Monday, March 21, 2016

A New Skill: Re-Rooting

Years ago, before I ever thought about a diorama or making doll stories, I wanted to learn to re-root and repaint fashion dolls.  I even bought a box of random dolls (which I later disposed of - Insert Gasp here) and a book to help me get started.  Well, it wasn't until recently that I found the courage to try because one of my crafting idols, My Froggy Stuff, made a video.  I mean, I had actually watched several videos before, but that one inspired me. 

So off I ran to the craft store to get some yarn and try out re-rooting with the knot method.  Can I just say I had other methods in mind and even bought a tool to use to push the hair into the head (yes, I already have some hair too). yet never tried that method?  I am hooked on the knot method.  I found it easy and sturdy.  No need for messy glue. The process is simple and even when I needed to create a new hole, instead of using an existing one, it was easy to do.

I already had someone in mind for a re-root since I purchased her pretty cheap and she had a horrible hair cut.  So here is my first victim model.

As you can see, she is really enjoying her hair and feeling sexy.

Yes! She is enjoying herself showing the different ways she can now style her hair.

Well, okay now!  Work it, Girl, with your side pony.

Looking classy (I even included a short part in her head).  You rpobably can't see it clearly in these photos, but I wanted hair with shine, which can be hard to get in cotton yarn.  However, I found a metallic black that looks shiny.  Bingo!

A couple more girls around here will be paying a visit to the beauty salon.  But I guess that means I actually have to get the beauty salon up and running.  I can't miss out on the opportunity to work things into the stories. 

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. I'm sure re-rooting will open up great new possibilities for your collection. I admire anyone that can do it.

    1. Thank you, Barb. It turned out to be so much easier than I thought. I had to laugh as I only have a few dolls I want to re-root. But who knows. Maybe the rest that are downstairs waiting for me to experiment with them, can get some new hair and find a new home.

  2. Great job on your reroot! Kira looks great! I also like the knot method. I have not tried the other one where you punch the hair with a tool. It seems to be simpler, but I am not sure how sturdy that will be for dolls that are probably works perfect for display dolls. Congratulations on completing her!

    1. Thanks, Georgia Girl. That particular punch method seems to be very popular for reborn babies, which makes sense. They don't have holes in their heads already, so you have to create new holes on the entire head, and I doubt the knot method will work well just because the needles are so much shorter than the size of one of those baby heads.

  3. Hello from Spain! She is beautiful with her new hair. Great job! I wish to re-roots someday but for now I lack value. Hugs!

  4. Great job! She looks beautiful.


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