Monday, December 14, 2015

Crossing Paths

Dominic Balducci sees the light at the end of the tunnel for getting his restaurant open.  Parker and his assistant, Howard Smith, have been working hard to get the four buildings at Select Spaces ready for the grand opening.  

Dominic is interviewing a candidate for an Event Attendant (which is a fancy name for a server).  He spoke with her in his office and decided to bring her out to a building to have a look.  He happens to walk into the same building where Parker and Howard are discussing a small glitch with one of the buildings.

Dominic:  Oh!  I'm sorry.  I was just showing this candidate around.  I can take her to another building.
Parker: No problem.  You actually have good timing.  We were just about to look for you.
Howard:  Yes, we have a small problem in building number 3.  We need you to take a look and make a decision about a rip and replace on an area of the wall.

Dominic:  Is it going to be easy to handle?  It won't set us back from opening as scheduled, will it?
Parker:  No, it shouldn't.  It will just take us a few more hours, but there won't be a delay.
Howard:  I can walk you over and show you so you can see.  We just want to be sure you know about it.
Dominic:  Okay.  Parker, I'll go with Howard.  If you don't mind, I'll leave the candidate here for a few minutes.
Parker:  No problem.
Dominic turns and asks his candidate to come in so he can introduce her.

Marlin, who has been listening at the door right behind Dominic, happily steps in.  She was surprised and happy when she saw Parker.  She is even more happy that Dominic wants to leave her alone with him for a few minutes.

Dominic:  I'm sorry, Marlin, but I just need a few minutes to go look at something.  This is Parker (points to Parker) and Howard (points to Howard).  Would you mind staying here for a few minutes with Parker?
Marlin:  Not at all.  Parker and I actually know each other.  Well, we've met before.  Hi, Parker. Howard, it's nice to meet you.

Howard and Parker greet Marlin, then Dominic and Howard leave to head to building 3.

Marlin:  Imagine us crossing paths here of all places.  It's good to see you again. How have you been?
Parker:  Things have been good.  It's nice seeing you too.  So you are interviewing to work here?
Marlin:  Yes.  I have a job at Lila's, but the pay here will be more if I get hired.  I think I'll be getting an offer, but I just need to hear those words.
Parker:  Well, good luck.  I hope things work out for you.

Marlin:  So you are working here with construction?
Parker:  Yes.  I'm doing some contract work.  
Marlin:  What are you working on right now?
Parker:  Well, I just put in this window and I'm about to put up these shelves.  We're getting down to finishing touches.  Most of the major stuff is out of the way.
Marlin:  Sounds like you're working hard.  What have you been doing for fun when you have off?
Parker:  I usually spend time...

Just as Parker is mid-sentence, Dominic walks back into the building.
Dominic:  Well that wall is really a minimal issue.  Howard is starting to rip already.  
Parker: Okay.  Good.  
Dominic:  Marlin, let's go to another building so you can look around and we can let Parker get back to work. Then we can head back to my office to talk about getting you on board.  
Marlin (pleasantly surprised):  Great!  

Marlin turns to Parker to say goodbye.  She reaches over and touches his arm.

Marlin:  It was really nice to see you again, Parker.  Maybe we can catch up again later.
Parker:  It was nice seeing you too.  It looks like you're getting your offer.  Congratulations.
Marlin:  Thank you.  Well, Mr. Balducci.  I'm ready and excited. 

Dominic and Marlin head back to Dominic's office and Parker gets back to work.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Great story. Is it me or is there chemistry between Marlin and Parker? Hmmmm Anywho, congratulations on being hired Lady M and I'm glad the building work was minor.

    1. Thank you, Brenova. Marlin keeps dropping hints. Not sure if Parker is picking them up. Time will tell.

  2. Oh, I hope Parker and Marlin will become a couple! Great story as always!

  3. Poor Marlin, she is clearly smitten with Parker and he either doesn't know or doesn't care. You've been busy, Jaye. I can barely keep up with the posts. I'm thrilled...and a little jealous lol.

  4. I know, Marlin is throwing hints left and right. Thanks, Jewell. I try to devote time each evening, just so I can stay on time with events in my story lines. But after New Year's I will probably slow down a bit.


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