Sunday, November 22, 2015

Some Thanksgiving Day Prepping

It's Saturday, late afternoon, and Ember is going to start baking for Thanksgiving.  Erwyn is with Cyann who picked her up to take her and Brenna to see a movie and grab something to eat.  Syren, Ember's younger sister, is visiting to keep Ember company while she bakes.

Syren:  Hey!  I like that artwork on the wall. You can be inspired during breakfast.  Nice.
Ember (laughing):  Yes.  Erwyn likes looking at those too.  I guess she does get inspired.
Syren:  Smart girl.  Just like her aunt.

Ember:  So, I see you brought some wine.  Is that for today, for drinking, for cooking?
Syren (smiling):  Well, it's certainly not for cooking, unless you count it as help to get through the cooking. 
Ember:  Okay. Then have a seat and I will get you a glass.

Ember turns to get Syren a wine glass while Syren takes a seat.
Syren: Get yourself one too and we'll toast.
Ember:  To what?
Syren:  Something.  There's always something to toast to.  Maybe we can toast to baking for Thanksgiving.  I'm looking forward to dinner.

Syren:  After a glass or two, who knows.  I may be inspired to come up with a new recipe.
Ember:  Yes, because you're a real life Betty Crocker whose muse is a bottle of red.
Syren:  You never know.
They both chuckle.

Ember returns with the glass and the bottle opener.
Syren (pointing at Ember):  That's a good idea for baking.
Ember:  What's a good idea?
Syren:  Wearing a full apron dress, instead of just an apron.
Ember stops before opening the bottle of wine.  She gives Syren a look of annoyance.

Ember:  I'm just wearing a dress.
Syren:  But it looks like a smock.  Really, Ember?  You dress so well when you're out, why do you dress like a housemaid instead of the mistress of the house when you're home.
Ember:  Because I'm comfortable.  I'm home and I'm not trying to impress anyone.  You sound like Aunt Tandra.
Syren:  That's because she knows how to dress, even when she's home. (Realizing there is only one glass on the table).  Hey, aren't you going to have wine too.
Ember: No, I'm going to have some sangria I've been working on.  If it tastes good, I'll make some more for Thanksgiving.
Ember opens the bottle of wine, pours it, then turns to head to the refrigerator to get the sangria.

Syren:  So, back to the smock slash apron slash dress you're wearing.  You are making excuses for dressing so dowdy.  
Ember:  I am not.  Can't I just wear what I want to wear?
Ember pours her sangria and sits down.
Syren:  It's not you.  You have more style than this.

Ember:  Can't we talk about something else now?  Like maybe what we can do with Mom while she's here?
Syren:  Sure.  But, I just have to say, you are making excuses.  You never dressed like that before, even when you were home.  I know you've changed.  I know you've been through a lot, but you don't have to become this dowdy, at home chick.

Ember:  What are you talking about?  People change.  They discover new things they like all the time.  I don't need everyone mothering me.  I am a mother and I don't even harp on my own child like that.
Syren (looking concerned):  It's not mothering.  It's asking my sister to be herself.  Don't be mad at me for trying to encourage you.
Ember (smiling in a comforting way):  I know.  I'm not mad.  I just need to do things at my own pace.  Okay?
Syren (pauses for a few seconds):  Yep. So, I guess we can talk about Mom now.  I'm picking her up Tuesday.  We'll get a late lunch.  You are welcome to meet us.
Ember:  I'll see.  Well, I should start mixing things up.  It's going to be a while.
Ember stands up and heads to the refrigerator to get the milk.

Syren:  Henna said she won't be home until after six, so Mom and I will probably hang out and do some shopping.  
Ember:  She may as well since she's staying through Christmas.
Syren:  Well, now it's until after New Year's.  I hope Henna can deal with her that long.  She's not annoying, but you know how Henna loves her personal space.
Ember: Yes, and according to her, she also likes to have company.
Syren:  What com...?  Oh!  Well, I like company too when I can get it.  Maybe you could use some too.

Ember turns around and shoots Syren a look.
Ember:  Don't even start.  But if you're going to start something, maybe that something could be helping me bake.
Syren (frowning):  Okay.  But after another sip or two.  I need my inspiration.

Well, it looks like the sisters are preparing for Thanksgiving and the arrival of their mother.  I wonder what Ember's baking.  I hope she makes sweet potato pie too.

Thank you for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. I cant stand "well-meaning" people. It's an excuse to belittle someone and hide it behind pretending to be helpful. LOL, I think I'm projecting. I should calm down. Syren just reminds me of my family and their cutting/helpful comments. *sigh* You tell a good story, lol, it gets me all involved.

  2. Thank you, Muff. You made me laugh. They are sisters, so they get a little leeway with each other. I'm pretty sure Ember can give as good as she gets, but only when provoked.

  3. I guess Ember says she can walk around butt naked if she wants to..LOL Syren is just lovin on her sister. Please put away a plate for me. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    1. LOL! Right! She sure can, Brenova. It's her house, her rules.

  4. Sisterly love...very sweet story. I look so forward to your Thanksgiving story with the family. Oh and please save me a slice of sweet potatoe pie!

    1. Yes! I love me some sweet potato pie too.

      Thanks, Georgia Girl.

  5. I thought for sure Ember was hiding a baby bump under that dress. Hmmm? I love her little kitchen. Hope they have a wonderful Thanksgiving. You too.

    1. Sorry, Vanessa. Right now Ember is still man-less and going strong with it for over a year. It would be a miracle for there to be a baby bump right now. She seems to like house coats while she's home.

    2. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Vanessa!

  6. Very recognizable conversation :-)! I never tasted sweet potato pie, but it sounds good! Happy Thanksgiving!


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