Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Bump in the Road

It's late Friday afternoon and Ember is on the phone with a prospective client.  Cyann picked up Erwyn a few hours ago to take her, Brenna and Brooklyn to a children's show at a local museum.  Cyann has been helping Ember out with Erwyn when she can, especially since Erwyn and Brenna are becoming good friends. 

Person on the phone:  I would really like to try out your models, but I need to fill more than two spots.  I'm sorry, but I will have to consider another agency.
Ember:  I understand that you need more.  But I can offer you two lovely ladies who are professional and beautiful.  They'll do well for you.  You won't be disappointed.
Person on the phone:  It is easier for us to use one agency.  We get one invoice and one contact. 

Ember:  Do you think you can consider using us for future opportunities?
Person on the phone:  Absolutely.  If you can start offering more models at once for some major projects or even runway work, we would be very interested in working with you.  I'm sorry, but at this time we'll have to pass.  Please keep me updated and I'll keep you on my list to contact in the future. 
Ember (sounding disappointed, but keeping professional):  I truly appreciate your keeping my information.  I will definitely reach out to you again for future opportunities.  Thank you.
Person on the phone:  Thank you.  Good bye.
Ember:  Good bye.

After hanging up, Ember sulks for a few minutes, then she pulls herself together and calls a few more contacts to inquire about upcoming needs.  Another hour passes and she hears the doorbell and heads to answer.  It's Cyann bringing Erwyn back home.  As soon as they come in the door, Erwyn and Brenna ask to go play in Erwyn's room while their mothers talk.  They get the approval and head upstairs.  Cyann and Ember head to the living room to talk.

Ember:  It's cold outside, why aren't you wearing a coat?
Cyann:  The girls were all warm in their coats.  I keep the heat on the car and figured I'm only running in here from the car and then back again.  I'll be okay for a few minutes.  Now when it hits the teens again, I'll keep it on.
Ember:  Aha!  Sure, it makes sense.  Well let's have a seat.

They sit down and Cyann starts taking off Brooklyn's coat.

Ember:  As soon as you get it off, hand her over. 
Cyann:  You got it.  She gave me such a hard time today.  I had to keep leaving the girls to watch the show and try to quiet her down.  She was constantly getting aggravated.
Ember:  Aww!  Well, she's a busy little bee.

Cyann hands Brooklyn to Ember once she has her coat off.

Ember:  So, other than being constantly interrupted, did the girls have a good time?
Cyann:  Yep.  They did.  Did you get a lot of work done today?
Ember:  I got some work done today.  I feel like the contracts are just not picking up the way they should.  I only have two people to book, they work at part-time jobs and try to get their schedules based around bookings. 
Cyann:  That's good.
Ember:  It is, but I'm hitting snags with getting contracts because some clients need four or five models at once.  I need more models on my roster.
Cyann:  Have you still been advertising?
Ember:  Yes.  I have interviewed some models, but they don't seem to be right. Not tall enough, too much attitude or something.  I've even had people call from hours away.  Which is okay, but then they expect me to pay the cost for them to come interview in person.  I can't do that.
Cyann:  Maybe you could try a new technique.

Ember:  I'm open to anything.  What do you suggest?
Cyann:  Hmm...Well, I know you're not thrilled with more personal social media, but maybe you should create a page on a more regular person type of network rather than business type of social network.
Ember:  Okay. I can try that.
Cyann:  Maybe you can try hanging out at the mall or something.  Go to some stores where the young crowd shops and just look around for a tall girl to walk by.

Ember bursts out laughing.

Ember:  You know you are crazy, right?  But that is a good idea.  Once in a while, maybe on a Saturday, I could just do a two hour sweep.
Cyann: Hey, you won't know until you try.
Ember:  You're right.  I will.

Ember:  So I hate to bring this up because I hate when people question my clothing choices, but you didn't buy that shirt, did you?
Cyann:  Nope!  Grayson took Brenna to the mall to shop for me for Christmas and this is one of the items she selected. 
Ember:  That was nice.
Cyann:  Yes, it was, but Gray knew I was going to just wear it around the house.  He purposely told Brenna this morning that it would be nice if I wore it today since we were going out.  You know he is going to pay for that.  How could I say 'no' to one of my babies?  So here I am, proudly wearing this shirt for my daughter.
Ember:  Aww!  Such a good momma you are.
Cyann: Whatever.
Cyann:  So, it's been a while since you talked about being torn about going out with George again.  What's going on with that?
Ember:  I've spoken with him a few times on the phone.  He's a really nice guy, but I really don't think I can move past the smoking.
Cyann:  Did you ask him about it?
Ember: Well, subtly I did.  I didn't want him to think I was being pushy.  I asked him if he ever thought about quitting and he said he hasn't.  It helps him relax when he's stressed and he likes it.
Cyann:  Has he asked you out again?
Ember: Yes, but I told him I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue to move forward with more dates right now.  He said he's comfortable talking on the phone for a while longer while I figure it out. 

Cyann:  Well, don't take too long to make a decision.  That just makes it worse.
Ember:  I know.  I think I'm just going to tell him I have made up my mind not to continue to date him.  I'll do it this weekend. 
Cyann:  Good.  Well, let me grab the little monster from you.
Ember:  Hey, do not call my baby a monster.  She's just energetic. 
Cyann:  Okay. Well then let me grab Little Miss Energetic and call Brenna down so we can get going. 

Cyann gets her girls and heads home to start dinner.  Ember goes to ask Erwyn about her day and start their dinner.  I guess George is definitely out of the picture.  I hope he doesn't take it too hard.

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  1. I hope Ember finds her models soon. Nice read as usual,loved th baby holding positions.

    1. Thank you, Ladonna. Brooklyn certainly is a fidgety baby.

  2. So are you buying some of the new tall Barbies to add to the roster of models?

    1. No, Barb. Unfortunately, the models need to pose for catalog and magazine shoots. Unlike Zoolander, they can't rock one signature things. If they were articulated, I would have snatch some up. Never fear, I'm sure Ember will keep trying to find models until she gets what she needs.

  3. Your sets are always so nice! I love Ember's dress! I kind of hate that she is choosing to dump George. He seems to want to please her. Oh, well.... Great storytelling!!

    1. Awww! Thank you!! I am working on a major new set, but I need the weather to stay warm so I can paint furniture. I can hardly wait to reveal it (and move on to the next thing).


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