Friday, February 19, 2016

Henna's Valentine's Surprise

It's Friday afternoon, two days before Valentine's Day.  Henna is in her office working on some ideas for a client's living space.  She has made plans her current beau, Maurice, later for dinner in honor of Valentine's Day. Maurice, who is an fitness trainer, has a busy weekend with some of his clients. 

Henna and Maurice met through wealthy clients they were both working for.  The couple used Maurice as a trainer and Henna redesigned four rooms in the clients' home.  They crossed paths several times while Henna was at the house to get the rooms finished.  Maurice had seen her several times while keeping his exercise appointments with the same clients and got up the nerve to ask her out.

While Henna enjoys Maurice's company for several reasons, she is very focused on her business and is not looking for anything long-term right now.  Maurice understands, but he is hopeful she will change her mind at some point.

Let's see what's going on today.

Henna (thinking to herself):  I don't know about these colors they want, but I'll make it work. do I work these in boldly and not garishly?  I wonder if I switch out some fabrics and maybe just add some accents as a choice instead.  This is going to take some doing.  Hmmm...maybe this...

Henna has a lot going on in her head.  But it looks like she is about to be interrupted.  Someone has walked into the office.  When Carly is not at the front desk to greet visitors, the door chime is on to alert Henna that someone has walked in.  But Carly is in the office today and greeting visitors so Henna doesn't have to pay attention when people walk in the main door.

Carly:  Hi, Maurice!  How are you?
Maurice:  Hi, Carly.  I'm good.  You're looking lovely today, as usual.  How have you been?
Carly (blushing and grinning):  Good. Thank you. Just enjoying life.  I haven't seen you since well before Christmas.  What brings you in today?  I thought you were meeting Henna for dinner.
Maurice:  Yes, that was the plan.  But I thought I would surprise her with some flowers and chocolate.  I think she'd find that romantic.
Carly:  Okay.  I'll let her know you're here.

Maurice: No, please don't do that.  I want to walk through her door and surprise her, if you don't mind.
Carly:  I don't know if that's such a good idea.  She may not be happy about that.
Maurice:  I promise I will take all the blame and tell her I burst through the door and you tried to stop me.  Besides, I brought a bribe for you.

Maurice hands Carly a bag he has had in his arms.  Carly recognizes the bag from The Flavor Café. and smiles from ear to ear. 

Carly:  That was so sweet of you.  You didn't have to do that.
Maurice:  And pass up the chance to make a pretty lady smile?  No way.  I know how you two love that place.  Please enjoy.  These are Valentine's specials.
Carly:  Yes!  Thank you so much!

Carly takes one of the cookies from the bag and looks at it excitedly.

Carly:  This poor thing doesn't stand a chance.  No crumb shall be left behind.  Thank you so much, Maurice.
Maurice:  You are most welcome.  I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day, Carly.  I appreciate your being so kind as to let me sneak in.  Yes, I know it's a bribe, but I'll do what it takes.
Carly (laughing):  I can see that.

Henna is about to look through some fabrics in her fabric selections book.  There are always available options in addition to the ones she has catalogued, but these give her good ideas.

She does hear her door open, but because she is only aware of her and Carly being in the office, she doesn't think anything of it.  Then suddenly she feels herself being grabbed.

Henna jumps, turns her head and lets out a squeal.  Then she realizes it's Maurice behind her.

Henna:  What the hell!?  You scared me.  I thought you were Carly.
Maurice:  Sorry about that, Sweetheart.  I couldn't resist.
Henna:  Where's Carly?  How did you get in here?
Maurice:  She tried to block me from coming in...almost tackled me. So I had to tie her up and gag her.  I'll set her free before I leave.
Henna:  Ha ha.

Henna turns around and Maurice keeps his arm around her. 

Henna:  So why are you here?  I thought we agreed to meet for dinner.
Maurice:  We did, but I wanted to surprise you.  I thought I'd be romantic and bring you these flowers.  I'm glad I did.  You look beautiful in that dress.  Just beautiful.
Henna:  Thank you.  We are still going to dinner, right? Because I have been looking forward to it.
Maurice:  Of course.  However, dessert won't be at the restaurant.
Henna:  Oh really?
Maurice:  Yes.  Dessert will be served at my place. I know you still have your mother visiting.  Oh, and speaking of dessert, I also brought you something sweet to eat.

Maurice shows Henna to the table where he has set a tower of treats.

Henna opens up the first two round boxes.  They have heart shaped chocolate cakes in them.

Henna:  I am going to have to work extra hard to make sure these don't stick to me.  But I am going to tear them up.  Thank you.
Maurice (with a big grin):  Don't worry.  I'm a certified professional trainer.  Not only can I help you work these off, I can be creative about it.
Henna (laughing):  I'll just bet you can be.

When Henna turns around, Maurice puts his arm around her and pulls her close.

Maurice:  Just remember, this is just a drop in the bucket.  I'm open to doing these types of things for you forever.
Henna (putting her fingers up to his mouth to shush him):  I am happy you surprised me.  This is lovely, just like the evening we are going to have.  Let's just enjoy right now.  Okay?

Maurice nods his head.  He may throw hints, but he knows not to push it.  So, for now, he'll enjoy spending some quality time with Henna.

I'm just catching up on stories I've been wanting to get done.  I spent time making, literally building, a Family Feud board for a baby shower.  So it took away from my ability to play with my dolls.  Oh, and I just have to say I have been wanting the muscular guys to have long sleeved shirts for the winter, so I tried some stretchy ones from The Vogue HK.  It was a little challenging to get this one on Maurice, since this is a pullover with no snaps, buttons, etc. But I like this shirt. It fits him well and went on over his hands.  I have five different colors.  YAY!

I hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day.  I sure did.  Thank you for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Very nice little story. I think Maurice is a hunk! I laughed when he said he would help her work off the calories from the treats he gave her. Anyway, looks like they had a nice Valentine's Day.

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. Maurice certainly keeps himself in good shape.

  2. I really like this couple. Great Valentine's Day story! Oh, and I'm a big fan of Vogue HK. I have a couple of those shirts and they are nice.

    1. Thanks, Jewell. I'm interested to see how their relationship progresses. I love the Vogue HK. They seem to like to sell a lot of items for the male action figures, which I need. It's hard squeezing those hands and arms into one of Ken's shirts.

  3. Cute story, they are a great couple. I think Maurice will win her over ......eventually.

    1. LOL! Eventually may be right. Thanks, Chris.

  4. I am playing catch up. Lovely story!!! Maurice is such a sweetheart and hey make a really nice looking couple.

    1. He is sweet, isn't he? Henna had better wake up one of these days before he decides he needs more commitment. Then again, she loves her business so much, she may not even care.


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