Friday, December 11, 2015

Off to NYC

Fatima Richards, Henna's, Ember's and Syren's mother, has arrived at Ember's house.  She's picking up Erwyn.

Ember:  Erwyn should be down in a few minutes.  She has to finish putting some toys away before she can go.
Fatima (taking off her coat):  Okay.  I can wait.  We can chat.
Ember:  Where's Syren?  I thought she was driving.
Fatima:  She's outside in the car, keeping it warm.  She was having a conversation on the Bluetooth with her friend, Marlin.  Hopefully she'll be done before I get back in the car.

Ember:  Well, those two are pretty close.  I guess they can talk all the time about anything. 
Fatima:  It looks that way and it's nice, but it's hard listening to a conversation when you're not part of it.
Ember:  So let's have a seat while we wait for my child to appear.

Fatima:  I know I've told you before, but I'm so glad you're living here now.  It makes it so much easier to see all my girls, instead of traveling to the West too.  Not that I didn't enjoy seeing you out there too.  But this is really nice.
Ember:  I know what you mean.  I like that we're here too, especially with the holidays coming up.  
Fatima:  So is Erwyn excited about our trip to New York?
Ember:  Ever since you told her, that's all she has talked about.

Fatima:  Syren is acting as giddy as a child too.  We should have a good time.  Are you going to do anything special with your few childless days ahead?
Ember:  I think I will actually relax.  No work.  Wrap up some shopping.  Just enjoy being able to do whatever I want.
Fatima:  That's the spirit!  Take care of yourself and have some quality alone time.

Fatima:  So I really like that color changing tree.  Are you going to put up a tree with ornaments?
Ember:  I have been trying to figure out where to put one.  I love my townhouse, but I have to use the space wisely. I need to make a decision soon though.  Plus, Erwyn had a hard time last year when I put up a tree. It was always Evan's special time with her.  They would decorate together.  So I had to stop mid-way through putting it up last year.  
Fatima:  Well, she just needs some time and a chance to make a new connection and new memories of putting up the tree.  I remember some things I stopped doing for a while when your father passed.  It takes a while.

Ember:  I know.
Fatima (changing the subject):  Well, I saw every room in the house during my last visit, except your business office.  So can I see the room where you make your dreams come true?
Ember (laughing):  Well, it's not Disney, but it will do.  Let's finish your tour then.

They both head downstairs so Fatima can see Ember's office.

Fatima:  I love the colors in here.  This is such a pretty office.  Look at that organization.  You did a good job with the set up.  
Ember:  Thank you.  I don't have Henna's touch, but I can do something simple.
Fatima:  Yes, she does know how to put a room together and make it sing.  But you each have your own talents.

Ember: It could be good genes.  The talent came from somewhere.
Fatima:  Well, I won't argue with you there.  I'm going to have a seat for a second.  I've been running around doing last minute shopping.
Ember:  To be well dressed enough to shop in New York?
Fatima:  Exactly.

Fatima:  I know you said you have two beautiful models right now.  But now that I see their photos, I think you are going to be rich.  You can easily get them work.
Ember:  I hope so.  They are doing pretty well.  They had a recent catalog shoot and now they are both booked for another shoot for the same catalog company.  So the checks are about to start coming in.  They are happy.
Fatima:  I'm so proud of you.
Ember:  Thank you, Mom.  Maybe we should head back upstairs.  Erwyn should be ready by now.

Fatima and Ember go upstairs and Ember calls Erwyn. Erwyn responds that she's coming and then she comes in to the living room to greet her grandmother.

Erwyn:  Hi, Grandmom.  I have my bag and my coat. I'm ready to go.
Fatima:  Are you sure you packed everything?
Erwyn:  Mommy packed for me.  Where's Aunt Sy?
Fatima:  She is in the car, Baby.  Where we should be heading. We're off to New York City.  So get your coat on, give your mom a kiss and let's hit the road.
Erwyn:  Okay, Grandmom.  

Erwyn gives her mother a hug and a kiss.  Her grandmother helps her with her coat and they head to the car where Syren has finished her phone call.  Ember locks up and starts enjoying her time alone.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Nice story! Fatima seems like a very classy lady. She will have her hands full with a little one in New York. I know Ember is looking forward to some "me" time, but I know she will miss her little one while she is away. BTW, I really like that color changing tree too.

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. Ember had better enjoy herself. Full weekends alone don't happen often.

  2. Love Love Love!! Mom did a great job raising her girls and now Ember is carrying on. I absolutely love that living room....the colors are so well put together and serene. I have that tree and it's so much fun in the rooms. Stay cool. Blessings

    1. Aww! Thank you! I really like that tree. I should have bought some more just to put them in our windows. Maybe next year.

  3. Great dialogue as usual, and the living room is amazing Jaye!

    1. Thank you! You can't go wrong with black and white (I think).

  4. The setting is beautiful as always! I love that color changing tree. The photos came out so nice. Your storytelling is awesome! Will you please show a behind the scene pic or two...pretty please? :-) I find it amazing that you are able to keep your rooms together. I have to take mine down to do a photoshoot. I hope to have something set up in the new year where I will be able to leave some of the up.

    1. Thank you so much! A behind the scene pic? Do you mean where the rooms are set?


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