Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Seiko Arrives

Trillian is home with Emiko, her youngest daughter, working on Christmas decorations.  She is trying out the new tree topper for size.  Her husband, Shin, and their two other daughters, Amorie and Cameo, are picking up Shin's 18 year old sister, Seiko at the airport.  

Trillian:  So, what do you think of the tree, Mik Mik?  Do you like the star on the tree?
Emiko:  Tah tee.
Trillian:  Yes, is it pretty?
Emilo: Pree!
Trillian:  Well, we still need to put up lights and ornaments, but we'll get there.  Mommy needs free hands, though.  So it's time for you to get down. 

Trillian sets Emiko on the floor and puts her toys in front of her.
Trillian:  Do you want to play with your phone?  
Emiko:  Fo fo.
Trillian hears the door open and stands up to welcome Seiko.  Seiko and Cameo walk into the room.

Cameo:  Mommy, Aunt Seiko is here! 
Seiko:  Thank you, Cameo.  Hi, Trill.  How are you?
Trillian:  Hi, Honey!  How are you?  Come give me a big hug!
After they hug, Seiko picks up Emiko and gives her a hug and a kiss.  Then they all have a seat.

Trillian:  So how was your flight?  
Seiko:  I had to take more than one and they were long.  I was so glad to get off the plane this last time.  And I am happy to spend the holidays here. My parents are nervous, but they understand. You would think I was still a baby.
Trillian:  Well, you are their youngest and a girl.  
Seiko:  I know, but I'm with family.  Shin acts like my father anyway, so it's like I still have a parent around.
Cameo: But he's my father.  
Trillian (laughs):  Yes, he is baby.  Auntie Seiko just means that that he treats her like a little girl.
Cameo:  Oh!

Shin:  I don't treat her like a little girl.  I treat her like she's my sister.  
Trillian:  Of course you do.  Where's Amorie, Shin?
Shin:  She had to go to the bathroom.  Seiko, I'll put your bag in the girl's room with the others.
Seiko:  Thank you.  
Shin picks up the bag and takes it to the bedroom.  Trillian and Seiko go back to talking and within a few minutes, Amorie walks in.
Amorie:  Mommy, where are the lights and stuff?
Trillian:  I didn't put them up yet.  I'm working on it.  See the new cushions and the decorations on the walls.  
Amorie:  Yes.  They are pretty.
Trillian:  Thank you, Honey.  

Seiko (to Emiko):  You have grown so fast.  I've only seen pictures of you or get to see you on video chat.  You are so cute.  Do you even recognize me from the computer?
Emiko: Pua.
Seiko:  Yes, from the computer.  
Trillian:  Amorie, come have a seat and keep your aunt company with your sisters, please.  Mommy needs to fix dinner.

Trillian:  I'll be in the kitchen if you need me.
Seiko:  Thank you. (to the girls) So, who is going tell me what you have been doing lately?

Well, it looks like Seiko is going to enjoy some family time in the States during the holidays.  She has been to the US only two other times in her life.  But she and her parents have been fortunate that Shin has always tried to visit in Japan as often as possible.

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  1. Hello from Spain: great pics. Fabulous Christmas decoration. .. We keep in touch

  2. Cute story! Love the Christmas decorations. Are Amoire and Cameo twins?

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. They are not twins. Amorie is a year older than Cameo.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks. I love children when they are that small. Not enough to have another one, but sometimes I am tempted.

  4. Loving your new decorations- the wall art and pillow. What a beautiful family and I think Shin is really handsome. I especially love all of their names!!! Great story...Staying tuned.....

    1. Thank you. Shin is handsome. I don't usually like guys with long hair, but for his good looks, I will take it.

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  5. Great photo story as always! I love family gatherings. This is very sweet that Seiko has come for the holidays. She is very pretty. Your Christmas decorations looks great! I plan to put up a diorama for the holidays but have yet to do the first thing. Your stories are inspiring me to get busy on something even if it just a holiday pic.

    Happy Holidays!!

  6. Thank you. There's still time to at least take a shot. Maybe Vino and his three (ex)wives. Now that would be a photo.

    Happy Holidays!

  7. Nicely decorated and told! I love all the family portraits on the wall.


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