Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Open House at Select Spaces

The Select Spaces Open House is today.  Henna told Dominic that she invited members of her family to it.  As a special courtesy, Dominic has given Henna's family early entry, an hour before the event begins, so they can take their time and look around.  

Things are getting set up and each of the four buildings has one of the four basic set ups offered. There are samples of menu suggestions and additional items based on the type of space set up selected.  None of the display items are for consumption, however, once the actual event begins, the servers will provide samples of several menu items as they pass from building to building. 

Let's join the family on their tours, shall we? 

We'll start in the building with the Romantic Space, where Henna and her mother, Fatima, are chatting.

Fatima:  I also like how they offer candy.  That would come in handy for the man who isn't sure where to get the right chocolate.  Why are these cushions different?
Henna:  The seat on the left has the basic chair cushion.  It will be on the chair for most romantic dinners.  On the right is a sample of a cushion used for the Christmas holidays.  Valentine's Day will have special cushions and there will be other cushions added in for other reasons.
Fatima:  Oh, that's really good.  Keep it fresh.  

While they are chatting the door opens and in walks Tandra and Kelvin Brennan - Fatima's brother and sister-in-law and Henna's aunt and uncle.

After greeting each other, the converse.

Kelvin (to Fatima):  I haven't seen much of you since you arrived.  When can you come to dinner?
Fatima:  I'm sorry.  I have been to your house several times.
Kelvin:  Sure, always when I'm not there or just to grab Tandra so you two can go shopping.
Tandra:  This is a lovely room, Henna.
Henna:  Thank you.
Fatima:  I know.  I've been spending time with my girls and my granddaughter.  You know how it is when you haven't see the kids in a while.  Let me know when you want me to come by.

Tandra (turning to Kelvin):  Honey, we need to make a reservation to eat here.  We need the best package they offer.  The most romantic, then we can go home for the...the...What's that called?  
Kelvin:  What?
Tandra:  When you do the same thing again, but not the same, but after.
Kelvin:  Either it's to be continued or a sequel.
Tandra:  Si. Sequel is the word.  
Henna:  So about that dinner, am I invited, Uncle Kel?

Henna knows her aunt, so before she goes too far, she changes the subject.  

Let's join Syren in the building set up for general or family dining.  She has walked in to find her cousin, Windsor Brennan, looking around.  Windsor is the eldest child of Tandra and Kelvin.

Syren:  We could come here and have this all to ourselves.  That's pretty cool.  Most places only have reserved rooms for large parties.
Windsor:  It's a good idea.  I want to check out the romantic space.  
Syren:  Where is Cameron, by the way?  
Windsor:  He had a shift today at the hospital.  He said there are several surgeries scheduled and the hospital needed more than a few anesthesiologists on deck.
Syren: Oh! So have you checked out this food?

Windsor:  It looks delicious.  I'm a little hungry.  I hope they start passing out the taste samples soon.
Syren:  Me too.  I'm anxious to get a sip of those yummy looking mixed drinks too.
Windsor (laughing):  Well, you may want to get some food in that belly first to soak it up.  Let me take a closer look at these desserts.

After walking over to the table, Syren and Windsor try to get what is is in the dessert in the parfait cup.  In walks Tyquan, Quinn's off and on again boyfriend, carrying their daughter, Tylyn.

Syren:  Hey, you two!  How are you?
Tyquan:  Hi!  We're good.  Just taking it all in.
Tylyn:  Hi!  We're just takin' it aw in.
Syren:  Good idea.  
Windsor:  Hi.  This place is pretty nice, right?
Tyquan:  It is.

Windsor decides she should stop torturing herself by staring at food.  She walks over to see her niece.

Windsor:  How are you, Honey Bunny?
Tylyn:  I'm okay.
Windsor:  You look so pretty in your dress.  You're such a little princess.  
Tylyn:  Thank you.

That's so cute, but we have a couple more buildings to stop by.  Ember and Erwyn are in the building with the social set up.

Erwyn:  Mom, can you drink what's in the glasses?
Ember:  Yes, technically you can, but what's in most of them is only for adults.  This is a nice room to look around, but it's a room for adult parties.  
Erwyn:  Oh.  Well, I like it.  It looks like the last one, but different.
Ember:  Yes.  Maybe we come come eat in the one that's for everyone to use, even children.  Would you like to do that?
Erwyn: Yes.  

As they are talking, in walks Dominic Balducci and Parker Hayes.

Dominic:  Hi, I'm Dominic Balducci, the owner and operator of Select Spaces.
Parker:  Hi.  
Ember:  Hello.  I'm Ember.  I have met Parker before.  It's nice to meet you, Mr. Balducci and it's nice to see you again, Parker.
Parker:  It's nice to see you both too.
Dominic:  You can call me Dominic.  I feel like I should know you.
Ember (smiles):  That's probably because you have been looking at Henna for a while.  She's my sister.
Dominic:  Oh!  Well that would explain it.  It's very nice to meet you.  What do you think of Select spaces?
Ember:  I like it.  Erwyn and I were just talking about having dinner here.

Dominic (offering his hand to Erwyn): I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.  I'm also pleased you would like to be my first customer.
Erwyn (grinning):  Hi.  I'm pleased too. We are going to have dinner here.  But not in the adult room because I can't drink their stuff.
Dominic (tickled by Erwyn's comment):  Well, if you like the way this is set up, you can eat in a room like this.  And I think we can make you a drink so delicious, adults will wish they had it instead of the other ones for adults.
Erwyn:  I like that.
Dominic:  Good.  Well, I hate to run, but I was walking around checking to see how things are before the crowd arrives.  I have to get back to work.  Please enjoy yourself and remember, at Select Spaces, we have a space for you.
Ember: Thank you.

Dominic leaves and Parker has a seat.

Parker:  I just need to rest for a minute.  I was here earlier to check out a refrigerator issue as a favor. They couldn't get a tech in her fast enough. Then I had to run home and change and rush back.
Ember:  I wish I had someone to fix my refrigerator.  It's been acting up.  Not dead, but having some random freezing issues.  I know I need a new one, but I am trying to hold off until it really does die.
Parker:  Well maybe it's just an easy fix or at least a cheaper one than buying a new one.  
Ember:  Maybe.  I'm calling a repairman to see.  But enough of my refrigerator.  How are Craig and Avery?  Are they coming?
Parker:  No.  Craig is at the firehouse and Avery just didn't feel like coming out.

Quinn walks in the door.

Quinn:  Hey, Erwyn!  Hi, Ember. (turns to Parker) Hello.
Everyone greets Quinn.
Quinn (to Ember): Have you seen Tyquan and Tylyn?
Ember:  No, not yet.  We've been sitting here for a while, but I do want to see the other set ups.

Erwyn:  Are you going to look for Tylyn?
Quinn:  Yes.  Do you want to come with me?
Erwyn:  Yes, please.
Quinn:  Okay.  Come on.  Let's go find those two.

Ember stands up since she wants to look at the set ups she hasn't seen yet.

Quinn (to Parker):  By the way, I'm Quinn.  What's your name?
Parker:  I'm Parker.  It's nice to meet you.
Ember:  This is my cousin on my mother's side.  Her father is my mother's brother.
Parker:  Thank you.  Are any of your parents here?  Henna mentioned your mother is visiting for a while.
Ember:  Yes, my mother is here.  You will be able to meet her.  Well, we'd better get going.
Parker:  Of course.  And if you really want to save a buck on that refrigerator, I can take a quick look at it for you.  At the very least, it will save you the service call fee.
Ember:  Oh!  Well, thank you.  Before I leave, I'll get your number and we can set up a time for you to look at it.  I appreciate it.
Parker:  No problem.  

They all leave the building.  Quinn takes Erwyn with her and finds Tyquan in the building with the romantic set up.  Henna heads over to the building with the business meeting set up.  Her mother and sister are there.  They all sit down and chat.

Ember:  I know this is going to be a shock, but I have a date.
Fatima:  A date!  Really?  With who?
Ember: With a gentleman I met while visiting a client, the catalog company.  I kept running into him when I went to visit for meetings.  He works in the sales department as an account executive.  He asked me a couple times and at first I said no, but I changed my mind.

Henna stares at Ember.  She's wondering what prompted this, but she's also excited to hear her sister is ready to date again.

Henna:  What made you change your mind? 
Ember:  He's attractive and although I don't feel drawn to him, I thought at least it would be a way to break the ice and try dating.  I won't be so crushed if it doesn't get past the first date.

Fatima:  Good idea.  When are you going and do you need a sitter?
Henna:  That is a good idea.  You may as well get all the sitting you can while Mom's still here.  Erwyn can come over and we'll do some girly stuff.
Fatima:  Really?
Henna:  Ember is going on her first date in a long time.  We have to support her.
Ember:  Thank you!

The ladies continue to chat about Ember's date and then it's time for the event to begin and the food and drinks to be sampled.

Thank you for taking a tour of Select Spaces.  I'm sure we'll see more of it. ~ Jaye


  1. Lovely Lovely Lovely... Nice dio, the outfits r great everything looks so good

  2. Parker is either a world-class gentleman or he's sweet on Ember. First, it was offering to carry Erwyn to the car and now he's offering to fix the refrigerator...just sayin'. I look forward to seeing who her date is (because I'm nosy like that- lol) And I'm loving Select Spaces!

    1. Hi, Jewell. Parker is quite a gentleman. Ember's date may be interesting. I wonder where they are going. Thanks!

  3. Wow, you did a great job on Select Spaces. I look forward to seeing some stories play out in these spaces. I am also real curious about Ember's date and I agree with Jewell about Parker showing an interest in her!

    1. Thanks, Phyllis! I wish half my ideas would work out in the human world. Maybe I will come up with something that will translate. Hmmmm.

      Oh, and I love that Parker is such a gentleman.

  4. I love Select Spaces, quite an interesting concept!

  5. Select Spaces looks great! It is the perfect name choice...very clever! That is great that Ember has a date. I can't wait to see who it is. I hope everything works out for them.

    1. Thank you, Georgia Girl. It's about time Ember got out there.

  6. Love the idea of Select Spaces. That should be a hit. Everyone is looking very nice. So funny that your Tyquan seems to be just like my guy who has the same face. On again, off again with his girlfriend. I guess he's just not the really committed type no matter what town he lives in. Too funny.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! That is funny. It's the look. LOL! Tyquan has an identical twin, Tyson, who is completely opposite. He's been with Isis less time and he's ready to commit to her. Hopefully, one day Tyquan will learn a lesson and cut it out.

  7. Wow, it looks great! Can't wait to read more about Ember's date!

    1. Thank you, Linda. The date could be interesting.

  8. Love the Select Spaces concept, you did a great job with each of them. Look forward to the stories each space will inspire!

    1. Thank you, Chris. I'm hoping so fun and informative stuff will happen there.

  9. Whoa! Impressive design! Everything (and everyone) looks so polished.

    1. Thank you, Muff. I think the social space is my favorite.


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