Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Henna and Carly Start the Day

It's Monday morning, a few days before New Year's Eve, and Henna has just arrived in her office - Henriched Interior Designs.  

Henna:  Good morning, Carly.  How was your holiday weekend?
Carly:  It was wonderful.  I hope you enjoyed yours.
Henna:  I did.  My mother cooked mostly everything for Christmas.  My sisters and niece came over. We had a good time, so it was nice.

Carly:  Nothing like enjoying Christmas with family.  I'm also looking forward to New Year's Eve.  I have some fun plans.
Henna:  Good for you.  I don't have big plans.  Maybe a bottle of champagne while I'm curled up in front of the television with a book.  It's cozy and peaceful.
Carly:  I'm surprised you weren't invited out for the evening.
Henna:  I was, but I don't feel like going out.  I just want to enjoy relaxing.

Carly:  Speaking of enjoying, is that a cup of coffee from my favorite cafe which you brought me to enjoy? 
Henna:  Yes, I got a refill in my cup and a fresh cup for you.  I already added the caramel flavored cream you like while I was there.  
Carly:  Thank you!  I started to stop there myself, but I didn't want to be late.  Besides, those baked goods always call to me.
Henna (smiling):  They are delicious and I think they were waving at me.  But I had to resist.  Well, here's your coffee.

Henna sets down the cup of coffee she picked up for Carly and tells her she's going to head to her office.
Henna:  After you've managed to get a few sips in, please come in so we can meet.
Carly:  Okay.  I'll be just a couple of minutes.
Henna:  In ten minutes will be fine, enjoy some of your coffee before it cools down.  It probably only managed to stay so hot because of this warm weather we're having.
Carly:  Okay.  Ten minutes.

Henna sits down, takes out her laptop and starts reviewing her calendar for the current week and next. Then she switches to her 'to do' list to be sure she has updated it, although she reviewed it Friday morning.

After 10 minutes exactly, Carly comes in and has a seat to start meeting with Henna.

Henna:  Please be sure to try to confirm if our prospective clients are going to attend the open house at Select Spaces.  I'm hoping seeing my work up close and personal will push them to sign a contract. Dominic is more than happy to talk about how pleased he is with the work we did.  
Carly:  That's a win win for us and him.  Free advertising.
Henna:  Yes, it is.  I hope it pays off.  I'll bring business cards.  Please make sure you have a supply in case you happen to overhear anyone ask for one or asking about what we do.
Carly:  I will.  

Henna:  I also need to have copies of the floor plan I drafted for the Richmond's boutique sent over to Eel Electric to review.  We'll need to include that in the updated quote since they are switching to a new property.
Carly:  I'll pull it from the shared drive and get it over.  Do you think the Richmond account will move forward?  They seem to keep changing their minds about where they want to be located.
Henna:  I know.  This is number three and my third floor plan. However, we have a sizable deposit, so I think we'll at least be retained until they are ready to start construction.

Carly:  I like the layout.  It's pretty open.  I can't wait to shop there.
Henna (laughing):  At the rate they are going, you won't have a choice but to wait.
Carly (starts laughing too): I guess you're right.  Then I won't hold my breath.

Henna:  I also need you to send this check out to make the deposit for the furniture order for the MacDougal job.  Their check to us cleared, so we can get that done.  
Carly:  I'll pull up the account and put a copy of the order specifications in the envelope so they won't mix anything up.
Henna:  Okay.  And please update the accounting file for that job to note we sent the deposit.  I'll reconcile when the statement comes in.

Henna reviews a few more important items on her list before she and Carly are ready to end their meeting.  Carly gets up to leave.

Henna:  I just remembered one more thing.  Now that this job is over, I need to formally meet with Parker Hayes.  I like that he worked fast.  Our client seems pleased with the quality and execution and I am too.  I think we have ourselves a main contractor.  So, please set up a meeting with him next week.
Carly:  Great!  I'll take care of it.
Henna:  Thank you for all of your help. 

Carly heads back to her desk to get to work and Henna starts working too.

It's so exciting.  Select Spaces is finally ready to open.  They were planning to open right before Christmas, but decided they may get a better turnout when people are in the partying mood right before New Year's.  We'll see how it goes.

It's almost time for 2016.  Do you have big plans?  ~ Jaye


  1. First, I LOVE this office dio! It's just the type of setting I'd imagine Henna working in. Where did you get the little mini furniture pieces in the glass case? That is so cool. Second, I am so excited to see Select Spaces. I am impressed at how quickly Parker (and you) finished this project.

    1. Thank you, Jewell! I didn't want Henna to have a fit if I didn't meet her expectations. I think I'm good now.

      The furniture is 1/144 scale furniture I bought on Ebay.

  2. The moment chosen for opening is brilliant! I probably am repeating myself but your dioramas are also brilliant, you really have a good eye for details and a good taste!

    1. Thank you so much, Linda! I keep trying to improve and I keep learning. It makes me feel good to hear you say that. Now if I could just master making clothing as good as you.

  3. These ladies know how to run a business for sure. I love the monochrome office and the details are awesome. Have a wonderful New Year!

    1. Thank you, Brenova. I hope you had a good time welcoming in the new year!

  4. Everything looks great as always Jaye!!! I love love Henna's office! Very classy!!! She is such a business professional. She sets her mind to it and makes it happen! Lol!

    1. Thanks, Georgia Girl. She is pretty professional. She is about making her money.


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