Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Am Number Four

The ladies are still getting ready for the White Christmas scene.

Waverly: Look at this box of Christmas cards.  We can put them on the shelves and really liven this scene up.
Song:  Okay.  I just need a minute.  Whew!  This was so much work.  Hanging up everything and reorganizing has been something else.
Waverly:  I know! I have been having so much fun.  We really did a good job.  But let me set this box down so my arms don't fall off.

Waverly:  So I was thinking we could possibly do a few more things with this room.
Taren:  It looks nice, but we need to slow down and rethink those cards.  I think we should make sure only the best looking ones go up.  Maybe ones that fit the theme.  We don't want to mess up the look of the room.

Song (to Waverly):  You know what?  We need to figure out what else we can use.  We're going to be here for a while. I hope they bring in food and drink.
Waverly:  Oh!  That would be perfect.  We can sing songs too while we sit here.  We can practice posing.  We can find so many fun things to do while we pass the time between shoots.
Song:  Uhuh...  That sounds like fun.
Waverly:  Maybe we can even ask about making new cards.  We could make a gingerbread house.  I love those. So pretty and colorful.  I'm so excited.

Taren:  For heaven's sake, Waverly.  There is a theme already.  We are doing a White Christmas.  We can't have all of those colors turning this into the crayon Christmas.  You need to tone it down a bit. All of this excitement and everything is so wonderful stuff.  Sheesh!

Waverly looks down for a second, like she is gathering her thoughts and then she responds to Taren.

Waverly:  You know, Taren?  Your funky attitude is really tiring.  You act as if you are running things around here.  Well you are not.  I may be nice, but I am not going to put up with your speaking to me like that.  We can all work together and make this enjoyable and warm, which is what Christmas is about. Plus I resent your trying to bring me down.  You know nothing about me.  I was once uncared for and discarded to some second hand place.  With blue legs no less.  I was brought to a loving home where I have this wonderful new body and the opportunity to have a wonderful life.  I will always be happy and grateful for that.  So if you don't pull it together, I think you will have a miserable time of things.  Oh, and good luck getting a good life.  Which one of those men would want you and who would want to be your child?  Your life story will be lonely.

Song's eyes are big as she watches in awe how very nicely Waverly managed to tell Taren about herself.  Taren sits silent for a few minutes before she stands up to talk to Waverly.

Taren:  You are so right, Waverly.  I have been horrible and bossy.  I shouldn't have put you down.  I guess I let my prior situation make me controlling and just a little crazy.  I was a cheerleader sitting in a warehouse, unable to even be seen. I wasn't even hand selected for this home, like you were. I was just randomly grabbed from a shelf.  I was lucky to be placed in this loving home too.  But I guess I was so afraid of not getting a life, I let trying to be perfect consume me to the point of being just plain rude.  I am so sorry.  Can you forgive me?  Please?

That's all Waverly wanted.  Some understanding.
Waverly:  Sure.  Let's just start over. 
Taren has tears in her eyes as she leans in and gives Waverly a big hug.
After they hug, Waverly has a seat.

Song:  Well now that we can actually all agree to work together in more respectful manner, let's talk about food.
Taren (laughing):  That's sounds good.  Let's not forget about the drink too.  I'll bet we can have some fun getting a little tipsy together.
Song:  Absolutely.

Dallas:  Sorry to interrupt, Ladies.  I do have something to tell you, but first, can I have some food and drink too when it gets here?  Photography is hard work.
Waverly:  Of course you can.  The more the merrier.  
Dallas:  Great!  I'm looking forward to it.  Spending time with you all.  Getting to know you.
Song:  Dallas, I don't mean to interrupt you now.  But what did you really come to tell us?
Dallas:  Oh, yes.  She is on her way.  Yes.  Your foursome is about to be complete.  But I'm not going to tell you.  I'll let you be surprised.  (Turns his head to look) Here she comes now. I had better get back behind the camera.
Dallas goes back to his photographer duties.

All the ladies heads turn and they are very surprised.  
Waverly:  O! M! G!
Leera:  Hi!  I'm sorry I'm a little late. I'm Leera and I am number four.  This room looks great.  It's so pretty.
Taren:  You're the designer, right?
Leera:  Yes, I am.  I know the group was supposed to be only unassigned ladies, but since I have designed the clothes for the scene, I was able to get a spot.  I am so going to enjoy modeling with you.
Song:  Welcome!  We're looking forward to seeing what we get to wear. 
Leera:  Cool.  The finishing touches are being put on a few items, but we can start getting into the first set of clothes.  So, please follow me and you can introduce yourselves and tell me all about you.

Well, I guess the ladies are off getting changed.  We'll see them again soon.  I'm so proud of Waverly and I'm glad Taren is going to work on doing better.  I thought I was going to have to replace her for a minute there.

Stay warm. ~ Jaye


  1. Glad that Waverly was thoughtful about how she talked to Taran and that they worked it out. It is good when you get things off of your chest. They should be able to work better together now.

    1. Yes, that tongue lashing could have been worse. Waverly was pretty diplomatic, yet stern.

  2. This was a very good thing happening, I'm so glad the girls have made peace. I love Leera's shoes!

    1. Thanks. I made sure to get those shoes in the photo.

  3. Love Love Love!!! It was fun hearing you incorporate the backstories of the dolls and that they worked out their disagreement before Leera got there.'ve inspired me with the characters telling their stories. Kudos! Staying tuned!!

  4. Jaye, this was GOOD!! I loved the backstory and how you told it. It was touching. I hope the ladies keep it together and get along. It sounds like you will have no further troubles out of them. ;-) Your set looks great by the way!

    1. Thank you so much! They seem to be doing much better now that Waverly stood her ground.

  5. I agree with Georgia Girl! The backstory was very touching and I enjoy how you let the story flow.

    1. Hi, Muff. I hope you enjoyed your holiday! Thank you for the compliments.


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