Monday, November 16, 2015

Jye & Zenia's First Catalog Shoot Photos

Jye and Zenia had their photo shoot.  They modeled some fall/winter collection items from the up and coming designer, Leera Medina.  Leera sells her clothing line under the brand name, LeeMa (pronounced Lee-mah).   For now, Leera keeps her line simple with ready to wear items, but she does intend to branch out into other types of clothing designs such as couture or evening gowns.  Leera just wants her line to become known first, so she is taking it slow.

Although Leera did drop by to see how the shoot was going, we didn't want to take away from the girls and their photos, so today, we are just going to see the shots and some copy writing from the catalog.  In addition to modeling the items designed under the LeeMa brand, Jye and Zenia each modeled an outfit for the catalog's generic brand (some name that started with an 'M').

This one piece  dress can be worn during the day with the belt around the waist to cinch it.

Just add an evening bag after work and you're ready for fine dining.

The belt is versatile and doubles as a scarf for those days when you want to switch up your look.

This lovely off the shoulder dress will still keep you warm and well dressed for a day in the office.

This look will quickly become a 'go to' for those days when you want to be warm and sexy.

Adding the right purse is a fashionable must.  

Summer may be over, but that shouldn't stop your ability to show off that toned stomach or (dare we say it?) piercing.

These pieces are great together or you can mix and match them with other items in your 'Diva' closet.

Another option for keeping warm and toasty.  A sweater with a soft feel and a soft look.  Feel free to mix it up.

Add a simple skirt to dress up this sweater or jeans to dress it down.

Heading out to the ice for a little skating?  One of these numbers is sure to draw some warm bodies to you.

This dress/skating outfit comes in two bright color selections with a touch of fur to add a touch of class. They also go well with hot cocoa.

Thank you for checking out the catalog shoot.  Zenia and Jye had a great time and they are really looking forward to more assignments.

We are glad you stopped by.  ~ Zenia, Jye and Jaye


  1. Very nice designs! The girls did a great job on their catalog photo shoot. I am sure this will lead to addition jobs for them later.

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. I have two more pieces, but someone will just wear them. I bought a sleeveless sweater at the thrift store for $0.99 and I was determined to use every inch of it. I almost did.

  2. Good job from the models, they will definitely be a success! The clothes are lovely, and versatile, great collection! I also love the little cups the girls are holding.

    1. Thank you, Linda. Those cups are Re-ment that I got in a lot on Ebay. I think 6 in all and all different designs.

  3. Great job on the clothes! It seems that the photoshoot well. They are on their way to the top! Looking forward to seeing more from LeeMa!

    1. Thank you! We all had a good time with it.

  4. Awesome photo shoot! I love the outfits. When the catalog is released, I'm sure many doll-lings will purchase these outfits. Leers has to be pleased, I'm sure.

    1. Thank you! The other girls will put these items to good use. I feel like we are seriously lacking in shirts and sweaters around here. Leera had better get to designing more. :-)


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