Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Grayson Upgraded the TV

It's Friday evening and Avery and Craig Hamilton have just stopped by the Matthews' home to pay them a short visit.  Grayson opened the door and let them in.  

Grayson:  So what brings you two by this evening?
Craig:  I know I'm coming to watch the game with you Sunday, but since we were out, I was hoping to get a look at the new TV that will allow us to enjoy the activities.
Avery:  I hope it's okay.  We should have called first.  We won't stay long.
Grayson (laughing):  It's okay.  Well, let me give you the grand tour.  Have a seat.

Avery and Craig sit down as Grayson starts explaining what he bought and why - the larger television with HI-DEF picture and clarity, the surround sound with two speakers that make you feel like you're there and the unexpected plus, the Play Station.

Craig: You went all out to improve the total entertainment experience.
Grayson:  I sure did.
Avery:  It's really nice. 
Craig:  I'm looking forward to watching every play.  Don't forget, I'll grab beer and wings on my way.  Everything will be fresh, hot and cold.
Grayson: Yep, I'll have the other food all ready. 
Craig:  So are there any other features?

 Grayson:  It has picture in picture.  So we can see a couple of things going on at once.  The main screen will have the sound.  The picture is just like you're there too.  As much as she tried to act like it's just a toy for me, Cyann likes it too.

 Cyann (just walked in): Yes, I admit I like it too.  Hey, you two.  What brings you by this evening?
Avery and Craig say hello.
Avery:  We were having some alone time, some dinner to just be us.  We were on our way home and Craig said he wanted to drop by for a few just to check out the new television.
Craig:  Don't forget the surround sound.
Cyann:  Of course. Well, I'm glad to see you.  So where's Aviana?

Craig: Having Parker around is coming in handy.  He's home with her.  I took my beautiful wife to dinner.
Cyann:  Aww!  That's great.  Take advantage all you can, before he leaves.  Speaking of which, did he find a permanent job yet?

 Craig:  He's been out there.  Some people don't really want to pay and he needs to be able to afford his own place.  But he's been working and lining some things up.
Avery (to Craig):  Don't forget he may have a steady opportunity soon. 
Cyann:  Oh, that's good. I hope it works out.
Avery:  Well, Henna called me the other day and asked for his number.  She lost a contractor and needs a new one who is reliable.  Parker told me he is going to meet with her and discuss what she's looking for and see if it's something he wants to do.

 Grayson:  Tell him I said good luck.  I don't know Henna well, but I can see she is serious about her business.
Cyann:  She is.  She worked hard to build it.
Grayson:  So, speaking of you ladies and business, my Play Station also has this neat microphone.  You're welcome to use it for karaoke.
Cyann:  Gray, I don't see how that ties in to the conversation at this point, but thanks for sharing.
Grayson:  It's connected.  You'll get it.
Cyann:  Sure.  Of course. 
Grayson sits beside Cyann.

Avery:  The room is looking good.  We are doing just a little changing too because of trying to make room for Parker to get a little comfortable.
Craig:  It's getting a little cramped and he's cramping my style.  After Avi would go to bed, we'd have the run of the house to be two consenting adults.
Avery:  Craig!  Really?

Cyann and Grayson laugh. 
Grayson:  It's okay, Craig.  Hey, speaking of consenting adults, whatever happened with Marlin?  Did she manage to get her hooks into him?
Avery:  No.  I am supposed to invite her over for dinner.  We've all been so busy, I haven't been able too.  And I feel bad.  She has called.  I can tell she is trying not to be a pest, but I can also tell she is anxious.
Craig:  Well, we can find a way for you to keep your word soon.  Maybe instead of having her at the house, we can go to dinner.  That way you don't have to plan a meal.
Avery:  But I cook anyway, so it's only one more person for dinner. 
Craig:  Yes, but the apartment is not as tidy as you like it.
Avery:  True.  (looks at Cyann and Grayson) You know, we were only supposed to stay for a few minutes.  It's time for us to head home. 
Avery stands up and Craig stands up with her.

Craig:  Sorry about that.  We can go argue about dinner plans in the car.  But I'm planning on dessert and it won't be ice cream (he winks at Avery).
Avery:  I love you, Honey, but save that for when we're alone.
Craig:  Okay.  Sorry, Babe. 

Craig:  Thanks for letting us take a look.  I think I have some upgrading to do.
Avery:  Yet another conversation for the car. Let's go, Honey.
Grayson:  You two are funny.  I'll walk you to the door. 
Cyann:  It was nice you stopped by.  Have a good night. And, Craig... enjoy your dessert.
Craig (smiling):  I will!

Grayson walks the Avery and Craig to the door while Cyann heads to the bedroom to relax.

Here is a closer look at the television (I made), the surround sound control box, the Play Station and its accessories and a game.  It's so cute.  Do you see the motion camera in front of the TV for the Play Station? 

As always, I appreciate your stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. You did a nice job on the "Jaye Vision" TV! Did you make the other stuff too? You are really moving along with your dios and stories. I need to get busy too! I have been working on organizing, so hopefully, I can get started on some more dios too.

    1. Thank you for that, Phyllis. I feel like I am behind. I have to catch up so I can get to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm so not ready and it's November already. The I made the TV stand, but I painted the DVD player and the PlayStation is from the PlayStation anniversary pack. I bought all six, so some of the other guys will benefit once I get some more apartments made.

      I'll stay tuned for your new dios.

  2. Ok...so where's Kaye's Electronics located? LOL That tv ensemble is ca-ute! Your family will love it. I was tickled with Avery and Craig's playful banter ( more than Svery, though). Great episode. Looking forward.....

    1. Thanks, Brenova. Craig is funny. I think that's why he and Grayson get along so well.

  3. That's an amazing job you did on the television set, it looks very realistic! I love the "Jaye Vision" sign on it :-D. The conversation was also great as always!

    1. Thank you, Linda. Grayson wanted a brand name TV that said he could afford the best. LOL!

  4. you did a great job on the TV set, great detail! Grayson really cracked me up, he keeps on talking about his tv whatever le subject of the conversation is....

    1. Thank you! I wish I could have made it so I can slip scenes in and out of it, but maybe next time.

      Grayson is happy about his latest big purchase.

  5. Great job on the tv!!! When I first saw it I was thinking "I wonder where did she get that tv from". The whole room looks great! You always pay special attention to details and I love it! Craig is something else. :-) What type doll is he? He is cute!

    P.S. Jaye Vison is the perfect brand! :-)

    Happy Sunday!

    1. Thank you! I had to think about that brand name. LOL!

      Craig is a Power Team guy. He is cute.

  6. Boys and their toys...great job on the TV and other entertainment pieces. It's nice to see the guys getting something cool to enjoy.

    1. Thank you! I am trying to remember the guys have needs too. I think they are happy to be included.


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