Monday, January 25, 2016

Can She Stay or Must She Go?

Trillian and Shin are sitting in their living talking while Emiko plays on the floor.  Seiko is out with Jadyn and Amorie and Cameo are in their room playing.  Trillian and Shin are in the middle of a serious discussion.

Trillian:  But Seiko really needs your support.  You're her big brother and she looks up to you.  Your parents will listen because they trust you.
Shin:  But if she stays in the States, what will she do? She doesn't want to go to college.  She'll need to get a job so she can get her own place.  We don't have enough space for her to stay long term.
Trillian:  I know, but she is right.  She'll have good opportunities if she can stay.  If you're on board, we can figure it out.

Cameo pushes her new stroller into the room with her new doll - both are Christmas presents.

Cameo:  Amorie said she is reading and I can't play in the room.
Trillian:  Okay, Honey.  Play in here.  
Cameo: Okay, Mommy.

Cameo:  Okay, Baby.  It's time to get out of the stroller.  Mommy will take care of you.
Emiko:  Bay-e? 
Cameo:  Yes, my baby.

Cameo has a seat on the floor.

Shin:  My parents won't be happy, but you're probably right.  I can talk them into it.  It would be easier if she went to school for a while.  She's under 18, so we'd have to ask if she can actually get a work permit if she wanted a job now.
Trillian:  If you're okay with working on her staying, we'll set an appointment with the immigration office.  Get some answers.  I don't want to give up without doing what we can for Seiko.  She's my sister too.

Shin:  I know.  That's one of the reasons I love you.  You have a big heart and family is first. 
Trillian:  I love you too.  Especially when you understand what's important to me.  This is important to me.

Emiko has decided she would like Cameo's doll, but Cameo is not very happy about it.  She moves it out of Emiko's hands and then her reach.  So Emiko starts pushing and pulling to get to the doll.

Cameo:  Stop.  No!  Stop, Mik!  It's my doll.
Emiko:  Dah!  Dah!  My!

That gets their parents' attention.

Shin:  Mik, leave Cameo alone.  Come here.

Emiko doesn't listen and keeps trying to take the doll while Cameo continues to express her aggravation.

Shin (sternly):  Emiko!  Come here right now.

Recognizing the tone in her father's voice, Emiko whines and then reluctantly walks over to him.  He picks her up, kisses her, then sits her on his lap.

Shin:  We can talk more about it later.  I want to have more answers before talking to Seiko or my parents.
Trillian:  Okay. I'll make some calls tomorrow and do some research.  

I hope they can figure this out soon.  Seiko may be crushed if she can't stay.  

I hope the weather hasn't been too bad for you.  Stay warm. ~ Jaye


  1. Cute photostory!!! I love the children! I hope Seiko is about to stay. :-)

    1. Thank you, Georgia Girl. I hope they can work it out too.

  2. Oh I was hoping that Seiko would Stay. I think it'll do her well. I'll hire her! LOL
    Love the scene, as usual.

    1. Thank you, Brenova. I hope Seiko's parents understand Seiko needs to live her life.

  3. Great convo I hope Seiko gets to stay and take some classes a job would be GREAT.....

    1. Thank you, Ladonna. Seiko would certainly like to stay in the States.


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