Monday, January 25, 2016

Can She Stay or Must She Go?

Trillian and Shin are sitting in their living talking while Emiko plays on the floor.  Seiko is out with Jadyn and Amorie and Cameo are in their room playing.  Trillian and Shin are in the middle of a serious discussion.

Trillian:  But Seiko really needs your support.  You're her big brother and she looks up to you.  Your parents will listen because they trust you.
Shin:  But if she stays in the States, what will she do? She doesn't want to go to college.  She'll need to get a job so she can get her own place.  We don't have enough space for her to stay long term.
Trillian:  I know, but she is right.  She'll have good opportunities if she can stay.  If you're on board, we can figure it out.

Cameo pushes her new stroller into the room with her new doll - both are Christmas presents.

Cameo:  Amorie said she is reading and I can't play in the room.
Trillian:  Okay, Honey.  Play in here.  
Cameo: Okay, Mommy.

Cameo:  Okay, Baby.  It's time to get out of the stroller.  Mommy will take care of you.
Emiko:  Bay-e? 
Cameo:  Yes, my baby.

Cameo has a seat on the floor.

Shin:  My parents won't be happy, but you're probably right.  I can talk them into it.  It would be easier if she went to school for a while.  She's under 18, so we'd have to ask if she can actually get a work permit if she wanted a job now.
Trillian:  If you're okay with working on her staying, we'll set an appointment with the immigration office.  Get some answers.  I don't want to give up without doing what we can for Seiko.  She's my sister too.

Shin:  I know.  That's one of the reasons I love you.  You have a big heart and family is first. 
Trillian:  I love you too.  Especially when you understand what's important to me.  This is important to me.

Emiko has decided she would like Cameo's doll, but Cameo is not very happy about it.  She moves it out of Emiko's hands and then her reach.  So Emiko starts pushing and pulling to get to the doll.

Cameo:  Stop.  No!  Stop, Mik!  It's my doll.
Emiko:  Dah!  Dah!  My!

That gets their parents' attention.

Shin:  Mik, leave Cameo alone.  Come here.

Emiko doesn't listen and keeps trying to take the doll while Cameo continues to express her aggravation.

Shin (sternly):  Emiko!  Come here right now.

Recognizing the tone in her father's voice, Emiko whines and then reluctantly walks over to him.  He picks her up, kisses her, then sits her on his lap.

Shin:  We can talk more about it later.  I want to have more answers before talking to Seiko or my parents.
Trillian:  Okay. I'll make some calls tomorrow and do some research.  

I hope they can figure this out soon.  Seiko may be crushed if she can't stay.  

I hope the weather hasn't been too bad for you.  Stay warm. ~ Jaye

Liebster Award - Take Two

I participated in the Liebster Award a while ago and recently Brini at Brini's Doll Domain tagged me to participate.  I decided to participate since the questions are different.  However, I  think I will skip creating questions and nominating because I think I nominated a lot of blogs last time (yes, I'm too lazy to look back and see, but I'm pretty sure).

Thank you for thinking of me, Brini!

Below are the rules:

1. Thank the person who present you the award and link back to their blog. - Brini!  Woot!  Woot!
2. Post the award image on your. - Pass.  I'm breaking the rules!
3  Answer 11 questions posted be the presenter (see below) - It's a comin'.
4. Nominate 5 blogs with less then 200 followers (or in my case, those you love) - Skipping
5. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer. - See 4 above
6. List these rules in your post. Inform the people you chose to nominated by leaving a comment on their   blog and link them to your post!  4 and 5 negate this

The 11 questions I selected are:

1.   What is your most treasured doll and why?

I have a doll my mother brought back from Puerto Rico when I was four.  I still have her in her straw skirt. 

2.   What motivates your to continue your blog?

I love the interaction with other people who love dolls, doll stories, sharing about dolls.  I love that people are actually interested in something I have to share.  It's a huge compliment.

3.   What doll challenges have your faced, (limiting, selling etc)?

Definitely limiting my spending.  I want everything now, now, now! I want to make clothes, I have too many fabrics and I cannot resist looking at more when I am in the store.  This has to stop until I use up all the materials I have.  At least that's what I keep telling myself until it sticks.

4.   What new skills have your challenged yourself to in your selected playscale?

I want to design my own clothes for the ladies, which means creating patterns.  I don't know why I find it so difficult, but I do.  But I am going to do it if it kills me (hoping that doesn't happen). 

5.   What was the last item you created or purchased for yourself that you second guess because you rather have a doll time?

Nothing.  If I spend the money, it's because I really want or needs something. So I'm good with it.

6.   How do you decide what to add to your collection?

I just have to want it and it needs to work for me.  I know it when I see it.  I am cheap, so if I am compelled, I go with it.

7.   What was the one doll mistake you made and what did you learn from it?

I think it was not pre-planning my space for all the crafting items I will need.  I'm still trying to figure it out.

8.   Which doll was your holy grail and do feel the same about the doll now?

Perk Colette and yes, I still love her and am glad to have her.  I even invested more in her by getting her eyes re-done.

9.   Has anyone ever giving you a doll gift that you did not know if you should accept it or not?

Yes, a particular person gives me a gift every year.  They are nice dolls, but just not what I am into (not fashion dolls or 1/6 scale).  I don't know how to nicely ask that those purchases stop as those poor dolls just sit in the box.

10. Which doll or item on your wish list that you will no longer pursue?

Is that really an option?  Hmmm.....

11. Which doll will be the doll you have to have this year?

I don't know yet.  I haven't seen one I have to have...yet.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

An Evening at Color Burst

It's Wednesday evening and best friends Syren and Marlin are having some drinks and food at Color Burst.  Despite all its colors and crayons on the wall, Color Burst is a social venue for adults (usually over 18, but parents with teenagers bring them too) to enjoy. Most of their menu items have bright colors, especially their drinks, whether with a kick or without.  

Marlin and Syren are chatting.

Syren:  So, are you going to tell me all about Ember's date?  Do think you saw a spark?
Marlin:  I don't have much to tell.  The gentleman was nice and a good tipper.  I just provided service and minded my own business.  Yes, that's a hint.
Syren (laughing):  Okay.  I get it.  I guess having someone on the inside really isn't working for me.
Marlin:  Not this time.  I love you, but that's all you're getting.

Syren:  How is it working at Select Spaces?  Is it a lot different than Lila's?
Marlin: Yes, so much different.  I get paid more.  The tips are slightly better, but Lila's patron's are paying good money too, so they tip pretty well.  What I like most is that we know a little something about the guests.  
Syren:  Like?

Marlin's cell phone starts ringing.

Marlin:  I wonder who that is.  Hopefully not my mother.  She has been really on my case  lately about being alone.  I mean, I want to be in a relationship just as much as she wants me to be, but not just to please her.
Syren:  Well, see who it is anyway.

Marlin:  I don't recognize the number.  I can let it go to voicemail.
Syren:  Answer it.  You can always get off if it's some marketer. 
Marlin:  Okay.

Marlin:  Hello?...Yes, this is Marlin.  Oh!  Hi, Parker!  How are you?  

Marlin can feel her heart beating faster.  She is very surprised Parker is calling her.

Marlin:  Yes, I would love to go out with you.  When?...Well, I usually work Friday and Saturday.  Those are our busy days, at both my employers.  I could get off, but that won't be for another couple of weeks.  We get our schedules well ahead of time.

Syren (whispering):  Offer to go during the week.  
Marlin:  If you have time a day or evening during the week, that would work...Yes, next Thursday...sure...I'll save your number...what time?...okay, that's good...I am ex...uh..I'm looking forward to it.  Thank you for asking...Okay...yes, goodbye.

Well look who happens to be at the next table.  Jadyn and Marcel have brought Seiko out to enjoy the evening.

Seiko:  I like this place.  Look at the decor.  So nice.
Jadyn:  You'll enjoy the food and the drinks.  Lots of great milkshakes and frosty drinks to enjoy.
Seiko:  It may be hard to pick just one, but I'll try.

Jadyn:  Well, look over the menu and see what looks good.  Not everything is on there.  These are usually the items they are promoting for the month.  We can ask for the full menu too.
Seiko:  Okay.  I'll start with this one.  It's just nice being out.  Not that I haven't enjoyed being with my brother, Trillian and the kids, but I want to see things while I'm here.

Marlin:  I can't believe it!  Parker has finally asked me out.  I was hoping he would want to go out with me.  I didn't think he was interested for a minute there.  I was thinking I wasn't making myself clear enough when I kept trying to let him know I'm a fun person.
Syren:  Sometimes you have to be patient.  Congratulations!  Where are you going?
Marlin:  He said he would find a place and let me know by Tuesday.  That way I can plan accordingly.  He said he understands that women like to plan their outfits ahead of time.
Syren:  How considerate of him.  Aren't you glad I told you to answer the phone? I must be psychic.

Marlin:  Yes, I am and you are.  Now I have start to figuring out what to wear.  If it's a relaxed date, then I don't want to over do it.  If it's dinner, I have to look perfect.  
Syren:  I'll come over and we'll pick out some options for a couple of different scenarios.  Then you'll just wait for his call and select accordingly.  Okay?
Marlin:  Okay!  I'm so excited.  I think I may hyperventilate.

Syren:  Umm...don't do that.  He's a good looking man, but he's still just a man.  
Marlin:  What if we end up getting married?
Syren:  Whoa, Nellie!  Let's not get crazy, Girl.  Just a man, just a first date.  Don't you even dare to go home and start writing your name in different ways either.
Marlin:  Different ways?
Syren:  Yeah, stuff like Mrs. Parker so and so.
Marlin (laughing):  I wouldn't do that.  Besides, I don't know his last name.
Syren:  Therein making it the only reason you won't do that.  Now, back to what you were telling me about working at Select Spaces.

Seiko:  I don't see prices on the menu.  I'll have to ask.  My brother gave me some money.
Marcel:  No, you don't have to worry about it.  I'm taking care of the bill for you ladies.  Order whatever you'd like.  
Jadyn:  That's why I love him.  Such a sweetheart.
Seiko: Oh!  Thank you, but I couldn't impose.
Jadyn:  Seiko, when a gentleman offers to be a gentleman, never, ever say no.  

Seiko listens and when the server returns, they all order their drinks, all non-alcoholic, but colorful.  The server brings them as they continue to talk.

Jadyn:  How much longer do you get to stay?
Seiko:  I really want to stay in the States forever.  I feel like I would have a really free life here.  I would need a green card though.
Jadyn:  Will your parents be okay with that?
Seiko:  Probably not.  But I will be an adult soon.  
Jadyn: Maybe they will understand.  You are in good hands.  I'll be pulling for you.

Jadyn:  Not to change the subject, but the new Star Wars movie is out and I want to go. Do you mind if Seiko joins us?
Marcel:  Sure. No problem.
Jadyn:  I promise it won't be all the time, but she may only have a short time here.  I just want her to have a good time before she may have to leave. 
Marcel:  I get it. No problem.  As long as I can have you to myself sometimes.
Jadyn: Of course you can.  Just let me know.  I promise I will understand too.

Marlin:  They make the most delicious food here.  Enough to satisfy you, but not enough to weigh you down.
Syren: Uhuh.  So, what do you think about going to the shore this summer?  I have my eye on a new bikini and I know plenty of men will have their eyes on me while I'm wearing it.
Marlin:  Well, for now, I don't have any plans.  So let's set a date.  Maybe a weekend.  We'll bask in the sun.
Syren: You'll bask in the sun.  I'll bask under an umbrella.  My tan is natural, Babes.

They both laugh.

Marlin:  I hope I can make it through the week and concentrate.  I will be going over what to wear and what to do on my date.  Just imaging it over and over again.
Syren:  As long as you don't drive yourself or me crazy.  Right now, men are just a way to pass the time for me.  I am enjoying being single and free.

Marcel:  Seiko, are you going to college?  Maybe you can do what your brother did and stay.
Seiko:  I don't think college is for me.  At least not right now.  I have to figure it out.
Marcel: You're still young, you have time to figure it out.
Jadyn:  You sure do. So what are we going to eat?  I am hungry.

To save on space, Color Burst is a quick set up made with a tri-fold.  Those tables are killing me (wood circles with straws glued on and not so well), so I have to make new table that stand up better.  The chairs are pencil holders and a good height for everyone, even the tall guys.

Thanks for stopping by and stay warm. ~ Jaye

Monday, January 18, 2016

A Little Push

It's the day after Ember's date.  She hasn't picked up Erwyn yet because she was having so much fun with her grandmother and Henna, she asked to stay another day.  Since Monday is a holiday, Ember was fine with her staying longer.  In the meantime, Ember had already set up time for Parker to come over and look at the freezer issue.  Parker has just arrived and Ember has led him to the kitchen.

Ember:  Thank you so much for coming.  Especially on such a cold day.
Parker:  Well, the weather waits for no one, so you just have to get it done.  And it's not a problem.
Ember:  Well, I appreciate it.  So here's the source of my trouble.  I'll take your coat and hang it up.
Parker:  Okay.  Thanks.

Ember takes Parker's coat while he opens up the freezer to see what he feels.

Ember:  It's acting nice right now, but it's only to pretend I'm crazy.
Parker (laughs):  I believe you.  Can you describe again what happens?
Ember:  Sometimes it's working fine, like now and others I find things melting or defrosting.  I don't know how old it is because it came with the townhouse when I bought it.

Parker:  It could be a coil or a freon issue or something else.  I'm going to have to pull it out and see what's going on in the back.
Ember:  Okay.  Let me know if you need me to do anything.
Parker:  Thanks.  I can get it out.

Parker pulls out the refrigerator and gets to work checking things out.

Ember:  So are you on a new job yet for Henna?
Parker:  Yes, I'm working on a couple of quotes to get back to her, but I still have a couple of other quick contracts of my own.  My bank account will be looking good soon.  I'm thinking about whether I want to go with an LLC or just get an alias and set up an official business.
Ember:  That's a good idea.  There's a lot to do to build your business. It took me months of research, making contacts and updating my business plan to get it where I want it.

Parker:  I've been pretty busy just through word of mouth, but I do want a steady income.  I'm trying to see what Henna's contracts are going to look like. With what she charges, I can have a nice income flow.
Ember:  Yes, Henna has a certain clientele and they all come with the big bucks.
Parker:  Let me see.  I have it figured out.  This should be an easy fix.  I just need to adjust a couple of things and you should be in business.

Ember's house phone rings so she excuses herself to go get it.  It's Syren asking about her date. Ember doesn't want to be rude and make Parker feel deserted, so she returns while talking.

Ember:  I'm sure it was fine.  I had a good time...I'm not sure, maybe.  He smokes...No, I am not being picky, I can have standards....It was just a first date...Hold on, Sy.  Parker, I'm sorry, I will just be a few minutes.
Parker:  Don't worry about me, I'm just wrapping this up.
Ember:  Okay.  Feel free to interrupt if you need to.

Ember:  Of course I will tell him, I just haven't made up my mind...Yes, he is a nice person and very attentive...Are you finished giving me the third degree?... (she looks over and sees Parker putting his tools away) I'm sorry, but I have to go now.  I'll call you back later....Yes, I will call you later.  Goodbye, Syren.

Ember looks at Parker and shakes her head.

Ember:  Sisters are always acting like mothers.  My real mother is not so intrusive.

Parker (laughing about Ember's comment):  Well, your fix was a small one.  Not too bad.  It should last a while longer, but you may want to start saving up for a new refrigerator.
Ember:  Well, at least I don't have to run out and get one right away.  I am so glad you offered to look.  

Parker:  You should turn the temperature up just a little.  It will still hold the food well and keep it frozen, but it will be less stress on your motor and a few of the parts.
Ember:  Okay.  Can I offer you something to drink?  It's the least I can do for your trouble.
Parker:  Sure.  I am a little thirsty.  Thank you.
Ember:  Okay.  Please have a seat and I will grab you something.

Parker has a seat and Ember looks in the refrigerator to rattle off selections.  Parker takes a bottle of juice and Ember grabs bottled water for herself.  Then she has a seat.

Parker:  Speaking of sisters and, if you don't mind, can I ask you a question?
Ember:  Sure.
Parker:  It sounds like you just went on a first date.  
Ember:  Yes, I did.
Parker:  My sister is trying to convince me to go on a date.  She's not terribly pushy, but she keeps throwing hints.  
Ember:  Is it she wants you to find someone to date or she has someone in mind?

Parker:  Well, as a matter of fact, it is one of the ladies from the party Cyan had for you.  Marlin.  I saw her recently at Select Spaces while I was working on construction.  She got hired as a server.
Ember:  It's a small world, isn't it?  Marlin is a sweetheart.  What's your hesitation?  Do you find her attractive?
Parker:  I think she's attractive.  I just wanted to get some things together before working on a relationship.
Ember:  While I can see how Marlin is a relationship type of woman, I think you can just tell her you are taking things real slow and not to have major expectations.  That's the realization I came to which made me decide I could date again.

Parker:  Hmmm.   Maybe you're right.  I shouldn't be concerned about whether it will be serious.  I'll just relax and see if I even like spending time with her.  I've had other women flirt with me, but I'm not really the type to like someone too aggressive.
Ember:  I know Marlin can sometimes come across as very forward, but she's really not like that all the time.  
Parker:  Yes, she throws quite a few hints.  I have noticed, I just wasn't sure how I should respond, so I was cordial.
Ember:  It won't hurt to try just a little and then if you aren't interested, just tell her.  Don't leave her hanging.
Parker:  I wouldn't do that.  I think you're right.  I can just take it easy.  At the very least, my sister will be satisfied.  

Parker stands up.

Parker:  I've taken up too much of your time, but I appreciate the push to get back on the dating scene.
Ember:  I'm glad I could give you some valuable advice.  Now I don't have to feel like I got something for free.  It was an even exchange.  My professional services for yours.

They both laugh.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ember Has a Date

It's Saturday night and Ember has her date with George Marshall.  George selected Select Spaces for dinner.  Since it's the newest place in town and has spaces for privacy, George thought it would be a nice way to get to know Ember.  Ember is cautious about men coming to her home before getting to know them well, so she agreed to meet him there.

George and Ember met in the reception area and the hostess escorted them to their space.  She has told them there server will be with them shortly and left to be sure the server knows her customers have arrived.

George:  I am can't tell you how much I have been looking forward to this evening.  I debated about the Romantic Setting.  I didn't want to seem pushy, but at the same time...well, let's face it, I want to impress you.
Ember (smiling):  It's very nice.  I don't think you're being pushy.  I love this place and this set up.  Thank you.
George:  Have you been here before?
Ember:  Just during the open house. 
George:  I received a post card in the mail and thought this would be a nice place to bring you.  So, should we have a seat?

George takes Ember's jacket, pulls out her chair to let her sit and hangs her jacket in the far corner of the room on the hook.  Then he sits in his chair.

Ember:  The flowers are a nice touch.  So, why don't you tell me about yourself?
George:  Well, you know I work as an account executive.  What you don't know is, I'm one of the company's top producers for selling upgraded catalog space.
Ember:  So the items in the catalog aren't just placed by the company?
George:  They are, but some of the companies will pay to take up more space with their brands.  They want larger photos, more text and to be on pages by themselves.  For that, they pay more.
Ember: Oh, I didn't know that.

The door opens and in walks Marlin with a big smile on her face.

Marlin:  Hi!  Welcome to Select Spaces.  I am so glad I was right.  I saw your name on the reservation, Ember, and wondered if it was you.  I traded with another server so I could serve you.
Ember:  Hi, Marlin.  How are you?
Marlin:  Good. (turns to George).  Hello.  I am Marlin. I will be your server. I also happen to know Ember.
George (chuckles):  Hi.  Yes, I can see that.  I think that means I will have to be sure I leave the extra special 'good friend' tip tonight.
Marlin:  Well, isn't that kind of you?  I'm hoping my service will be so good, it will top that.

Marlin:  Your wine is chilled, so I will open it with my trusty bottle opener and pour for you.  You have a wonderful red selection you placed with your reservation.
George:  Yes, I hope it's good.
Marlin:  It is.  We taste everything we serve so we can be familiar with what our guests are being served.  Before I pour, would you like to order an appetizer? 
Ember:  I can pass on a big appetizer.  I usually fill up on those and can't finish dinner.
George:  I will follow the lady's lead.  No appetizer.
Marlin:  Okay, but I will bring out our small loaf of complimentary sweet cornbread.  I think you'll enjoy it and it won't fill you up.  It's just a taste to tide you over until the main course arrives.
Ember:  Okay.  Thank you.

Marlin opens the wine and pours it.  Then she leaves to attend to her other guests and get the cornbread.

George:  Let's toast to this evening, may it be the start of many more.

They toast and take a few sips of wine.

George:  So do you have any children?
Ember:  Yes, one daughter.  My princess. 
George:  Do you want more children?
Ember:  Maybe, one day.  But I'm focused on my business right now and I definitely want to be married before I have another child.
George:  I have three children.  Two boys and a girl.  They are my world.  They live with their mother, but I see them as often as I can.  I get them a couple of weekends a month.
Ember:  That's good.  How old are they?
George:  They are 9, 7 and 2.  I've been divorced for 4 years, but we thought we were going to work things out about a year after the divorce.  It didn't work out and we just ended up having the 2 year old.  How old is your daughter?
Ember:  She's 6. 

They chat for a couple more minutes about their children as they sip steadily on the wine.  It's gone by the time Marlin is back with the cornbread.

Marlin:  This is so delicious.  Let me know what you think of it.  I see your glasses are empty.  Would you like more?
Ember:  No, thank you.  I still need to keep room for dinner.
George:  I think I will pass too for now.  Thank you. 
Marlin:  Please feel free to pour another glass if I'm not back and you decide you would like more.  If you would like another drink, I can get that for you and we'll be sure to keep your water glasses filled.
George:  Thank you.
Marlin:  What can I get you for your main dish?

George and Ember open their menus.  There are individual options and shared options. 

George:  This shared sushi looks good.  (looks at Ember) What do you think?
Ember: I can do sushi.  Is it good Marlin?
Marlin:  Yes, it is. 
Ember:  Okay, then sushi it is.
Marlin:  Good choice.  I'll put your order in while you enjoy your bread and conversation.

They both take a bite out of the cornbread.

George:  Marlin was correct, this is delicious.
Ember:  Yes, it is.
George:  If you don't mind me asking, how do you know her? 
Ember:  She's my younger sister's friend.  Well, I should say her best friend. 
George:  Do you mind that she's serving?  She may tell your sister all that she sees with our date.
Ember (raises her eyebrow):  No, I don't mind.  There's not much for her to tell that I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing myself.
George  (noticing Ember's look):  I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply anything.
Ember:  It's okay. 

George (changing the subject): You are beautiful, you are intelligent, you run your own business and you dress well.  If you don't mind my asking, how am I so lucky to be on a date with a woman like you?  Why hasn't another man snatched you up by now?
Ember (blushing):  Thank you for the compliments.  I have just started allowing myself to start dating recently.  I was married, but when my husband passed, I just needed some time. 
George: I'm sorry to hear that.  How did your husband die?
Ember:  Thank you, but I really don't want to go into that. 
George:  Okay. (Hoping he doesn't say anything else that will make Ember raise an eyebrow or decline sharing.)  Let's talk about your business.

They chat about Ember's latest ideas on getting more models on boarded and how she plans to get her models more bookings.  After a while, Marlin returns with the food.  She clears away the items on the table and places them on the cart they use to transport food, which is sitting outside the door.

Marlin:  I'll keep checking in on you to be sure you have what you need.  If your dinner is not to your liking, just let me know and we'll get you something else.
Ember:  Thanks, Marlin. It looks delicious.
George:  It does. Thank you so much. You've been very attentive.  You're good at your job.
Marlin:  Thank you!  Would you like anything new to drink?
Ember:  No, thank you.  Please keep the water coming.
George:  I'll stick with the water too, please.

George:  Ladies first.
Ember:  It looks so good, I hardly know what to select first.  Maybe I'll just go with a roll.
George:  That sounds like a good starting point.  I'll start there too.  We can compare notes.
Ember:  Okay.

George and Ember eat everything on the platter.  It was so delicious they couldn't stop.  Ember was happy she had saved room.  Marlin keeps checking in on them and keeps their water glasses full.  After that wasabi, they really needed it.  When they are done eating, Marlin clears everything away. She asks if they would like dessert, but Ember is full, so she passes.  George, trying to follow Ember's lead, passes too.  Marlin presents the check and George pays, leaving a huge tip for her.  Marlin happily tells them to take their time and she leaves to check on her other customers.

Then George does something that surprises Ember.

George:  I hope you don't mind.  I know there's no smoking in here, but I'm going to step outside for a minute and have a cigarette.  It's been a few hours.  One is calling me.

Ember knew she had smelled something like Febreze and cologne mixed with something on George earlier, but she couldn't place it.  Now she knew what it was, smoke.  While she doesn't judge anyone for smoking, she knows that a smoker is not for her. 

Ember:  It's late and I'm tired.  If you can hold off for another few minutes, we can walk out and you won't have to feel rushed.
George (disappointed): Oh.  Sure.  No problem.  I was enjoying sitting here talking to you.  I guess I was hoping it would last a little longer.  Let me get your jacket.

Ember stands up and puts on her jacket when George brings it over.  She picks up the flowers from the table.

Ember:  I had a very nice time. You really put a lot of thought into this.  Our conversation was nice and the food was delicious.  You've been nothing but a gentleman. 

Ember was throwing a hint that she expected he would remain as such and not try to kiss her. 

George:  I'm glad you enjoyed the evening.  Maybe we can do it again sometime soon.  No pressure, but I'd really like to get to know you better.
Ember (smiling):  That sounds nice.  Thank you so much for a great evening.

George walks Ember to her car, they say goodbye and each head home.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye