Saturday, January 23, 2016

An Evening at Color Burst

It's Wednesday evening and best friends Syren and Marlin are having some drinks and food at Color Burst.  Despite all its colors and crayons on the wall, Color Burst is a social venue for adults (usually over 18, but parents with teenagers bring them too) to enjoy. Most of their menu items have bright colors, especially their drinks, whether with a kick or without.  

Marlin and Syren are chatting.

Syren:  So, are you going to tell me all about Ember's date?  Do think you saw a spark?
Marlin:  I don't have much to tell.  The gentleman was nice and a good tipper.  I just provided service and minded my own business.  Yes, that's a hint.
Syren (laughing):  Okay.  I get it.  I guess having someone on the inside really isn't working for me.
Marlin:  Not this time.  I love you, but that's all you're getting.

Syren:  How is it working at Select Spaces?  Is it a lot different than Lila's?
Marlin: Yes, so much different.  I get paid more.  The tips are slightly better, but Lila's patron's are paying good money too, so they tip pretty well.  What I like most is that we know a little something about the guests.  
Syren:  Like?

Marlin's cell phone starts ringing.

Marlin:  I wonder who that is.  Hopefully not my mother.  She has been really on my case  lately about being alone.  I mean, I want to be in a relationship just as much as she wants me to be, but not just to please her.
Syren:  Well, see who it is anyway.

Marlin:  I don't recognize the number.  I can let it go to voicemail.
Syren:  Answer it.  You can always get off if it's some marketer. 
Marlin:  Okay.

Marlin:  Hello?...Yes, this is Marlin.  Oh!  Hi, Parker!  How are you?  

Marlin can feel her heart beating faster.  She is very surprised Parker is calling her.

Marlin:  Yes, I would love to go out with you.  When?...Well, I usually work Friday and Saturday.  Those are our busy days, at both my employers.  I could get off, but that won't be for another couple of weeks.  We get our schedules well ahead of time.

Syren (whispering):  Offer to go during the week.  
Marlin:  If you have time a day or evening during the week, that would work...Yes, next Thursday...sure...I'll save your number...what time?...okay, that's good...I am ex...uh..I'm looking forward to it.  Thank you for asking...Okay...yes, goodbye.

Well look who happens to be at the next table.  Jadyn and Marcel have brought Seiko out to enjoy the evening.

Seiko:  I like this place.  Look at the decor.  So nice.
Jadyn:  You'll enjoy the food and the drinks.  Lots of great milkshakes and frosty drinks to enjoy.
Seiko:  It may be hard to pick just one, but I'll try.

Jadyn:  Well, look over the menu and see what looks good.  Not everything is on there.  These are usually the items they are promoting for the month.  We can ask for the full menu too.
Seiko:  Okay.  I'll start with this one.  It's just nice being out.  Not that I haven't enjoyed being with my brother, Trillian and the kids, but I want to see things while I'm here.

Marlin:  I can't believe it!  Parker has finally asked me out.  I was hoping he would want to go out with me.  I didn't think he was interested for a minute there.  I was thinking I wasn't making myself clear enough when I kept trying to let him know I'm a fun person.
Syren:  Sometimes you have to be patient.  Congratulations!  Where are you going?
Marlin:  He said he would find a place and let me know by Tuesday.  That way I can plan accordingly.  He said he understands that women like to plan their outfits ahead of time.
Syren:  How considerate of him.  Aren't you glad I told you to answer the phone? I must be psychic.

Marlin:  Yes, I am and you are.  Now I have start to figuring out what to wear.  If it's a relaxed date, then I don't want to over do it.  If it's dinner, I have to look perfect.  
Syren:  I'll come over and we'll pick out some options for a couple of different scenarios.  Then you'll just wait for his call and select accordingly.  Okay?
Marlin:  Okay!  I'm so excited.  I think I may hyperventilate.

Syren:  Umm...don't do that.  He's a good looking man, but he's still just a man.  
Marlin:  What if we end up getting married?
Syren:  Whoa, Nellie!  Let's not get crazy, Girl.  Just a man, just a first date.  Don't you even dare to go home and start writing your name in different ways either.
Marlin:  Different ways?
Syren:  Yeah, stuff like Mrs. Parker so and so.
Marlin (laughing):  I wouldn't do that.  Besides, I don't know his last name.
Syren:  Therein making it the only reason you won't do that.  Now, back to what you were telling me about working at Select Spaces.

Seiko:  I don't see prices on the menu.  I'll have to ask.  My brother gave me some money.
Marcel:  No, you don't have to worry about it.  I'm taking care of the bill for you ladies.  Order whatever you'd like.  
Jadyn:  That's why I love him.  Such a sweetheart.
Seiko: Oh!  Thank you, but I couldn't impose.
Jadyn:  Seiko, when a gentleman offers to be a gentleman, never, ever say no.  

Seiko listens and when the server returns, they all order their drinks, all non-alcoholic, but colorful.  The server brings them as they continue to talk.

Jadyn:  How much longer do you get to stay?
Seiko:  I really want to stay in the States forever.  I feel like I would have a really free life here.  I would need a green card though.
Jadyn:  Will your parents be okay with that?
Seiko:  Probably not.  But I will be an adult soon.  
Jadyn: Maybe they will understand.  You are in good hands.  I'll be pulling for you.

Jadyn:  Not to change the subject, but the new Star Wars movie is out and I want to go. Do you mind if Seiko joins us?
Marcel:  Sure. No problem.
Jadyn:  I promise it won't be all the time, but she may only have a short time here.  I just want her to have a good time before she may have to leave. 
Marcel:  I get it. No problem.  As long as I can have you to myself sometimes.
Jadyn: Of course you can.  Just let me know.  I promise I will understand too.

Marlin:  They make the most delicious food here.  Enough to satisfy you, but not enough to weigh you down.
Syren: Uhuh.  So, what do you think about going to the shore this summer?  I have my eye on a new bikini and I know plenty of men will have their eyes on me while I'm wearing it.
Marlin:  Well, for now, I don't have any plans.  So let's set a date.  Maybe a weekend.  We'll bask in the sun.
Syren: You'll bask in the sun.  I'll bask under an umbrella.  My tan is natural, Babes.

They both laugh.

Marlin:  I hope I can make it through the week and concentrate.  I will be going over what to wear and what to do on my date.  Just imaging it over and over again.
Syren:  As long as you don't drive yourself or me crazy.  Right now, men are just a way to pass the time for me.  I am enjoying being single and free.

Marcel:  Seiko, are you going to college?  Maybe you can do what your brother did and stay.
Seiko:  I don't think college is for me.  At least not right now.  I have to figure it out.
Marcel: You're still young, you have time to figure it out.
Jadyn:  You sure do. So what are we going to eat?  I am hungry.

To save on space, Color Burst is a quick set up made with a tri-fold.  Those tables are killing me (wood circles with straws glued on and not so well), so I have to make new table that stand up better.  The chairs are pencil holders and a good height for everyone, even the tall guys.

Thanks for stopping by and stay warm. ~ Jaye


  1. Nice décor! It looks simply done but the colors sure do pop.

    Uh, I think Marlin needs to slow her roll. She hasn't even been on a date yet and she's about to pick out a wedding dress and baby names.

    1. Thank you! Marlin is a little intense. She'll find herself heartbroken often if she doesn't gain a better perspective.

  2. I like this space! And it is a good idea to have some "pop up" places you can use for instant scenes like this. Saves a lot of space.

    I agree with Muff about Marlin. She needs to cool her jets or she may appear to eager and scare away Parker.

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. I will have to make some more. I sometimes want to do a scene, but I may not need to use it more than once. I have to get better at simple set ups.

      Poor Marlin. Just so eager.

  3. Your new spot looks great! I have limited space right now for photo shoots, so I totally get having to create pop up places. My problem is that I create these spaces and dread taking them down. They consume that space for long periods of time and (ah hem) no new post. Everything looks great as always!! Looking forward to Marlin's date. Poor girl needs to simmer down. Lol!

    1. It's funny. When I first started working on dioramas, I would go to sites (Doll Divas being my favorite) just to see dioramas and ideas. Many people would set up then take them down. I would always think that it was a shame after all of that hard and beautiful work. But I get it now. Space and a need dictate everything.

      This date should be interesting.

  4. Cool setup! Looks like a fun atmosphere. I'm beginning to understand why Marlin is single. I hope she's able to dial down the desperation when she's in Parker's presence...otherwise she might run him away.

    1. I don't know, Jewell. Can Marlin cool her heels? Maybe she'll listen to Syren and remember he's just a man.

  5. Color Burst is a lovely place! If Marlin can cool down a bit, the date can be a success I think, I hope opposites will attract :-).


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