Friday, December 18, 2015

Sibling Holiday Photo Time

Trillian is waiting for her sister, Jadyn Garrett, and her boyfriend, Marcel Peters, to arrive. She and Jadyn are going to take sibling photos together for the holidays.  Shin is at work and Amorie and Cameo are in school.  While she waits, she chats with Seiko.

Trillian:  When Emiko wakes up, she'll probably whine a little.  She's usually thirsty.  She can have milk and I left some cut up fruit on the counter in a container.  If she decides she doesn't want the fruit, she can have some crackers.  
Seiko:  I will take care of it.  She won't be upset you aren't here, will she?
Trillian:  Maybe, but she'll calm down.

The door bell rings.
Trillian:  Well, there's Jadyn now.
Seiko:  I can't wait to see her.
Trillian:  I may as well check on Emiko one more time while I'm up.

Trillian gets up lets Jadyn and Marcel in.  She greets them and then heads to check on Emiko while Jadyn and Marcel head to the living room.

Jadyn:  Wow!  You are so tall now.  I'm older, I'm supposed to be taller.  You look great, Seiko!
Seiko (laughing): Yes, I'm too tall for you to boss and push me around now.  
Jadyn:  Hey, I gave that up years ago.  

Jadyn and Seiko give each other a hug and kisses.  Jadyn introduces Marcel and she and Seiko have a seat.

Jadyn:  So, how long are you going to be here?  We can hang out.  
Seiko:  I plan to stay at least through the holidays.  I would love to stay longer, but I will have to see. My parents wouldn't be happy.
Jadyn:  How are your parents?
Seiko:  They are both well.  Thank you.

Trillian comes back into the room and sees Marcel looking at the tree.
Trillian:  I know.  I need to add some more ornaments.  Don't judge.
Marcel (laughs):  I won't judge.  It's a nice tree.  You look nice too.
Trillian:  Thank you.  Jade and I thought it would be nice to match a little.  

Trillian (whispering):  So, any round and shiny surprises going under the tree for my sister this year?
Marcel (smirking):  I picked out some things I think she will like, but I don't think we're quite at round and shiny yet.
Trillian (laughs at putting Marcel on spot):  I'm just looking out for a sista.  Take your time.

Trillian turns to Seiko and Jadyn.
Trillian:  I hate to break up the reunion, but we need to get going so we're not late for our appointment.  
Jadyn:  Okay.
Seiko:  You both look so pretty.  I look forward to seeing the photos.
Marcel:  Me too.  I hope there are single shots too.  I could use one for my wallet.

Trillian walks over to get her purse.  
Trillian:  Shin will pick up the girls, so I can a little shopping done while I'm near the mall.  Feel free to call me if Emiko gives you any problems.
Seiko:  I'm sure we'll be fine.  We will have some fun and play with her toys.  Don't worry about us. 
Jadyn:  I will also make sure she doesn't call you every ten minutes to check either, Seiko.  
Trillian:  I don't do that.  She's just kidding.

Trillian heads to the door and Jadyn stands up to leave.

Marcel:  It was truly nice meeting you. I hope to see you again.
Jadyn:  We need to take her out to have some fun.  So you'll see her again.  I'll call you, Seiko.
Seiko:  Good.  I'll speak with you soon.  Bye.

Marcel, Jadyn and Trillian head out and Seiko gets her computer to look up some things she may want to do in the local area.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Marcel is so hot! What Kindle of doll is he?
    Great story and pictures. I was just wondering: Seiko is just arrived from Japan and she's already babysitting for her sister in law?!?! Relatives... Lol

    1. Hi, Billa. Seiko doesn't get to visit often, so she is excited to be able to spend time with the children. Even if it means babysitting.

      Marcel is a Flavas doll. Thank you!

    2. I love those decorations for Christmas.I have got those shoes Trillian is wearing in blue color.Great story.

    3. Hi, My Doll Stuff. Thank you for stopping by. Sometimes you have accessories and wonder what you will ever do with them. Then something comes up and that item is perfect. Hence the shoes Trillian has on, just right.

  2. I love what everyone is wearing, and the decorations for Christmas! As always a great story!

    1. Thanks, Linda. I'm loving socks for sweaters, skirts and slip on dresses.

  3. The family pictures show turn out great! Can't wait to see them. The Christmas decorations are coming along nicely. Hope your Christmas is a good one!

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. I was not going to actually take the photos of the sisters and then I saw your comment and thought, "I don't want to disappoint." So I took them. I hope you like them.

  4. I just know that the photo shoot is going to be fabulous. The sisters look very nice and Marcel.......

    1. Thank you, Brenova. Marcel is good looking. I posted the photos. I hope you like them. I think I'm pose-challenged.

  5. Your sets are very nice! Love the sisters dresses!

    1. Thank you, Georgia Girl. I didn't finish all of the holiday clothes I wanted to make, but slip on dresses are my friends.


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