Monday, January 18, 2016

A Little Push

It's the day after Ember's date.  She hasn't picked up Erwyn yet because she was having so much fun with her grandmother and Henna, she asked to stay another day.  Since Monday is a holiday, Ember was fine with her staying longer.  In the meantime, Ember had already set up time for Parker to come over and look at the freezer issue.  Parker has just arrived and Ember has led him to the kitchen.

Ember:  Thank you so much for coming.  Especially on such a cold day.
Parker:  Well, the weather waits for no one, so you just have to get it done.  And it's not a problem.
Ember:  Well, I appreciate it.  So here's the source of my trouble.  I'll take your coat and hang it up.
Parker:  Okay.  Thanks.

Ember takes Parker's coat while he opens up the freezer to see what he feels.

Ember:  It's acting nice right now, but it's only to pretend I'm crazy.
Parker (laughs):  I believe you.  Can you describe again what happens?
Ember:  Sometimes it's working fine, like now and others I find things melting or defrosting.  I don't know how old it is because it came with the townhouse when I bought it.

Parker:  It could be a coil or a freon issue or something else.  I'm going to have to pull it out and see what's going on in the back.
Ember:  Okay.  Let me know if you need me to do anything.
Parker:  Thanks.  I can get it out.

Parker pulls out the refrigerator and gets to work checking things out.

Ember:  So are you on a new job yet for Henna?
Parker:  Yes, I'm working on a couple of quotes to get back to her, but I still have a couple of other quick contracts of my own.  My bank account will be looking good soon.  I'm thinking about whether I want to go with an LLC or just get an alias and set up an official business.
Ember:  That's a good idea.  There's a lot to do to build your business. It took me months of research, making contacts and updating my business plan to get it where I want it.

Parker:  I've been pretty busy just through word of mouth, but I do want a steady income.  I'm trying to see what Henna's contracts are going to look like. With what she charges, I can have a nice income flow.
Ember:  Yes, Henna has a certain clientele and they all come with the big bucks.
Parker:  Let me see.  I have it figured out.  This should be an easy fix.  I just need to adjust a couple of things and you should be in business.

Ember's house phone rings so she excuses herself to go get it.  It's Syren asking about her date. Ember doesn't want to be rude and make Parker feel deserted, so she returns while talking.

Ember:  I'm sure it was fine.  I had a good time...I'm not sure, maybe.  He smokes...No, I am not being picky, I can have standards....It was just a first date...Hold on, Sy.  Parker, I'm sorry, I will just be a few minutes.
Parker:  Don't worry about me, I'm just wrapping this up.
Ember:  Okay.  Feel free to interrupt if you need to.

Ember:  Of course I will tell him, I just haven't made up my mind...Yes, he is a nice person and very attentive...Are you finished giving me the third degree?... (she looks over and sees Parker putting his tools away) I'm sorry, but I have to go now.  I'll call you back later....Yes, I will call you later.  Goodbye, Syren.

Ember looks at Parker and shakes her head.

Ember:  Sisters are always acting like mothers.  My real mother is not so intrusive.

Parker (laughing about Ember's comment):  Well, your fix was a small one.  Not too bad.  It should last a while longer, but you may want to start saving up for a new refrigerator.
Ember:  Well, at least I don't have to run out and get one right away.  I am so glad you offered to look.  

Parker:  You should turn the temperature up just a little.  It will still hold the food well and keep it frozen, but it will be less stress on your motor and a few of the parts.
Ember:  Okay.  Can I offer you something to drink?  It's the least I can do for your trouble.
Parker:  Sure.  I am a little thirsty.  Thank you.
Ember:  Okay.  Please have a seat and I will grab you something.

Parker has a seat and Ember looks in the refrigerator to rattle off selections.  Parker takes a bottle of juice and Ember grabs bottled water for herself.  Then she has a seat.

Parker:  Speaking of sisters and, if you don't mind, can I ask you a question?
Ember:  Sure.
Parker:  It sounds like you just went on a first date.  
Ember:  Yes, I did.
Parker:  My sister is trying to convince me to go on a date.  She's not terribly pushy, but she keeps throwing hints.  
Ember:  Is it she wants you to find someone to date or she has someone in mind?

Parker:  Well, as a matter of fact, it is one of the ladies from the party Cyan had for you.  Marlin.  I saw her recently at Select Spaces while I was working on construction.  She got hired as a server.
Ember:  It's a small world, isn't it?  Marlin is a sweetheart.  What's your hesitation?  Do you find her attractive?
Parker:  I think she's attractive.  I just wanted to get some things together before working on a relationship.
Ember:  While I can see how Marlin is a relationship type of woman, I think you can just tell her you are taking things real slow and not to have major expectations.  That's the realization I came to which made me decide I could date again.

Parker:  Hmmm.   Maybe you're right.  I shouldn't be concerned about whether it will be serious.  I'll just relax and see if I even like spending time with her.  I've had other women flirt with me, but I'm not really the type to like someone too aggressive.
Ember:  I know Marlin can sometimes come across as very forward, but she's really not like that all the time.  
Parker:  Yes, she throws quite a few hints.  I have noticed, I just wasn't sure how I should respond, so I was cordial.
Ember:  It won't hurt to try just a little and then if you aren't interested, just tell her.  Don't leave her hanging.
Parker:  I wouldn't do that.  I think you're right.  I can just take it easy.  At the very least, my sister will be satisfied.  

Parker stands up.

Parker:  I've taken up too much of your time, but I appreciate the push to get back on the dating scene.
Ember:  I'm glad I could give you some valuable advice.  Now I don't have to feel like I got something for free.  It was an even exchange.  My professional services for yours.

They both laugh.

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  1. LOL at the nosey sister! And have I mentioned how much I like Parker? I'm glad Ember was able to give him some helpful advice. Maybe now he'll agree to go out with Marlin, and she can stop actin' so thirsty.

    1. Thanks, Jewell. Yes, Marlin does act a little desperate. It's like she's all googly eyed.

  2. Parker is a real sweetheart. He and Marlin will make a good couple. He seems to be a little reserved and she does not. A lot of times opposites really do attract.

    I am hopeful that Ember will give him a chance for a second date. The kitchen looks great and awesome photo story by the way! I love love your stories!!

    1. Thank you, Georgia Girl! We'll see how things progress. You never can tell what life is going to bring you.

  3. Great convo, ur kitchen set up is nice. Did u make tht side table?

    1. Thanks, Ladonna. Yes, I made the side table. I tried painting a cart with drawers, but that didn't quite work out. So I had to improvise.

  4. Nice little story! I like Ember's kitchen. At first, I thought maybe Parker was going to ask Ember out!

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. Parker seems focused on his job and reluctant to start dating. We'll see how it goes.

  5. Ha, at least they can go on a date now :-). I hope love is in the air for everybody!

    1. Well, at least Marlin will be thrilled. I still sense a little reluctance in Parker, but at least he's going to try.

  6. NO, the least you can do is pay him. Lol. I know. I know. He wasn't looking to be paid. At least she gave him some decent advice.

    1. LOL! Hey, he offered. Who would turn that down?

  7. Good advice. Not like every date has to lead to the alter.

    1. Thanks, Muff. It is sad some people are like that. Jumping 20 steps ahead.


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