Friday, November 27, 2015

White (?) Christmas

Taren:  Hmm.  Where would this look best?  We don't want to walk into them.  Rather low ceiling.  This is going to be interesting.  I can make it work.
From the side:  Hey!  Sorry I'm late.  Just getting used to being able to move.  This is so much better.
Taren (turning her head):  Well, at least some help has arrived.

Song: Hi! I'm Song.  And you are?
Taren: I'm Taren.  Hello.  I'm glad you're here.  We need to start getting set up.  Lots to do.
Song:  So I see.  So where are we?

Taren:  Well, first, you are not dressed in the right color.  This is a White Christmas theme with some silver mixed in to make it pop.  Maybe a touch of black, like that sign which clearly says, "White Christmas."
Song:  Hmmm.... Well, I know we are going to wear white, but that's only once the scene is ready.  For now we are decorating, so it really doesn't matter.  Besides, this outfit is pretty cool.
Taren:  You look like you're ready to go fight someone for the chance to have some food.  Or better yet, you look ready to take out someone who's been oppressing people.
Song:  Really?  Well, I still think I look good and this is comfortable enough to work in.  Besides, I hear the designer is still working on the clothes we're going to wear, so we'll have to wait anyway.  So back to what we're supposed to do.
Another voice from the side:  Hi!  I'm so excited to be here.  I'm happy to help all I can.

Taren and Song turn to look.
Taren:  Hi.  What's your name?
Waverly:  Hi!  I'm Waverly and I love it here!  This is going to be great!
Song:  Yes, this should be fun.
Waverly:  I heard there were four volunteer spots for the Christmas set up this year and only the ladies without written, active lives could participate.  
Taren:  Yes, and that means lots of camera time for us.  So maybe that will mean we'll become overnight successes and the viewers will demand to see us more often.  Which means we'll be assigned something quicker than we expected.  That's why I'm here.

Song:  Maybe. (pauses)  I hate to point out the obvious, but Waverly is not wearing white either.  Hence my point.  We are not ready to be dressed yet.
Taren:  If you say so, but I see nothing wrong with being dressed appropriately, even just for the set up.  
Song:  Uhuh.  If you say so.  I'm going to have a seat while we figure out what to do.
Waverly (looking and walking toward the other side of the room):  Wow!  Now that is so pretty.

Taren:  Yes, it is a pretty color, but that doesn't belong here either.  We'll have to ask the guys to remove this so the right color tree can be brought in.
Waverly:  But this one is pretty.
Taren:  I guess I must continue to remind everyone, the theme color is white, with some silver for beautiful accents and maybe a touch of black like the sign on the wall.  We have to do a good job on this.  Always keep in mind, camera time, future lives. We have to make an impression!
Yet another voice from the side, but this time a masculine one.
Voice:  Hi, Ladies!  Just act like I'm not here.  I'm going to get this stuff on video.

Taren:  Hello.  Who are you?
Dallas:  I'm Dallas.  I'm going to be the official videographer for this Christmas scene.

Taren:  Well, that is unfortunate, Dallas, because this is for a blog and while I say this with all due respect, Miss Jaye has no idea how to make a video.  So she is going with still photos.
Waverly:  Hi, Dallas!  I think videotaping would be so nice.  I'm willing to do whatever we are supposed to, but I have to agree, I also heard it was still shots.  Which I like too.  They are so nice to put in a book.
Dallas:  Darn!  I was hoping this would get me a videographer job.  I'm tired of watching from the sidelines and thought I'd take control of my own destiny.  You know, just like the rest of you want, a life and screen time.

Taren:  Sorry, Dallas, but we need a photographer, not a videographer.  
Song:  No matter what you use to capture us, I'm sure we'll look good.  But according to the plan design, I do think it's for a camera.  Do you have a camera?
Dallas:  As a matter of fact, I do.  
Dallas walks out for a minute and comes right back.

Dallas:  Okay, Ladies.  We're are good to go.  Except, I only see three of you and according to the aforementioned plan, there are supposed to be four.  Where is number four?

Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see.  Will the proper tree arrive?  Will the ladies get their theme appropriate clothes?  Will Dallas be able to get his career started with a camera instead of a camcorder?  When will number four arrive?

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Aha, the battle for blog time! Love all the unanswered questions at the end -- leaves us wanting to come back for more!

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. They used to do that at the end of a cartoon. I think it was Underdog. It just popped into my head.

  2. Taren might need to relax just a tad. I think she should have worn something different for set up unless she brought a second outfit.

    1. Hi, Muff. I think Taren is just serious about getting her spot in limelight. She probably thinks she is helping the team perform and is a little over the top about it.

  3. Party planning can be stressful. I agree with Muff that Taren needs to chill. It will fabulous once it is all done! Looking forward to the partee! Lol! Your parties are always so full of detail. I love looking at every one of them. Lol!

    1. Thank you, Georgia Girl. I love parties.

      You're right. Taren does need to chill.

  4. Very cute story! Taren needs to understand that typically dolls with bad attitudes rub people the wrong way, sometimes. I love your Song doll. I can't wait to get one of her.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. Taren does need a chill pill, but I'm sure she means well.

      Thank you. I was so happy to finally figure out how to get Song on an articulated body. I originally thought I needed a Poppy Parker Japan tone (which didn't work and now I have this expensive body with no head), when all I needed was a much cheaper Tris body.

  5. Rarebit has her hands full for sure...although, I agree with Song....get dressed after the setup. Can't wait for the next episode.

    1. I know, right? Who in their right mind messes up their good clothes.

  6. Great story :-). Will the party look like intended? I think it will work out fine, looking forward to it!

  7. Song is lovely. She definitely needs more blog time. I like the tattoos better on her than on Tris. I look forward to the party.

    1. Thank you, Jewell. I think the tattoos are cool. I know some people have used the body and removed them, but I already know how they will be part of who Song is.


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