Sunday, February 28, 2016

Extra Shift Chatting

It's 9:30 in the morning and Marlin is at work at Select Spaces.  The restaurant only offers the option of having business events in the morning, all other event spaces are not available until the afternoon, but nothing has been booked this morning, which is good.  Marlin and some of her co-workers have been asked if they can come in or extra time to help clean up.  The cleaners, who always come to clean up any of the final events each evening, did not show up last night and there were several events.  The servers on last night did clear away food so as not to draw bugs, but if it wasn't food, it was left in the space.

Marlin:  Hey!  I see they got you to come in too, huh, Bryce?
Bryce:  Yup!  I can use the money, so why not?  I worked last night, so I'm a little tired, but more money is a heck of an alarm clock.
Marlin (laughing): I understand.  I'm trying to save money along with paying bills, so I get it.  So where do we start?
Bryce:  Just pick up things and taking them in.  I should have grabbed a cart.

Marlin (pointing to the floor behind Bryce):  Watch out for those bottles behind you.  You don't want to add picking up broken glass to the list.
Bryce (turning to look):  Oh, I didn't even see those.  You'd think people could at least use the tables provided.  I'm glad I didn't have this space last night.
Marlin:  You worked last night?  Was it busy?
Bryce: Yes, but I had a family dining group.  I'm glad because judging from how this room looks, I don't know how much they would have run me.  All the spaces were filled.  But there are only four, so I'm not even sure what that says.

Marlin:  This would be easier if we had something to put things on.
Bryce:  I'll take these to the kitchen and bring something back.
Marlin:  Okay.  I'll start stacking things.  Thank you.

Instead of Bryce returning, another co-worker, Brett, comes in with an empty tray.

Brett: Hi, Marlin. 
Marlin:  Hi!  What are you doing here?
Brett:  I'm replacing Bryce for a minute.  He got asked to help with something else, but he asked me to bring this tray over to help you.  I hope you don't mind.
Marlin:  Of course not.  It's nice of you both.  Let's get it filled up so we can get this place clean.

They load up the tray with trash.

Brett:  I'll go dump this and I'll be right back with some rags too so we can wipe things down.
Marlin:  You may want to bring some disinfectant.  Once we get the trash out, I'll go grab the vacuum cleaner.
Brett:  Good idea.  Well get this place spiffy in a jiffy?
Marlin (giggling):  So you're a poet too?  Nice...
Brett:  Well, I try.  I'll be right back.

The trio works hard going through all four buildings and cleaning them.  After they are done, they get some bottles of water from the kitchen so they can take a break and hydrate themselves.  They sit in one of the spaces to chat.

Bryce:  Marlin, you are the smallest person in the room.  Why do you get two bottles of water?
Marlin:  Because I am super thirsty.  Would you like me to get you another bottle?
Bryce (smiling):  No, I'm good.  I was just messing with you.  You're just so cute to mess with.  You are so agreeable.
Brett:  Do you want me to get him for you?  He's pretty tall, but I bet I can take him.
Marlin:  Such chivalry!  But no, thank you.  He's really just a pussy cat.
Bryce:  Ahem.  I would prefer brave lion with a soft side, please.

Marlin:  Okay.  Certainly.  I just love working here.  You guys are awesome. 
Bryce:  This job is pretty good.  It's not a career for me, but while I figure it out, it will do.  The money is okay and if things keep picking up, along with the customers, I can at least stay afloat.
Brett:  I have some things in the works too.  I am hoping things I learn here, like operations and other things, will help my career in the future.  And this is fun.  I love it when a social group comes in, although they can keep you pretty busy.

Brett (to Bryce):  I was thinking we could hang out some time.  I have a couple of friends who like to bowl, stop at the bar, grab a bite to eat, play some ball and some other cool things.  Are you interested?
Bryce:  That's cool.  We can definitely do that.  Just let me know.  Maybe some of my boys can join in after a while. 
Brett:  Great.  My phone is in the locker, but when I get it, we can exchange numbers.  You'll enjoy it. We have fun, but nothing too wild.
Bryce:  Good.  I'm in.

Brett:  I don't mean to leave you out.
Marlin:  That's okay.  I know you guys like to do guy things.  Besides, I have fun with my friends and I am trying to keep my calendar clear for some dates.
Bryce:  Dates, huh?  With who?
Marlin:  Oh, it's...well, it's not something for certain.  I'm just hoping. Anyway, I just meant to say I don't feel left out. 
Brett:  Well, at some point, the employees here should get together as a group and have a good time.  Don't you think so?  I'd like to hang out with you too.
Marlin:  Sure. That would be fun.

Bryce:  We should probably get back to work.  Brett is working tonight and I'm sure he'd like to go home and change.
Brett:  I do need a little rest and I left my uniform at home.  I have no choice but to head home.
Marlin:  I'm working tonight too.  I need to go home and change too. 
Brett:  It was nice to relax for a few minutes and talk, wasn't it? 
Marlin:  It sure was.  Let's do it again. 
Bryce:  Yup. I agree.

The trio finish their water and head out on their separate ways.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Bump in the Road

It's late Friday afternoon and Ember is on the phone with a prospective client.  Cyann picked up Erwyn a few hours ago to take her, Brenna and Brooklyn to a children's show at a local museum.  Cyann has been helping Ember out with Erwyn when she can, especially since Erwyn and Brenna are becoming good friends. 

Person on the phone:  I would really like to try out your models, but I need to fill more than two spots.  I'm sorry, but I will have to consider another agency.
Ember:  I understand that you need more.  But I can offer you two lovely ladies who are professional and beautiful.  They'll do well for you.  You won't be disappointed.
Person on the phone:  It is easier for us to use one agency.  We get one invoice and one contact. 

Ember:  Do you think you can consider using us for future opportunities?
Person on the phone:  Absolutely.  If you can start offering more models at once for some major projects or even runway work, we would be very interested in working with you.  I'm sorry, but at this time we'll have to pass.  Please keep me updated and I'll keep you on my list to contact in the future. 
Ember (sounding disappointed, but keeping professional):  I truly appreciate your keeping my information.  I will definitely reach out to you again for future opportunities.  Thank you.
Person on the phone:  Thank you.  Good bye.
Ember:  Good bye.

After hanging up, Ember sulks for a few minutes, then she pulls herself together and calls a few more contacts to inquire about upcoming needs.  Another hour passes and she hears the doorbell and heads to answer.  It's Cyann bringing Erwyn back home.  As soon as they come in the door, Erwyn and Brenna ask to go play in Erwyn's room while their mothers talk.  They get the approval and head upstairs.  Cyann and Ember head to the living room to talk.

Ember:  It's cold outside, why aren't you wearing a coat?
Cyann:  The girls were all warm in their coats.  I keep the heat on the car and figured I'm only running in here from the car and then back again.  I'll be okay for a few minutes.  Now when it hits the teens again, I'll keep it on.
Ember:  Aha!  Sure, it makes sense.  Well let's have a seat.

They sit down and Cyann starts taking off Brooklyn's coat.

Ember:  As soon as you get it off, hand her over. 
Cyann:  You got it.  She gave me such a hard time today.  I had to keep leaving the girls to watch the show and try to quiet her down.  She was constantly getting aggravated.
Ember:  Aww!  Well, she's a busy little bee.

Cyann hands Brooklyn to Ember once she has her coat off.

Ember:  So, other than being constantly interrupted, did the girls have a good time?
Cyann:  Yep.  They did.  Did you get a lot of work done today?
Ember:  I got some work done today.  I feel like the contracts are just not picking up the way they should.  I only have two people to book, they work at part-time jobs and try to get their schedules based around bookings. 
Cyann:  That's good.
Ember:  It is, but I'm hitting snags with getting contracts because some clients need four or five models at once.  I need more models on my roster.
Cyann:  Have you still been advertising?
Ember:  Yes.  I have interviewed some models, but they don't seem to be right. Not tall enough, too much attitude or something.  I've even had people call from hours away.  Which is okay, but then they expect me to pay the cost for them to come interview in person.  I can't do that.
Cyann:  Maybe you could try a new technique.

Ember:  I'm open to anything.  What do you suggest?
Cyann:  Hmm...Well, I know you're not thrilled with more personal social media, but maybe you should create a page on a more regular person type of network rather than business type of social network.
Ember:  Okay. I can try that.
Cyann:  Maybe you can try hanging out at the mall or something.  Go to some stores where the young crowd shops and just look around for a tall girl to walk by.

Ember bursts out laughing.

Ember:  You know you are crazy, right?  But that is a good idea.  Once in a while, maybe on a Saturday, I could just do a two hour sweep.
Cyann: Hey, you won't know until you try.
Ember:  You're right.  I will.

Ember:  So I hate to bring this up because I hate when people question my clothing choices, but you didn't buy that shirt, did you?
Cyann:  Nope!  Grayson took Brenna to the mall to shop for me for Christmas and this is one of the items she selected. 
Ember:  That was nice.
Cyann:  Yes, it was, but Gray knew I was going to just wear it around the house.  He purposely told Brenna this morning that it would be nice if I wore it today since we were going out.  You know he is going to pay for that.  How could I say 'no' to one of my babies?  So here I am, proudly wearing this shirt for my daughter.
Ember:  Aww!  Such a good momma you are.
Cyann: Whatever.
Cyann:  So, it's been a while since you talked about being torn about going out with George again.  What's going on with that?
Ember:  I've spoken with him a few times on the phone.  He's a really nice guy, but I really don't think I can move past the smoking.
Cyann:  Did you ask him about it?
Ember: Well, subtly I did.  I didn't want him to think I was being pushy.  I asked him if he ever thought about quitting and he said he hasn't.  It helps him relax when he's stressed and he likes it.
Cyann:  Has he asked you out again?
Ember: Yes, but I told him I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue to move forward with more dates right now.  He said he's comfortable talking on the phone for a while longer while I figure it out. 

Cyann:  Well, don't take too long to make a decision.  That just makes it worse.
Ember:  I know.  I think I'm just going to tell him I have made up my mind not to continue to date him.  I'll do it this weekend. 
Cyann:  Good.  Well, let me grab the little monster from you.
Ember:  Hey, do not call my baby a monster.  She's just energetic. 
Cyann:  Okay. Well then let me grab Little Miss Energetic and call Brenna down so we can get going. 

Cyann gets her girls and heads home to start dinner.  Ember goes to ask Erwyn about her day and start their dinner.  I guess George is definitely out of the picture.  I hope he doesn't take it too hard.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Friday, February 19, 2016

Henna's Valentine's Surprise

It's Friday afternoon, two days before Valentine's Day.  Henna is in her office working on some ideas for a client's living space.  She has made plans her current beau, Maurice, later for dinner in honor of Valentine's Day. Maurice, who is an fitness trainer, has a busy weekend with some of his clients. 

Henna and Maurice met through wealthy clients they were both working for.  The couple used Maurice as a trainer and Henna redesigned four rooms in the clients' home.  They crossed paths several times while Henna was at the house to get the rooms finished.  Maurice had seen her several times while keeping his exercise appointments with the same clients and got up the nerve to ask her out.

While Henna enjoys Maurice's company for several reasons, she is very focused on her business and is not looking for anything long-term right now.  Maurice understands, but he is hopeful she will change her mind at some point.

Let's see what's going on today.

Henna (thinking to herself):  I don't know about these colors they want, but I'll make it work. do I work these in boldly and not garishly?  I wonder if I switch out some fabrics and maybe just add some accents as a choice instead.  This is going to take some doing.  Hmmm...maybe this...

Henna has a lot going on in her head.  But it looks like she is about to be interrupted.  Someone has walked into the office.  When Carly is not at the front desk to greet visitors, the door chime is on to alert Henna that someone has walked in.  But Carly is in the office today and greeting visitors so Henna doesn't have to pay attention when people walk in the main door.

Carly:  Hi, Maurice!  How are you?
Maurice:  Hi, Carly.  I'm good.  You're looking lovely today, as usual.  How have you been?
Carly (blushing and grinning):  Good. Thank you. Just enjoying life.  I haven't seen you since well before Christmas.  What brings you in today?  I thought you were meeting Henna for dinner.
Maurice:  Yes, that was the plan.  But I thought I would surprise her with some flowers and chocolate.  I think she'd find that romantic.
Carly:  Okay.  I'll let her know you're here.

Maurice: No, please don't do that.  I want to walk through her door and surprise her, if you don't mind.
Carly:  I don't know if that's such a good idea.  She may not be happy about that.
Maurice:  I promise I will take all the blame and tell her I burst through the door and you tried to stop me.  Besides, I brought a bribe for you.

Maurice hands Carly a bag he has had in his arms.  Carly recognizes the bag from The Flavor CafĂ©. and smiles from ear to ear. 

Carly:  That was so sweet of you.  You didn't have to do that.
Maurice:  And pass up the chance to make a pretty lady smile?  No way.  I know how you two love that place.  Please enjoy.  These are Valentine's specials.
Carly:  Yes!  Thank you so much!

Carly takes one of the cookies from the bag and looks at it excitedly.

Carly:  This poor thing doesn't stand a chance.  No crumb shall be left behind.  Thank you so much, Maurice.
Maurice:  You are most welcome.  I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day, Carly.  I appreciate your being so kind as to let me sneak in.  Yes, I know it's a bribe, but I'll do what it takes.
Carly (laughing):  I can see that.

Henna is about to look through some fabrics in her fabric selections book.  There are always available options in addition to the ones she has catalogued, but these give her good ideas.

She does hear her door open, but because she is only aware of her and Carly being in the office, she doesn't think anything of it.  Then suddenly she feels herself being grabbed.

Henna jumps, turns her head and lets out a squeal.  Then she realizes it's Maurice behind her.

Henna:  What the hell!?  You scared me.  I thought you were Carly.
Maurice:  Sorry about that, Sweetheart.  I couldn't resist.
Henna:  Where's Carly?  How did you get in here?
Maurice:  She tried to block me from coming in...almost tackled me. So I had to tie her up and gag her.  I'll set her free before I leave.
Henna:  Ha ha.

Henna turns around and Maurice keeps his arm around her. 

Henna:  So why are you here?  I thought we agreed to meet for dinner.
Maurice:  We did, but I wanted to surprise you.  I thought I'd be romantic and bring you these flowers.  I'm glad I did.  You look beautiful in that dress.  Just beautiful.
Henna:  Thank you.  We are still going to dinner, right? Because I have been looking forward to it.
Maurice:  Of course.  However, dessert won't be at the restaurant.
Henna:  Oh really?
Maurice:  Yes.  Dessert will be served at my place. I know you still have your mother visiting.  Oh, and speaking of dessert, I also brought you something sweet to eat.

Maurice shows Henna to the table where he has set a tower of treats.

Henna opens up the first two round boxes.  They have heart shaped chocolate cakes in them.

Henna:  I am going to have to work extra hard to make sure these don't stick to me.  But I am going to tear them up.  Thank you.
Maurice (with a big grin):  Don't worry.  I'm a certified professional trainer.  Not only can I help you work these off, I can be creative about it.
Henna (laughing):  I'll just bet you can be.

When Henna turns around, Maurice puts his arm around her and pulls her close.

Maurice:  Just remember, this is just a drop in the bucket.  I'm open to doing these types of things for you forever.
Henna (putting her fingers up to his mouth to shush him):  I am happy you surprised me.  This is lovely, just like the evening we are going to have.  Let's just enjoy right now.  Okay?

Maurice nods his head.  He may throw hints, but he knows not to push it.  So, for now, he'll enjoy spending some quality time with Henna.

I'm just catching up on stories I've been wanting to get done.  I spent time making, literally building, a Family Feud board for a baby shower.  So it took away from my ability to play with my dolls.  Oh, and I just have to say I have been wanting the muscular guys to have long sleeved shirts for the winter, so I tried some stretchy ones from The Vogue HK.  It was a little challenging to get this one on Maurice, since this is a pullover with no snaps, buttons, etc. But I like this shirt. It fits him well and went on over his hands.  I have five different colors.  YAY!

I hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day.  I sure did.  Thank you for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Marlin's & Parker's First Date

It's Wednesday night and Parker and Marlin are going on their first date.  Parker offered to pick Marlin up, but she chose to drive herself because she needs to stop at the store on the way home.  This is her only day off this week, she hasn't had time to food shop and because she was busy getting ready earlier in the day, she decided she would go after the date and grab a few items.

Parker has met Marlin at the restaurant, Color Burst.  Parker suggested it because he heard about it from an acquaintance.  The hostess has shown them to their table. 

Parker:  I hope this place is good.  I've heard they have good food and drinks.
Marlin:  Yes, they do!  This is funny, but I was actually sitting in this very restaurant the day you called to ask me out. So it's pretty cool we're eating here today.
Parker:  Yes, that is pretty cool.  Would you like to have a seat?
Marlin:  Yes, thank you.

Parker ensures Marlin is comfortable in her seat, then he sits down.

Parker:  You look very nice. 
Marlin:  Thank you.  I was hoping you would like this dress. I wasn't sure how to dress.  You know, not too fancy, but fancy enough.
Parker:  What you are wearing is fine.  It's a nice dress.

Parker:  So, since you have been here before, do you have any suggestions? 
Marlin:  Well, I haven't had anything I haven't liked yet.  Do you want something light or hearty?  Most people eat light.  I guess because they just want to snack along with enjoying their drinks.  But they have some good items to fill you up too.
Parker:  I'm hungry, so I think I'd like something that will fill me up and be a little healthy.

While looking over the menu, the waitress comes to the table to greet the pair and get their drink orders.  She quickly returns with the initial order and takes the food order.  Parker is enjoying a frothy brew and Marlin opted for  a sweet mixed drink.

Marlin:  So, how are things going with your business?
Parker:  It's going well.  I'm getting more jobs lined up through Henriched Interior Designs.  So my business is growing.  I'm interviewing a few freelance contractors and handymen so I can take on bigger jobs when I need to or have more jobs going at one time
Marlin:  That's nice.  Are you still living with your sister?

Parker:  Yes, but I'm starting to look around to figure out if I want to get my own place or get a place with a roommate.  I know Craig and Avery want their privacy back.  I do what I can to stay out of their way. 
Marlin:  That's thoughtful of you.  But at least with your own place, you won't feel like you're in the way.  Plus, you can have company over any time you want.

Parker:  Yes, there are a lot of plusses to having my own place again.  I like it here.  Things are working out.  I'm meeting people, which is nice.  So I think I'll call it my home.
Marlin:  That's so exciting, isn't it?  I hope you feel like you can really settle down here.
Parker:  I do think so.  If I rent for a while I can still save up to buy a house. 

Parker: Enough about me.  Please tell me about yourself.  I know where you work.  What else is there to know about you?
Marlin:  Well, I work at more than one job. I also work at the upscale restaurant, Lila's.  I enjoy serving.  It's easy, good money and when I leave work, I leave work.  No stress.
Parker:  I can understand that.
Marlin:  Yes, and I meet new people.  Plus this is a decent career if you want a family.
Parker:  Really?

Marlin:  Yes.  I can hardly wait to settle down.  I plan to be a great wife and mother.  Oh, I can just imagine holding a little one in my arms.  I can schedule shifts around my family's needs.  I mean, that's not exactly why I started serving, but I know lots of wives and mothers who tell me how easy it is.
Parker: Oh.  Well, it sounds like you have really thought it out.

Parker:  I have to apologize. I meant to tell you that I like your hairstyle.  It's very becoming.
Marlin (touching her hair with a big grin):  Thank you so much!  I'm glad you like it.
Parker:  You're welcome.  So tell me something else about yourself.  What do you like to do?
Marlin:  I like to spend time with friends.  I read magazines like Good Housekeeping and Vogue.  I think it's helpful to stay in tuned with subjects that affect women.
Parker:  That makes sense.  It's good you keep up to date on things you like.

The server returns with their food and places it on the table.  She asks if they need anything else and they both say they are fine and thank her.

Parker:  Well, I have to say you're right.  This look good and it's delicious.
Marlin:  It certainly is.  But you can't just stop at trying one item.  Maybe we can come back again and try some new dishes. 
Parker:  Maybe we can.

Marlin:  So, I have been talking about me.  It's your turn again.  Besides your business, what else do you like to do?
Parker:  I work out.  I like staying fit.  I had to get in the habit while I was in the armed forces.  You have to be able to keep up. 
Marlin:  Did you like being in the armed forces?
Parker:  It was okay.  I did some interesting things and now it's time to use some of what I learned and be part of the civilian world.
Marlin:  Can you tell me about places you visited and maybe some funny things that happened?
Parker:  Sure, I can.

Parker shares stories about places where he was stationed and funny things he could remember in between bites.  Marlin laughs a lot.  She is enjoying herself.  After they are finished their meal, the server returns to clear the table.  Parker orders coffee and dessert and Marlin orders cappuccino with whipped cream.

Parker:  There are so many good dessert items on that menu.  Are you sure you don't want to order something else to go with your cappuccino?
Marlin:  No, I'm fine.  I feel a little full.  The cappuccino will be pushing it, but I will enjoy it.
Parker:  Okay, then.

Marlin:  I also like to watch my figure. I cannot afford a new wardrobe.  I think exercising self-control helps my wardrobe and my wallet. 
Parker (laughs):  I get it.  I'll just pump some extra iron as penance, but I love some dessert.
Marlin (giggling):  I think it would take a lot more than once piece of cake to mess up the muscles you have.
Parker (blushes):  Thank you.

The server returns with the dessert Parker ordered, his coffee and Marlin's cappuccino.

Marlin sips on the cappuccino slowly while Parker digs into his dessert.

Marlin:  That looks delicious.
Parker:  I can get the server to bring another fork if you'd like a bite.
Marlin: Thank you so much for the offer, but I will pass.  Maybe we can share a dessert next time.
Parker:  You don't know what you're missing, but let me know if you change your mind.

Marlin:  I hope you don't mind my asking, but do your parents live near here?
Parker:  No, my father lives in Texas and my mother lives in Michigan.
Marlin:  Oh.  I'm sorry to hear they are not close.  Do you get to see them often?
Parker:  My father I talk to pretty often, but my mother and I are not close.  What about your parents?
Marlin:  My parents live one state over, in Delaware.  I do speak with my mother often, but my father seems content to get most of his information from my mother.  We're not very close.
Parker:  I don't think I can see myself behaving that way as a father.  I would want to be very close to my children.  As long as you are okay with your relationship.
Marlin:  He's a good guy.  It's just how he is, I guess.  But, I do want my children to have a father who is close to them.  I feel like I missed on something some of my friends had.

Parker: It sounds like he was there to help raise you, so that has to count for something.
Marlin:  Oh, it does.  I do know not everyone has been lucky enough to have both parents in their lives, especially in the same house.  So in that respect, I am lucky.
Parker:  You are.  There's always time to improve things.
Marlin:  I'll keep that in mind.

They chat about a few frivolous things like the weather, while they finish the food and drinks.  Parker pays the check when the server brings it and they are ready to leave the restaurant and end their time together.  Parker gets up and offers his hand to Marlin to help her rise from her chair.  Then, like a gentleman, he allows her to start walking in front of him.  As they are about to walk to the door, Marlin decides to turn around and touches Parker on his arm.

Marlin (smiling):  I had a good time.  It's been nice getting to know you.  I hope I haven't been boring.
Parker:  I had a very nice time with you as well.  You have been good company. 
Marlin (hesitating for a few moments, hopeful):  You can feel free to call me anytime if you'd like to get together again.
Parker:  Okay.  That sounds good. 
Marlin:  Great!  Well, I probably should get headed to the market.  Thank you for the lovely evening.
Parker:  Thank you!  I really have enjoyed myself too.  I'll walk you to your car so I can be sure you get there safely. 

I'm sure Marlin was waiting for a kiss, but it's only a first date and Parker doesn't seem to be in a hurry.  But it sounds like they both had a good time.  We'll see where it goes.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye