Sunday, February 28, 2016

Extra Shift Chatting

It's 9:30 in the morning and Marlin is at work at Select Spaces.  The restaurant only offers the option of having business events in the morning, all other event spaces are not available until the afternoon, but nothing has been booked this morning, which is good.  Marlin and some of her co-workers have been asked if they can come in or extra time to help clean up.  The cleaners, who always come to clean up any of the final events each evening, did not show up last night and there were several events.  The servers on last night did clear away food so as not to draw bugs, but if it wasn't food, it was left in the space.

Marlin:  Hey!  I see they got you to come in too, huh, Bryce?
Bryce:  Yup!  I can use the money, so why not?  I worked last night, so I'm a little tired, but more money is a heck of an alarm clock.
Marlin (laughing): I understand.  I'm trying to save money along with paying bills, so I get it.  So where do we start?
Bryce:  Just pick up things and taking them in.  I should have grabbed a cart.

Marlin (pointing to the floor behind Bryce):  Watch out for those bottles behind you.  You don't want to add picking up broken glass to the list.
Bryce (turning to look):  Oh, I didn't even see those.  You'd think people could at least use the tables provided.  I'm glad I didn't have this space last night.
Marlin:  You worked last night?  Was it busy?
Bryce: Yes, but I had a family dining group.  I'm glad because judging from how this room looks, I don't know how much they would have run me.  All the spaces were filled.  But there are only four, so I'm not even sure what that says.

Marlin:  This would be easier if we had something to put things on.
Bryce:  I'll take these to the kitchen and bring something back.
Marlin:  Okay.  I'll start stacking things.  Thank you.

Instead of Bryce returning, another co-worker, Brett, comes in with an empty tray.

Brett: Hi, Marlin. 
Marlin:  Hi!  What are you doing here?
Brett:  I'm replacing Bryce for a minute.  He got asked to help with something else, but he asked me to bring this tray over to help you.  I hope you don't mind.
Marlin:  Of course not.  It's nice of you both.  Let's get it filled up so we can get this place clean.

They load up the tray with trash.

Brett:  I'll go dump this and I'll be right back with some rags too so we can wipe things down.
Marlin:  You may want to bring some disinfectant.  Once we get the trash out, I'll go grab the vacuum cleaner.
Brett:  Good idea.  Well get this place spiffy in a jiffy?
Marlin (giggling):  So you're a poet too?  Nice...
Brett:  Well, I try.  I'll be right back.

The trio works hard going through all four buildings and cleaning them.  After they are done, they get some bottles of water from the kitchen so they can take a break and hydrate themselves.  They sit in one of the spaces to chat.

Bryce:  Marlin, you are the smallest person in the room.  Why do you get two bottles of water?
Marlin:  Because I am super thirsty.  Would you like me to get you another bottle?
Bryce (smiling):  No, I'm good.  I was just messing with you.  You're just so cute to mess with.  You are so agreeable.
Brett:  Do you want me to get him for you?  He's pretty tall, but I bet I can take him.
Marlin:  Such chivalry!  But no, thank you.  He's really just a pussy cat.
Bryce:  Ahem.  I would prefer brave lion with a soft side, please.

Marlin:  Okay.  Certainly.  I just love working here.  You guys are awesome. 
Bryce:  This job is pretty good.  It's not a career for me, but while I figure it out, it will do.  The money is okay and if things keep picking up, along with the customers, I can at least stay afloat.
Brett:  I have some things in the works too.  I am hoping things I learn here, like operations and other things, will help my career in the future.  And this is fun.  I love it when a social group comes in, although they can keep you pretty busy.

Brett (to Bryce):  I was thinking we could hang out some time.  I have a couple of friends who like to bowl, stop at the bar, grab a bite to eat, play some ball and some other cool things.  Are you interested?
Bryce:  That's cool.  We can definitely do that.  Just let me know.  Maybe some of my boys can join in after a while. 
Brett:  Great.  My phone is in the locker, but when I get it, we can exchange numbers.  You'll enjoy it. We have fun, but nothing too wild.
Bryce:  Good.  I'm in.

Brett:  I don't mean to leave you out.
Marlin:  That's okay.  I know you guys like to do guy things.  Besides, I have fun with my friends and I am trying to keep my calendar clear for some dates.
Bryce:  Dates, huh?  With who?
Marlin:  Oh, it's...well, it's not something for certain.  I'm just hoping. Anyway, I just meant to say I don't feel left out. 
Brett:  Well, at some point, the employees here should get together as a group and have a good time.  Don't you think so?  I'd like to hang out with you too.
Marlin:  Sure. That would be fun.

Bryce:  We should probably get back to work.  Brett is working tonight and I'm sure he'd like to go home and change.
Brett:  I do need a little rest and I left my uniform at home.  I have no choice but to head home.
Marlin:  I'm working tonight too.  I need to go home and change too. 
Brett:  It was nice to relax for a few minutes and talk, wasn't it? 
Marlin:  It sure was.  Let's do it again. 
Bryce:  Yup. I agree.

The trio finish their water and head out on their separate ways.


  1. Fabo as usual. The group really works well together. Staying tuned....

    1. Thank you, Brenova! Much more to come...

  2. You do so much with a small space. Impressive!

    1. Hi, Muff! I'm glad to hear from you. Thank you so much for the compliment. I keep thinking I need more room, but you just made me feel better.


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