means we'll be assigned something quicker than we expected.  That's why I'm here.

Song:  Maybe. (pauses)  I hate to point out the obvious, but Waverly is not wearing white either.  Hence my point.  We are not ready to be dressed yet.
Taren:  If you say so, but I see nothing wrong with being dressed appropriately, even just for the set up.  
Song:  Uhuh.  If you say so.  I'm going to have a seat while we figure out what to do.
Waverly (looking and walking toward the other side of the room):  Wow!  Now that is so pretty.

Taren:  Yes, it is a pretty color, but that doesn't belong here either.  We'll have to ask the guys to remove this so the right color tree can be brought in.
Waverly:  But this one is pretty.
Taren:  I guess I must continue to remind everyone, the theme color is white, with some silver for beautiful accents and maybe a touch of black like the sign on the wall.  We have to do a good job on this.  Always keep in mind, camera time, future lives. We have to make an impression!
Yet another voice from the side, but this time a masculine one.
Voice:  Hi, Ladies!  Just act like I'm not here.  I'm going to get this stuff on video.

Taren:  Hello.  Who are you?
Dallas:  I'm Dallas.  I'm going to be the official videographer for this Christmas scene.

Taren:  Well, that is unfortunate, Dallas, because this is for a blog and while I say this with all due respect, Miss Jaye has no idea how to make a video.  So she is going with still photos.
Waverly:  Hi, Dallas!  I think videotaping would be so nice.  I'm willing to do whatever we are supposed to, but I have to agree, I also heard it was still shots.  Which I like too.  They are so nice to put in a book.
Dallas:  Darn!  I was hoping this would get me a videographer job.  I'm tired of watching from the sidelines and thought I'd take control of my own destiny.  You know, just like the rest of you want, a life and screen time.

Taren:  Sorry, Dallas, but we need a photographer, not a videographer.  
Song:  No matter what you use to capture us, I'm sure we'll look good.  But according to the plan design, I do think it's for a camera.  Do you have a camera?
Dallas:  As a matter of fact, I do.  
Dallas walks out for a minute and comes right back.

Dallas:  Okay, Ladies.  We're are good to go.  Except, I only see three of you and according to the aforementioned plan, there are supposed to be four.  Where is number four?

Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see.  Will the proper tree arrive?  Will the ladies get their theme appropriate clothes?  Will Dallas be able to get his career started with a camera instead of a camcorder?  When will number four arrive?

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Some Thanksgiving Day Prepping

It's Saturday, late afternoon, and Ember is going to start baking for Thanksgiving.  Erwyn is with Cyann who picked her up to take her and Brenna to see a movie and grab something to eat.  Syren, Ember's younger sister, is visiting to keep Ember company while she bakes.

Syren:  Hey!  I like that artwork on the wall. You can be inspired during breakfast.  Nice.
Ember (laughing):  Yes.  Erwyn likes looking at those too.  I guess she does get inspired.
Syren:  Smart girl.  Just like her aunt.

Ember:  So, I see you brought some wine.  Is that for today, for drinking, for cooking?
Syren (smiling):  Well, it's certainly not for cooking, unless you count it as help to get through the cooking. 
Ember:  Okay. Then have a seat and I will get you a glass.

Ember turns to get Syren a wine glass while Syren takes a seat.
Syren: Get yourself one too and we'll toast.
Ember:  To what?
Syren:  Something.  There's always something to toast to.  Maybe we can toast to baking for Thanksgiving.  I'm looking forward to dinner.

Syren:  After a glass or two, who knows.  I may be inspired to come up with a new recipe.
Ember:  Yes, because you're a real life Betty Crocker whose muse is a bottle of red.
Syren:  You never know.
They both chuckle.

Ember returns with the glass and the bottle opener.
Syren (pointing at Ember):  That's a good idea for baking.
Ember:  What's a good idea?
Syren:  Wearing a full apron dress, instead of just an apron.
Ember stops before opening the bottle of wine.  She gives Syren a look of annoyance.

Ember:  I'm just wearing a dress.
Syren:  But it looks like a smock.  Really, Ember?  You dress so well when you're out, why do you dress like a housemaid instead of the mistress of the house when you're home.
Ember:  Because I'm comfortable.  I'm home and I'm not trying to impress anyone.  You sound like Aunt Tandra.
Syren:  That's because she knows how to dress, even when she's home. (Realizing there is only one glass on the table).  Hey, aren't you going to have wine too.
Ember: No, I'm going to have some sangria I've been working on.  If it tastes good, I'll make some more for Thanksgiving.
Ember opens the bottle of wine, pours it, then turns to head to the refrigerator to get the sangria.

Syren:  So, back to the smock slash apron slash dress you're wearing.  You are making excuses for dressing so dowdy.  
Ember:  I am not.  Can't I just wear what I want to wear?
Ember pours her sangria and sits down.
Syren:  It's not you.  You have more style than this.

Ember:  Can't we talk about something else now?  Like maybe what we can do with Mom while she's here?
Syren:  Sure.  But, I just have to say, you are making excuses.  You never dressed like that before, even when you were home.  I know you've changed.  I know you've been through a lot, but you don't have to become this dowdy, at home chick.

Ember:  What are you talking about?  People change.  They discover new things they like all the time.  I don't need everyone mothering me.  I am a mother and I don't even harp on my own child like that.
Syren (looking concerned):  It's not mothering.  It's asking my sister to be herself.  Don't be mad at me for trying to encourage you.
Ember (smiling in a comforting way):  I know.  I'm not mad.  I just need to do things at my own pace.  Okay?
Syren (pauses for a few seconds):  Yep. So, I guess we can talk about Mom now.  I'm picking her up Tuesday.  We'll get a late lunch.  You are welcome to meet us.
Ember:  I'll see.  Well, I should start mixing things up.  It's going to be a while.
Ember stands up and heads to the refrigerator to get the milk.

Syren:  Henna said she won't be home until after six, so Mom and I will probably hang out and do some shopping.  
Ember:  She may as well since she's staying through Christmas.
Syren:  Well, now it's until after New Year's.  I hope Henna can deal with her that long.  She's not annoying, but you know how Henna loves her personal space.
Ember: Yes, and according to her, she also likes to have company.
Syren:  What com...?  Oh!  Well, I like company too when I can get it.  Maybe you could use some too.

Ember turns around and shoots Syren a look.
Ember:  Don't even start.  But if you're going to start something, maybe that something could be helping me bake.
Syren (frowning):  Okay.  But after another sip or two.  I need my inspiration.

Well, it looks like the sisters are preparing for Thanksgiving and the arrival of their mother.  I wonder what Ember's baking.  I hope she makes sweet potato pie too.

Thank you for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Henna and Parker Meet

Parker was happy to receive a call from Henna about a possible steady contracting opportunity.  A steady income will enable him to save up some money and get his own place.  Since Henna still needs to get a proposal into the hands of Dominic Balducci, owner of Select Spaces, she asked Parker to meet her there.  

Henna:  Hello, Parker!  Thank you so much for meeting me.  How are you?
Parker:  Hi.  I'm doing well.  I'm glad you called. It's nice to see you again.
Henna:  Yes.  It's nice to see you as well.  I'm hopeful that this will work out for both of us.
Parker:  Me too.  I'm willing to start small so you can see my work and then decide if you want to keep using me for other jobs.

Henna:  Good.  I will need you to quote me your labor costs so I can include them in my quotation.  I want you to be honest, there is no need to low-ball yourself to get the work.  My clients know that they are getting the best and they are willing to pay for it.  
Parker:  I will keep that in mind.  (looks around) So tell me about this place.  It's interesting.
Henna:  Yes, it is.  Mr. Balducci, the owner and my client, is looking to have these four buildings look exactly the same.  As you can see there are no doors and windows yet.
Parker:  Those are easy enough to put in.  

Henna (pointing to the side window):  Over here, I am thinking about some Fermatex windows. They will need to be special ordered and all of the windows and doors will be painted black.  So although the buildings are already painted white there still is some painting to be done.
Parker:  Okay.  I can include the paint, unless you have a special request for a particular brand.
Henna:  I would just like you to use something that will last and not chip easily.  And the paint needs to be sealed.
Parker:  Of course.  

Henna turns to point to another area on the building.
Henna:  In this area, I am thinking that a monitor or some sort of board can be placed so that the guests' names and event can be on the board.  Do you think  you can run electrical wiring behind here?
Parker:  Yes.  Fortunately, I do have my electrician license.  I can drill through the back or just rip open the wall, replace it and paint over it if I need to.
Henna:  Okay, that's good.

Parker:  You will have to decide where you will house the controls for the monitor.  Will you use a keyboard or remote control?  If it's a television, where will you place the cable?  I'm assuming cable will be suggested, right?
Henna:  Yes, if the client goes in that direction, I will suggest cable.  We will have to figure that out so that it doesn't interfere with the guests' experience.
Parker:  I would suggest that as long as I have to drill through, I add a covered box with a lock behind each building for the staff to access and control.  
Henna:  That sounds like a good idea. We also need to be sure to extend the floor and walls just a little for social space.
Parker:  I see.  Well, blow this out and put up some sturdy walls over here and add a ceiling.  That will take a little while since I have to add the base of the floor, but I can knock it out.
Henna:  Just let me know what type of materials you will use when you put together your quote.  I like to include the details so the client won't feel surprised.
Parker:  Sure.  No problem.

Henna (pointing to the ceiling):  We need lighting.  I would like to suggest two levels of lighting since there will be social gatherings and romantic as well.
Parker:  Okay.  In that case, instead of a dimmer, I can add two light switches, each with the same amount of lights on it.  So you have 100% and 50% lighting levels.  But the lower lighting will still be bright enough to see.
Henna:  Once the light fixtures are selected, we'll be able to get those up.    

Henna:  So, we have four buildings to get done.  The client would like them finished as soon as possible.  He understands things don't happen overnight, but I would like to have these ready by Thanksgiving.  He may be able to work on booking Christmas events.
Parker:  Okay.  I think we can do that.

Henna (picks up her book):  I'd like to meet with you again to discuss your quote and timeline.  Do you have any idea how long it will take you.  
Parker: I'll have to go to the lumber yard and the hardware store.  I have a quick job to finish, but I can get that done tomorrow, right after I finish working.  I'll need a little time to work out the amount of building materials, and figure out time to complete building and setting windows and doors.  I'll probably need one guy to help me, so I'll calculate the labor.  Can you give me four days?
Henna:  Yes, that will be fine.  You can meet me at my office.  Please call my office number and Carly will schedule an appointment.  Do you have my office number?
Parker:  Yes.  Thank you.

Parker (he offers Henna his had to shake):  I look forward to working with you.  I promise you won't be disappointed.
Henna:  Great!  Thank you again for meeting with me.  I look forward to seeing you soon.  

They shake hands and go their separate ways.  It looks like Parker will have some work to do and Henna may have solved her main contractor issue.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Monday, November 16, 2015

Jye & Zenia's First Catalog Shoot Photos

Jye and Zenia had their photo shoot.  They modeled some fall/winter collection items from the up and coming designer, Leera Medina.  Leera sells her clothing line under the brand name, LeeMa (pronounced Lee-mah).   For now, Leera keeps her line simple with ready to wear items, but she does intend to branch out into other types of clothing designs such as couture or evening gowns.  Leera just wants her line to become known first, so she is taking it slow.

Although Leera did drop by to see how the shoot was going, we didn't want to take away from the girls and their photos, so today, we are just going to see the shots and some copy writing from the catalog.  In addition to modeling the items designed under the LeeMa brand, Jye and Zenia each modeled an outfit for the catalog's generic brand (some name that started with an 'M').

This one piece  dress can be worn during the day with the belt around the waist to cinch it.

Just add an evening bag after work and you're ready for fine dining.

The belt is versatile and doubles as a scarf for those days when you want to switch up your look.

This lovely off the shoulder dress will still keep you warm and well dressed for a day in the office.

This look will quickly become a 'go to' for those days when you want to be warm and sexy.

Adding the right purse is a fashionable must.  

Summer may be over, but that shouldn't stop your ability to show off that toned stomach or (dare we say it?) piercing.

These pieces are great together or you can mix and match them with other items in your 'Diva' closet.

Another option for keeping warm and toasty.  A sweater with a soft feel and a soft look.  Feel free to mix it up.

Add a simple skirt to dress up this sweater or jeans to dress it down.

Heading out to the ice for a little skating?  One of these numbers is sure to draw some warm bodies to you.

This dress/skating outfit comes in two bright color selections with a touch of fur to add a touch of class. They also go well with hot cocoa.

Thank you for checking out the catalog shoot.  Zenia and Jye had a great time and they are really looking forward to more assignments.

We are glad you stopped by.  ~ Zenia, Jye and Jaye

Friday, November 13, 2015

A Few New Items for Christmas

I started shopping today to start knocking down my Christmas list.  I'm getting there...and getting broke too.  I also can't help but look to see what is available as I start setting up for Christmas scenes as part of my decorating.  It took up a small shelf unit where I usually have photos displayed.  

I have to start planning the scenes early which means I may not even get a Thanksgiving scene in. Maybe next year. We'll see.  I'd probably be more encouraged to set one up if I could master making my own food.  

Anyway, I headed to Walgreen's to look for a record player ornament (which I did not find) and found something else instead.  Sweater type ornaments.  They only had one style, but it's decent.  I love that it did not come on a hanger and all I need to do is remove that red string meant to hang it on the tree and cut open the back and add a hook or Velcro.  

This sweater ornament only cost me a $1.  So, what the heck, I bought two.  They could fit the girls, but I am going to see if a couple of the guys want to wear them.   Besides, I am sewing sweaters (and knit outfits) for the girls, but not the guys. So I guess they deserve some holiday specific items if they want them.

I also found the two Build-A-Bear collector packs (thanks for the reassurance that they existed, Vanessa) I wanted for the girls.  I had to sneak them in so those little girls didn't run up on me again.   
 This pack only has two stuffed animals, but I guess since you get another box, you don't get the third animal like in the pack below.  Didn't they know I could duplicate the box, so they could have provided the third animal?

I have to stop spending so much so I can replenish my funds.  But I know that the sales right after Christmas will still suck me in.  I already ordered the new articulated Barbie Look - Night Out doll.  I am waiting for the Made To Move Black Barbie to show up so I can get her.  Sadly, I keep saying I will not buy another doll because I already have so many who need to start showing up in stories, why add more?

So I think my New Year's resolve (yes, I need until then to get it together) will be to only buy items for dioramas in 2016.  No new dolls!  Just food, flooring, walls, furniture and things that will help me actually finish all of these living spaces, businesses and stores, I plan to create.

Okay, enough rambling.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Grayson Upgraded the TV

It's Friday evening and Avery and Craig Hamilton have just stopped by the Matthews' home to pay them a short visit.  Grayson opened the door and let them in.  

Grayson:  So what brings you two by this evening?
Craig:  I know I'm coming to watch the game with you Sunday, but since we were out, I was hoping to get a look at the new TV that will allow us to enjoy the activities.
Avery:  I hope it's okay.  We should have called first.  We won't stay long.
Grayson (laughing):  It's okay.  Well, let me give you the grand tour.  Have a seat.

Avery and Craig sit down as Grayson starts explaining what he bought and why - the larger television with HI-DEF picture and clarity, the surround sound with two speakers that make you feel like you're there and the unexpected plus, the Play Station.

Craig: You went all out to improve the total entertainment experience.
Grayson:  I sure did.
Avery:  It's really nice. 
Craig:  I'm looking forward to watching every play.  Don't forget, I'll grab beer and wings on my way.  Everything will be fresh, hot and cold.
Grayson: Yep, I'll have the other food all ready. 
Craig:  So are there any other features?

 Grayson:  It has picture in picture.  So we can see a couple of things going on at once.  The main screen will have the sound.  The picture is just like you're there too.  As much as she tried to act like it's just a toy for me, Cyann likes it too.

 Cyann (just walked in): Yes, I admit I like it too.  Hey, you two.  What brings you by this evening?
Avery and Craig say hello.
Avery:  We were having some alone time, some dinner to just be us.  We were on our way home and Craig said he wanted to drop by for a few just to check out the new television.
Craig:  Don't forget the surround sound.
Cyann:  Of course. Well, I'm glad to see you.  So where's Aviana?

Craig: Having Parker around is coming in handy.  He's home with her.  I took my beautiful wife to dinner.
Cyann:  Aww!  That's great.  Take advantage all you can, before he leaves.  Speaking of which, did he find a permanent job yet?

 Craig:  He's been out there.  Some people don't really want to pay and he needs to be able to afford his own place.  But he's been working and lining some things up.
Avery (to Craig):  Don't forget he may have a steady opportunity soon. 
Cyann:  Oh, that's good. I hope it works out.
Avery:  Well, Henna called me the other day and asked for his number.  She lost a contractor and needs a new one who is reliable.  Parker told me he is going to meet with her and discuss what she's looking for and see if it's something he wants to do.

 Grayson:  Tell him I said good luck.  I don't know Henna well, but I can see she is serious about her business.
Cyann:  She is.  She worked hard to build it.
Grayson:  So, speaking of you ladies and business, my Play Station also has this neat microphone.  You're welcome to use it for karaoke.
Cyann:  Gray, I don't see how that ties in to the conversation at this point, but thanks for sharing.
Grayson:  It's connected.  You'll get it.
Cyann:  Sure.  Of course. 
Grayson sits beside Cyann.

Avery:  The room is looking good.  We are doing just a little changing too because of trying to make room for Parker to get a little comfortable.
Craig:  It's getting a little cramped and he's cramping my style.  After Avi would go to bed, we'd have the run of the house to be two consenting adults.
Avery:  Craig!  Really?

Cyann and Grayson laugh. 
Grayson:  It's okay, Craig.  Hey, speaking of consenting adults, whatever happened with Marlin?  Did she manage to get her hooks into him?
Avery:  No.  I am supposed to invite her over for dinner.  We've all been so busy, I haven't been able too.  And I feel bad.  She has called.  I can tell she is trying not to be a pest, but I can also tell she is anxious.
Craig:  Well, we can find a way for you to keep your word soon.  Maybe instead of having her at the house, we can go to dinner.  That way you don't have to plan a meal.
Avery:  But I cook anyway, so it's only one more person for dinner. 
Craig:  Yes, but the apartment is not as tidy as you like it.
Avery:  True.  (looks at Cyann and Grayson) You know, we were only supposed to stay for a few minutes.  It's time for us to head home. 
Avery stands up and Craig stands up with her.

Craig:  Sorry about that.  We can go argue about dinner plans in the car.  But I'm planning on dessert and it won't be ice cream (he winks at Avery).
Avery:  I love you, Honey, but save that for when we're alone.
Craig:  Okay.  Sorry, Babe. 

Craig:  Thanks for letting us take a look.  I think I have some upgrading to do.
Avery:  Yet another conversation for the car. Let's go, Honey.
Grayson:  You two are funny.  I'll walk you to the door. 
Cyann:  It was nice you stopped by.  Have a good night. And, Craig... enjoy your dessert.
Craig (smiling):  I will!

Grayson walks the Avery and Craig to the door while Cyann heads to the bedroom to relax.

Here is a closer look at the television (I made), the surround sound control box, the Play Station and its accessories and a game.  It's so cute.  Do you see the motion camera in front of the TV for the Play Station? 

As always, I appreciate your stopping by. ~ Jaye